Friday, December 01, 2017

Rhythm of the falling 'whatever'

One of my fave columnists FA Abdul wrote about How not to make babies out of wedlock in The Malaysian insight.

Sweetie was responding to the amazing revelation of Khairuddin Aman Razali, a PAS Member of Parliament for Kuala Nerus, ... that watching Western films contributes to the rise in babies born out of wedlock.

The Malaysian Insight reported that: He raised this issue during the Budget 2018 allocation debate to the communications and multimedia ministry in Parliament.

It would indeed have been an amazing revelation if he was not from PAS, wakakaka, a party where some members seem preoccupied with 'making babies' or rather as I suspect, the art of making babies.

One of the more vocal PAS politicians who frequently aired his (similar) views on this has been Mr Tantawi or Nasrudin Hassan, PAS Information Chief.

Mr Tantawi believes Valentine's Day and New Year's celebrations are occasions for free sex and thus for 'singles', illegitimate babies.

I wish they would remove their minds from such 'topics' and focus on, if they're the Lee Lam Thye or Michael Chong type, helping society deal with scams, lil' Napoleons and City-Halls' "obstacle courses" (wakakaka), or ...

... if they're the Gobind Deo Singh type, ameliorate naughty cases of unilateral conversion to Islam by one (Muslim) parent which gave Islam a bad name or injustice like JAWI's cruel and illegal harassment of Nik Raina (hope Mr Tantawi knows the case of the Borders store manager charged by JAWI for selling at the material time a perfectly legal/allowed book).

FA Abdul offered a practical solution to those reckless bonking 'singles' to prevent babies being born out of wedlock and (this kaytee remebers) thus to avoid the innocent babies being stuck with the stigma of a 'bin Abdullah' label, tarring & feathering them with the sign of being 'bastards'.

FA Abdul advised those people to use 'condom'. In colloquial Malay it's sometimes called 'sarong', wakakaka.

Now one thing puzzles me. I know that Catholics are not supposed to use condoms but the 'rhythm method'. What about Muslims? Is use of contraceptives permitted? If not, then I suppose they could fall back on the 'rhythm method', wakakaka.


  1. Thanks for the song mate. It makes me emo a bit. I broke off with a teochew girl when she decided to migrate with her parents to Australia. She is living in Melbourne now, married to an Indian. The last time I met her was in the plane. She was travelling with her two daughters.

    Condom is haram. But Muslims can do a “coitus interruptus" or pulling out with consent.

    1. yes, the song can be emotion-stirring - don't know why but everything comes together to make you melancholic

  2. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, by virtue of their folllowers fertility rates that are comparable to rabbits.

    Even Bangladesh, already one of the densest countries in the world, and already unable to adequately feed, clothe , educate , employ and house its population , severely restricts any birth control activity.

    Only heavy pressure from Western donors, Who see their aid efforts simply dissolved by explosive population growth prevents Bangla from legally outlawing birth control programs altogether. There have been cases of family planning workers being attacked and even.murdered.

    In Malaysia, it is seen as a means to ensure Muslim dominance and hegemony.

    Only in countries where Muslims are a minority and they feel pressure to align with social norms within those societies that Muslims practice birth control. Even then Muslim birth rates are extraordinarily high, for example in UK, US and Canada.

    1. same with Catholics in South America, Philippines, some parts of India/Africa for the same reason of keeping the parish size up

    2. Ai-yah...why look so far?

      Look closer to home lah! Ain't the local ummat breed like rabbits??

      BTW, I just quote that phrase from mom. So kalau KT nak jadi marah, do direct yr arrow to the right source. OK?

      On the other related note, in four Putrajaya tots experience stunted growth

      The capital of the country with the most numbers of high paid tongkat officers, has the highest obesity rates in the country, but a study found that many children in the administrative capital are actually malnourished.

      Fake news or not, obviously,

      1)the “coitus interruptus" doesn't work due it's syiok-sendiri namesake action le. It might have some side effects too!

      2)with all the money, yet the kids r malnourished such that they have stunted growth!

      Maybe all these Abrahamic worshippers should re-read their respective holy book about their god's fiery upon the first born caused by their deviant ways.

    3. Rasanya orang cina yang beranak macam kucing. Sampai tak boleh jaga, maka beri anak kepada orang. In my family we were given 10 of anak cina to jaga. We take care of them, schooled them, treat them as our family, and married them off.

    4. ada juga orang cina yg paling miskin tapi ta'ada tanah, kebun, macam ornag melayu - jadi perlu beri anak kpd orang lain untuk survival anak tsb.

      orang melayu miskin tapi pada amnya ada tanah - boleh hidup dari hasil tanah

      'ni perbezaan antar orang cina miskin dan orang melayu miskim

  3. hmm to be fair, the most populated country is china n india wakaka.

    1. Hmmm...the right question is the birth rate at present day!

      When u were economically prosperous & vast in area, obviously the population would be huge.

      After that it becomes a simple increment from a big base.

      Same thing as 1% of 1 billion yields 10 million. After 10yr there will be 1.1 billion. This is still big in comparison with country of 4% birth rate of 1 million getting 1.4 million in 10yrs.

      Rabbit breeding has nothing to do with base number BUT the rate of reproduce le!

      Thus China is not repoducing enough to replenish the population at the current rate.

      Eventually the most populous country will Muslim. India has no match too.

    2. Eventually, the majority if not all in this world, shall be Muslim ummah. We shall have Imam Mahadi, and Prophet Isa who shall be praying behind Imam Mahadi. Islam is indeed the final chapter.

    3. Wakakakaka... what did yr holy book say about the role of Imam Mahadi???

      He is foretold to be a game changer - aka the clone of Martin Luther in exercising true reforms to the decadent Islam

      If he ever comes, all the zombieic doctrines in Islam will be no more!

      Hence, there shall be no ummat except humanity ONLY!


    4. Huh.. Imam Mahadi aka the clone of Martin Luther?

      "This isn't your everyday stupid; this is advanced stupid".

      LoL.. hahaha.

    5. That's WHY it's foretold that Imam Mahadi will not come from the people of the camel, blur-sotongs.

      For these people have gone too deep into advanced stupidity that no path of return is possible.


      There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See.....

    6. Oooop.... ada baca;

      I went to the West and saw Islam, but no Muslims; I got back to the East and saw Muslims, but not Islam.

      — Muhammad Abduh

      Maksud apa???

      Lagi telor, pagi zombie yang tak faham suratx2 Al Qur'an!

      Sekarang..u bolih lah wakakakaking lagi!


  4. Hun,
    Sarong is a better option for Muslims compared to the "rhythm method" because it is rather difficult to manage your rhythm when you are doing it on top of camels.


    1. It is your menstrual (period) cycle (rhythm) - what has it got to do on top of camels?

    2. A classmate of that kinabatangan beruang!!!!

      Very flowery, upperclass civil tongued of KT's unlikely definition of tone, rudeness and use of crude language to be near the stage of being 'insufferable'.