Thursday, December 14, 2017

Two Old Men decide Malaysia's future

Note I did not say Two grumpy old men, wakakaka,

but two old men.

roses are red Hadi
budu does stink like you

sugar is sweet Maddy
muthu samba rice is you

The covert but (wakakaka) open secret alliance between UMNO and PAS is supposed to help BN (effectively UMNO) win GE-14 and retain control of the government. On top of Najib-Hadi's 'bisa diatur bapak', Hadi Awang dislikes Mahathir for a number of reasons, thus is willing to contest against anything Mahathir stands for.

But the PAS-UMNO 'understanding' will depend largely on Hadi Awang. However, Hadi has been ailing so if he leaves us prior to GE-14, the other PAS leaders may have completely different ideas of political alliance and may break PAS' covert 'understanding' with UMNO.

Thus Najib may find himself in deep shit. He has to sembahyang ... ooops ... I mean bersolat to ensure Hadi lives until past GE-14.

On the other side, Mahathir is supposed to help Pakatan Harapan win GE-14 by penetrating the Heartland and win over its massive voting bloc.

But that will depend largely on Mahathir's kamcheng with the Heartland. However, Mahathir's past records won't be enough as he has recently riled the royals, in the specific case of his unspoken but quite apparent war with HRH Sultan Selangor.

HM Sultan Johor has not been impressed with Mahathir as well.

Some may say 'so what', but with the Heartland, allegiance to the liege lords (Sultans) is a big thing a la 'biar mati anak jangan mati adat'.

Thus if the heartland is revolted and repulsed by Mahathir's very insolent attitude towards HRH Sultan Selangor, his sole usefulness to Pakatan becomes a dead fish.

But has Mahathir burned his bridges with the royals? On the surface of it I would say 'aye' as no Malay would have the insolent biadab-ness to return a high award conferred by HRH, more so after a chiding by HRH, when Mahathir could have just tender a mere apology.

Instead, Mahathir demonstrates he is a hubristic man who will never apologise for his wrong or insolence to man or king, such is his vital need to hold on to the last vestige of his own esteem.

Maybe HRH Sultan Selangor has been correct that Mahathir suffers from deep inferiority complex.

But will Hadi Awang hold on until GE-14 is over?

So the battle for GE-14 lies in the hands of two old man, one of whom has already f* it up quite kaukau. Thus Pakatan Harapan can only hope Hadi Awang leaves us pretty pronto.


  1. Wakakakaka...

    About those heartlanders;

    1)u have not been living long enough amongst them to know how they feel towards the current sopo turmoils engulfing the country

    2)u r no melayu, thus inherently lack that something melayu that ONLY melayu can truly appreciate & execute. This trace is especially potent in the heartlands.

    Hence, yr posturings about these yep old men, at best, r like bornt blind describing elephant via hand touching, piecemeally correct le!!!

    1. go bli me.. i no underfaham wat u tokong man? ha ha.. but i say u tis.. hadi said umno n pas no join hand one ok.. budu cencalok belacan tempoyak all same same lah.. busuk but sedap.

    2. I take faham apa jamban u terpakai le!!

      Busuk dapi sedap, please continue! I take Monday Saturday tutor pun.


  2. At the Age of 65, Winston Churchill was brought back to rescue Britain from defeat at the hands of far more powerful Nazi Germany.
    Don't mock old men...

  3. Hadi has Allah on his side.
    He will most Lily survive GE14.

    1. With his heart condition, wakakakaka..on the bed lah!!

  4. it is not nice to wish anyone an "early retirement" not even your sworn enemy and don't speak on harapan's behalf, that's sneaky KT, they never said anything like that

    one wants to take us back to riding camels, one gave us a costly rehash mitsu to work on, so who has got a better mind for the future

    1. Thanks for the brilliant contrast of "one wants to take us back to riding camels, one gave us a costly rehash mitsu to work on" wakakaka