Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Jerusalem Campaign

Berita Daily - Embassy in East Jerusalem: Cabinet to discuss in detail (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR: The cabinet will be discussing in detail next week if it is necessary for a Malaysian embassy to be placed in East Jerusalem, said Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein today.

He said the matter needed to be carefully studied before for proceeding further.

He said this in reference to Prime Minister Najib Razak’s view on having an embassy in Jerusalem.

“We need Wisma Putra, Finance Ministry and Home Ministry to produce information before we can come to a decision on this. It will be on the next cabinet’s agenda.

Before the pro Zionists and evangelistic Christians in Malaysia attain their heights of orgasm,, wakakaka, Hisham was referring to an Embassy for Palestine and not Israel.

In the scheme of international politics, the truth is Malaysia is but an insignificant nobody on matters pertaining to Palestine-Israeli matters, whether that be conflict, diplomacy or in general, other than to cast a pro Palestinian vote here and there.

That's all it can do. There is no harm in donating financial, food, medicinal or other types of aid but those would be comparatively minuscule in comparison to those coming from Europe, America or the biggies in the Arab World like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Gulf nations, who all are in reality unfriendly to Palestine because of the latter's republicanism and (for Egypt) pro-Muslim Brotherhood.

Muslim Brotherhood 

Still, it's the sincerity of thought that counts, whether it be a mere one vote or comparatively minuscule aid donation.

But let's not get carried away by establishing an Embassy in East Jerusalem when the Israelis are in de facto (though not de jure) control. Those Israelis will go all out to kacau any nation silly enough to have its embassy for Palestine in East Jerusalem.

Let's wait and see, and focus on the BDS or Boycott, Divest and Sanction Movement against Israel. The BDS campaign is the Tai-Chi against the Yankee Bully-Boy and its Israeli master.

However, any Malaysian campaign against Israel especially on its annexation of East Jerusalem, its illegal settlements on Palestinian land in West Bank and its refusal to withdraw to behind lines determined by UNSC Resolution 242 is not only worthy but actually pleasing to the ears, minds and hearts of Muslims at home.

Thus in domestic politics there is much value in condemning US President Trump's maverick decision to move the US Embassy there.

I was not surprised by Lim Guan Eng being the first off the line in Malaysia in condemning POTUS' internationally illegal act - see my Guan Eng condemns Trump's illegal act

At least Guan Eng criticised Trump's crazy decision before Hadi Awang, wakakaka, which kinda disproved Hadi's racist raving rant against DAP as 'unclean' and 'non-Islamic' and thus unfit to govern Malaysia ..... though DAP and its ally PKR are doing so in Penang, an intrinsic part of Malaysia, wakakaka.

But Hisham was too excessively gungho earlier about the Malaysian military being ready to rock-n-roll into Jerusalem, thus he should now refrain from making further hyper-political promises like establishing a Malaysian Embassy for Palestine in East Jerusalem.

When we get f**k-ed administratively by the Israeli authorities on our proposed embassy in East Jerusalem, we'll not only look like fools but also like another of Israeli militarily beaten-up nations.

Just remember, focus on this, the BDS or Boycott, Divest and Sanction Movement against Israel. Malaysians will support Palestinians more effectively this way.

But be fair and do NOT recklessly boycott anyone based on khabar angin as an internet gossip or Facebook allegations of, say, Coke A being pro Israel can turn out be a dirty-trick campaign promoted and propagated by Coke B, wakakaka, and vice versa.

But also be brave and make some personal sacrifices if you want to participate in BDS sincerely, as you will get detractors who will deliberately taunt you that, for example, since some computer chips etc come from Israel or are Israeli made, you should rip them out of your PC.

That's old bullshit. Intel informed the media that its chips are made in several places like in the USA, Ireland, yes Israel and China. There's no need to be unnecessarily pedantic over this issue.

Just stick to patently clear items like foodstuff (eg. oranges, apples, cherries, plums, mangoes, nectarines, grapes, dates, strawberries, pears, persimmon, loquat and pomegranates).

loquats - get the ones produced in China or Japan 

Israel is the leading producer of loquat), cut diamonds, electrical goods, pharmaceutical stuff etc) which carry the label 'Made (or Produced) in Israel'.

Remember, when you encounter a militarily or politically more powerful opponent(s), resort to soft campaign like BDS. At present, the BDS is the best and only way for Malaysians and the World (especially Europe) to effectively punish the Israelis and Americans for their arrogance. The Europeans are already doing their parts extremely well such as, one example, boycotting Israeli universities and academicians.



    Boycott and Divest from Microsoft , Facebook and Google.
    They are all major investors in Israel.

    Intel's own homepage..
    They directly employ 10,000 people in Israel, indirectly 30,000 through its supplier base. Intel Has continued to invest heavily in Israel $ 17 Billion in total, even as it has heavily downsized in Malaysia.

    1. as expected and aspredicted it'd be local Zionist Monsterball, wakakaka

      Intel invests $ 15.3 Billion - that is RM 64 Billion - in Israeli self-driving car software company.

      Looks like Intel has their filthy fingers all over Israel. Any self-respecting Palestinian sympathizer absolutely MUST boycott Intel.

    3. Go Monsterball go....hentam dia baik baik with facts and more facts and as usual, pathetic Ktemoc can only bleat out his deplorable come-back with personal insults and hopefully this time, no more " just because I didn't write what you want, you are angry with me " wakakakaka.

    4. In the technology sector Made In Israel is a well respected mark of state of the art innovation and quality.

      In this region , There is a lot of repackaged "Singaporean" software and technology which actually comes from Israel.

      Singapore has no hangups about the mutually beneficial arrangement.

    5. Foreign and Local Manufacturer's investments in Penang have languished in value as well as quality, the new investments aren't top drawer category.

      Intel's Penang workforce is now 50% of what it once was in the 1990's. Their factory in Bayan Lepas is 1/2 empty, and no new investments.
      Intel has been aggressively investing in new plant and technology worldwide...but not in Penang.

      Lim Guan Eng should be paying a lot more attention to that, the way Lim Chong Eu did, instead of being kepoh-ci on Israel.

    6. Whilst I'm not a BN supporter, there are many amongst Pakatoons (Pakatan supporters) who are pro-Zionist for various reasons many related to issues within our domestic politics.

      Deep down, I sense that such people regard the Palestinians as proxies of Malay/Muslims and the Zionist Israelis as proxies of non-Malays/non-Muslims.

      Like KTemoc, I'm non-Malay/non-Muslim but see the Palestine/Israeli issue as separate from our own domestic political issues.

      The Palestinian/Israeli problems are the result of western imperialist geopolitics in the Middle East.

      As for our use of U.S. products, well it is almost practically impossible to avoid using some of them, including this blogsite which belongs to Google.

      However, just as an M16 assault rifle kills just the same, whoever's hands it is in, likewise, we can continue use their technology against them, as long as we can.

      One of the strategies of guerilla war is to capture the enemy's weapons and use it against them.

      It will be a great day when China and Russia produce their own PC which does not use any American components.

      Both Russia and China already have their own PC operating systems, some open source and some closed source, such as REACTOS, a Russian clone of Microsoft Windows.

      BTW. Intel's R&D teams in Penang contribute to the development of Intel processors and chips. The Intel plants which are closing are lower-tech, more labour-intensive integrated circuit assembly plants which are being moved to lower wage countries.

    7. just a point of clarification - BDS is not against the US but against Israel for her crimes against Palestinians, to wit, land robbery and illegal Israeli settlement on those land, discrimination against Palestinians militarily, politically, economically, socially, etc.

  2. The sheer size and reach of the United States economy ensures that for most countries, any measure to punish the USA inevitably results in self-inflicted damage to their own economic well being.

    1. when one fights the USA one doesn't stupidly meet it head on

    2. That is until China and Russia grow powerful enough economically and militarily and especially if China cashes out its U.S. Treasury bonds.

      If as Trump threatened those countries which supported that resolution in the UN against the U.S. moving to embassy to Jerusalem with economic penalties, well he is only pushing them towards Russia and China and one day the U.S. imperialists will realise that they shot themselves in their foot.

      If the U.S. dollar or U.S. economy crashes under its mountain of debt, that will be the greatest thing for the rest of the world.

      Whist Benjamin Fulford seems to think that Trump is "getting rid of the illuminati and the deep state", however he provides much info on the current state of economic and social decline of the U.S. today compared to the Post World War II period.

      The U.S. and Western Europe are on the decline and the countries of Eurasia are on the ascendency.

  3. By The way, the Trump Administration has announced that the US government will sanction organisations which participate in the BDS movement.
    Companies can be barred from operating in the US market. Universities can be barred from participating in US government funded research. That is a Big Deal in international research.

    BDS participation will have consequences.

    1. BDS has been going on in Europe for years - f* Trump

    2. Obviously BDS is having an affect on the Zionists or the CEO of U.S. Imperialism, Inc. would not be so aggressively persecuting those organisations which support it.

  4. Horndog,groper,sexual predator,raper and statutory raper Donald Trump is a very mentally sick puppy.This dumbass will create all distractions and chaos,even if it led to war and multiple deaths.The special counsel,Robert Mueller is tightening the reins on Donald's son and son in law.

    These two Trump pariahs will be indicted and send to prison.Unless,of course a presidential pariah's pardon are on the way.These bastards will be punish either by the law or the American people.The public will snub anything with the pariah Trump brand on it.Eventually,the over leveraged Trump organisation will go bankrupt.Good riddance to bad garbage.

    1. It's called Trump Derangement Syndrome. Apparently, Donald Trump's words, actions and tweets send some people in epilepsy-type spasms. It's an actual physical reaction.

      There are reports many extended families in the US are reluctant to meet over Christmas because various family members are either strongly anti- or pro-Donald Trump. The resulting family quarrels would spoil Christmas.

  5. Hadi will be at Sultan Mizan Mosque Putrajaya this Friday at 2:00pm to join the protest against the Jews. Will LGE be there too?

    1. Serupa anjing menyalak bukit atau syiok sendiri.

    2. Protest against Jews ? Not Israel ?

      Tell that to Rosmah Mansor...her favourite diamond jeweller Jacob and Sons of New York... very high-end, very Jewish establishment.

    3. unclean one can go? wakaka

    4. Yeah... I will go. Will selfie with Hadi and Najib and perhaps Hisham.

    5. Najib's gonna protest against Jews ?
      What a hypocrite.

      Ask Najib about his favourite 1MDB financial advisers Goldman Sachs.
      Did Hadi receive 1MDB funds ?
      Goldman Sachs was founded by 2 Jews with very Jewish names, Marcus Goldman and Samuel Sachs, its top management is 120 years later still dominated by Americans of the Jewish faith.

      Ask Najib about his favourite financier Goldman Sach's President and Chief Operating officer who is a Jew with very Jewish name David M. Solomon...and he personally donates a lot of money to Israeli causes....

      Also ask Najib about Nonya Mansor's favourite diamond jeweller , Jacob and Sons of New York, another very Jewish establishment.

      Named after Jacob, the Patriach of the much hated Israelites...

      Very respectable, very high-end Jewish jewellers...favourite of Rosmah.

    6. In my earlier days I used to admire Israel against the many Arab nations but as I grew older and more aware of the increasing arrogance and racism of the Israelis (its nuclear partner being White Afrikaaners) and its unfair military/political advantage teh USA endowed it with, and its daylight robbery of Palestinian land and deliberate oppression of the Palestinian people (eg. cutting off electricity as it wishes because by military might it controls the power stations; setting up dozens fo roadblocks in the West Bank to frustrate Palestinian farmers by prolonged delays and deliberate cause their perishable goods to deteriorate over time, etc, with the aim to "persuade" Palestinian farmers in West Bank to migrate elsewhere like Jordan etc), I change my political leanings.

      But I have tried my utmost best to draw a clear distinction between Jews, Israelis, and the Zionists in Israel and ordinary Israelis, inasmuch as I know the difference in the Bible about Hebrew, Israelites, Judeans, Jews, and Samaritans.

      The worldwide campaign against the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem is not against the Jews but more against the USA and in some respect against the ultra conservative Zionist Israelis (which includes the religiously fanatical settlers)

  6. all these outrage and show of support and solidarity is just a minor headache, a couple of paracetamol will bring relief in no time

    the reality is money speaks in any and all religion, those that are already kow tim-ed will be very quiet, those that are not will be the most vocal, the rest are just mozzies making a nuisance of themselves

  7. This year is the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, announcing support for a homeland for the Jewish people.

    One of the greatest documents of the 20th century.

    There is no nation of Palestine. The British made a declaration concerning land which was at the time part of the Ottoman Empire, a belligerent enemy nation.

    It was a god-forsaken strip of land with a few goats and half-starved inhabitants.
    Fucking Stupid Piece of Shit , as Donald Trump would say.

    The Jews have built it into fertile land, a major exporter of food, a world-class hub of cutting edge high-technology.

    Now the Arabs want it back... way Jose...

    1. The Balfour Declaration was signed just 2 years after the British signed the McMahon-Hussein Declaration in 1915, in which Britain agreed to recognise Arab independence after World War I "in the limits and boundaries proposed by the Sherif of Mecca", with the exception of "portions of Syria" lying to the west of "the districts of Damascus, Homs, Hama and Aleppo", in exchange for launching the Arab Revolt against the Ottomans as a quid pro quo.

      The reasons leading to the British betrayal of the agreement with the Arabs was the objections of British to the continuous migration of European Jews into Britain. Britain proposed a place in British Africa but the Jews did not want that.

      Balfour proposed that Declaration without even consulting the local inhabitants (mainly Arabs), thus reneging on his earlier deal with them. He wanted to gather support from the rich worldwide Jews for Britain's war efforts against Germany.

      Wikipedia said that "The declaration called for safeguarding the civil and religious rights for the Palestinian Arabs, who composed the vast majority of the local population, and also the rights of the Jewish communities in other countries outside of Palestine. The British government acknowledged in 1939 that the local population's views should have been taken into account, and recognised in 2017 that the declaration should have called for protection of the Palestinian Arabs' political rights."

      The British government through the ages has been the most treacherous of European powers, doubling dealing here and there. Today the Palestinians suffer the results of British treachery a century ago and the bias of the USA since the 1957 War in the Middle-East for without American continuous aid, largess and political, military, diplomatic and general support Israel would NOT have survive.

      Israel is just a parasite leaching on US resources. The USA has turned Israel into a regional super-power which is like Goliath against a midget Palestine.

      Given the enormous disparity in political-military-diplomatic powers, BDS is the best program to weaken Israel. As expected, Monsterball came up with that old distraction about INTEL to dissuade BDS-advocates, but as I have written INTEL makes chip everywhere and not just in Israel. BDS is hurting Israel which has been why pro Zionist pro Israel pro USA Monsterball is frantic and frenetic with his efforts against BDS, wakakaka

    2. Just laying out the facts relating to Intel and other technology companies regarding Israel.

      Intel is a major world-class technology centre, fuck BDS...

      You want to declare information posted on Intel's own website as fake, go ahead...

      Some people just find it impossible to handle the facts....



      May lauds UK role in creation of Israel at Balfour centenary dinner.
      Britain is “proud of our pioneering role in the creation of the state of Israel” at a gala dinner in London to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

      Three Cheers to 2017 Britain's Iron Lady.

      A worthy successor to Maggie Thatcher.

    5. wakakaka, cheers from a pro Zionist



      3,000 cheers to British academicians and universities, wakakaka.

    7. Not so fast Ktemoc.

      Your first link actually affirms UK universities official opposition to any academic boycott if Israel.

      "the umbrella body for vice-chancellors said its board “firmly opposes academic boycotts on the basis that they are inimical to academic freedom, including the freedom of academics to collaborate with other academics”.

      The group said it wanted to “confirm its previously stated position that it is firmly opposed to any academic boycott of Israeli universities”

      Looks like Ktemoc shot himself in the Dick by posting that link.

      The fact is, given Israel's position as a world-class cutting edge technology hub, any official university boycott of Israel would be an exercise in self-injury.

    8. Not really as I saw that as well, knowing it's just 24 person on the VC Board in comparison to thousands on the NUS. The VC Board also has to consider funding etc thus it's a bit more circumspect and prefer neutrality.

      But please don't bullshit about Israel having cutting edge technology when it sucks continuously from the USA, without whom it would have perished long ago.

      But you didn't mention anything about the other loink,, which said:

      More than 300 academics at UK universities have announced a boycott of Israel and its educational institutions “until Israel complies with international law”.

      Professors from 72 British universities pledged not to accept invitations to Israeli institutions, act as referees, participate in conferences funded or organised by them, or otherwise co-operate in any way.

      The signatories, including academics from the University of Cambridge, Queen's University in Belfast and London School of Economics, said they will still work with Israeli colleagues in their respective fields on an individual basis.

      my dear pro Zionist Monsterball, I don't cherry-pick like you, wakakaka

      What's driving India Inc's cross-pollination with Israel's cutting-edge technologies?

      For those who compete in the relevant fields , Israel's cutting-edge technology is a well-known fact.

      Some people hete just can't handle plain facts.

    10. a lot of talk but nothing special, wakakaka - you're OVERselling Israel

  8. "President Trump issued a threat on Wednesday to cut off American aid to any country that votes for a resolution at the United Nations condemning his recent decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel."

    Merry Christmas Trump. Perhaps, you should read The Book of Ancient Bastards and make sure you finish reading it over Christmas.

    1. What Trump is proposing is not any different from what China does as a matter of routine i.e. any recipient of their aid is expected to behave in a manner consistent with being a "friendly country" and not act in opposition to China's policy.

      Open defiance will have consequences...something will happen...

      That is why when China warships anchored at James Shoal , 83 km off the coast of Sabah, the Malaysian government, including the Chief of the Royal Malaysian Navy actually pretended no such thing happened...

      Malaysia dare not openly criticise China, nor could they acknowledge the incident and not do the easiest action is Buat Tak Tahu....

      No Malaysians dare call China a Bastard ...wakakakaka....

      This is one area where Malaysian China , naturally sympathetic towards China, and Melayu UMNO, trying to gain profit from China, are both aligned.