Thursday, December 07, 2017

Pakatan erred in making Mahathir PM-designate?

FMT - Make Dr Mahathir adviser, not interim PM, say analysts (extracts):

I'm gonna get all of you f**kers 

PETALING JAYA: Several political analysts say Pakatan Harapan should let its chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad be appointed adviser and not interim prime minister, should the coalition take over Putrajaya in the next general election (GE14).

“It might be counter-productive in appointing Mahathir as an interim prime minister. People want younger leaders to be put in charge,” he told FMT, urging PH to name candidates who will become prime minister and deputy prime minister, instead of having an interim arrangement. Universiti Utara Malaysia’s political analyst Azizuddin Mohd Sani said the era of Mahathir is over and he might not be as effective as before in running the country.

Azizuddin said that though Mahathir might help to garner support from the Malays for PH by being named as the interim PM, the younger generation may feel otherwise if that is the only option on offer in GE14.

“That is why, I believe Mahathir can become an adviser for the coalition government instead,” he said.

Azizuddin believes some of the blame for the lack of young leaders in the opposition who could be PM candidates lay in the hands of former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

“Anwar should have named and groomed someone younger four to five years ago. That is why there is no one to take over from him now,” he said.

“Perhaps, Anwar thought such a person might challenge him. But now the situation has become a problem instead.”

Meanwhile, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) geostrategist Azmi Hassan said even though Mahathir was heading the PH coalition, both PKR and DAP may be suspicious of the former prime minister.

“This is because Mahathir might make decisions without the input of other PH leaders,” Azmi said.

did what he believed was right and f**k others' opinions 

As for Universiti Pertahanan Kebangsaan political analyst Aruna Gopinath, the fear over Mahathir not wanting to let go might be an issue.

“Mahathir might become a domineering figure and not step down from being the interim prime minister,” she said, adding however that the PH chairman is a good administrator, hence would be suitable for the adviser role.

Good advice - This should have been PH's policy instead of making a desperado 93-year old ex-dictator-PM its PM-designate.

His age alone should be an impediment. Even if he lives to be 105, which I believe he will as his family enjoys the longevity genes wakakaka, he won't be as efficient and thus effective as he had been in his prime draconian years. As for him being an 'interim' PM, forget about that as he is an 'Old man of the Sea' who once in a desired position will never alight from Malaysia's shoulders, wakakaka.

According to The Thousand and One Nights, Sindbad … came upon an old man sitting by the side of a stream. The Old Man did not speak, but with gestures indicated that he wanted to be carried across the stream.

To oblige him, Sindbad put the old man on his shoulders, and waded across to the opposite bank. But when he stooped down to allow the old man to dismount his passenger refused, and suddenly tightened his legs around Sindbad’s neck until Sindbad nearly fainted.

Looking down at his rider’s legs, Sindbad was appalled to see that they were the legs of a brute, covered in rough black skin. The unnatural creature now beat upon Sindbad’s head and back as if he were a beast of burden, and forced him to walk through the forest … Whenever Sindbad tried to rest or escape his tormentor, the creature kicked and choked him into obedience.

Even then, during his better younger years, he f**ked up kau kau on so many issues such as BMF, FOREX, Memali, Maminco, Perwaja, MAS, tolls, IPs, crooked bridge shindig (just to satisfy his chip on his shoulder against Singapore), so on so forth, so what more at 93?

The above are quite succinct observations by political analysts and, from our unhappy experience of his draconian reign, reflect exactly Mahathir's likely temperament and characteristics.

Let me gather the above important stated fears of the terrifying Mahathir, namely:

1. Mahathir as Pakatan's PM will make decisions without the input of other PH leaders.

When he was UMNO PM, didn't he just do that? he was the convinced he was superior to others in intellect, wisdom and strategy, despite making Malaysia suffers humongous losses in in BMF, FOREX, Maminco, Perwaja, MAS, tolls, IPs, crooked bridge syiok-sendiri-ness, etc etc and severe psychological setback for the nation in Memali and Ops Lalang.

his Ops Lalang victims
1st photo - his mate Lim Kit Siang
5th photo - the late Karpal Singh

those killed in Memali
he lied about being in China at that time but was actually still in KL 

He still does, that is, believing in his own superiority in everything despite being hammered badly by a Jew named George Soros, wakakaka.

George Soros

I don't WASTE money, least of all the nation's money

2. Mahathir is a domineering figure and will not step down from being the interim prime minister.

See my previous post Mahathir's legacy - a Greater Pribumi? in which I predicted that Mahathir may 'play out' the DAP by congregating the bumiputeras in PH to either merge or form a new coalition with his previous party, UMNO-Baru in a notional Greater Pribumi Coalition.

love to join Pribumi but alas, I'm not a bumiputera 

That will be when he marginalises his bete noire Anwar Ibrahim and family, and the DAP and the nons such as MCA, Gerakan, MIC etc. Needless to say, he will have 'special treatment' in store for Najib, wakakaka, such has been his dark soul of vengeance (ask Anwar about that, wakakaka).

will he suffer the error of his dad who brought maddy back into umno? 

I beg to disagree with above observations by the political analysts only on 1 point, namely, Anwar failed to groom 'someone' to take over form him as putative leader of PR.

Anwar had long groomed Azmin Ali but the latter is not well received by some in his own PKR party (among whom have been the Anwar Family) - see
Khalid Ibrahim to help UMNO win Selangor in which I wrote:

There exists between Khalid and PKR Selangor (and indeed the Anwar family) very bad blood stemming from the unnecessary circus between him and Pakatan Rakyat in 2014, after the Rafizi-contrived Kajang by-election.

power-grabbing split in PKR where above headed by azmin versus below led by rafizi

Years later, in fact in September 2017 (this year) we were informed by an angry Latheefa Koya that Rafizi had deviously and indeed unnecessarily created the Kajang by-election to elevate Anwar Ibrahim to be MB principally to block his intra-party foe Azmin Ali from becoming MB Selangor.

The DAP has also been another who have been wary of Azmin, perhaps because of his treachery in two successive Sarawak state elections.


  1. In DAP we trust... but has DAP fallen asleep or has DAP been fully compromised ?

  2. Some relevant quotes of the day;

    “I only have one piece of advice to Zaid — don’t forget your roots and don’t destroy the Malays. I believe Zaid knows what I’m talking about.” to built bangsa M'sia when feudalistic mind still roam?

    "Umno will continue to be fresh, to live and lead, not just for the next 30 years, but, InsyaAllah, for another 1,000 years!" that the blur-sotongs can be enslaved for equally that long for the benefits of the elites lah!!

    But....but.. even dungu will be evolved into something more intelligent in less time le!

    "Don’t hate Dr Mahathir, hate his deeds"

    Oooop...broken record tak bolih tukar lah. Jadi, mesti buangkan juah2 nya, saperti balik ke kelate!


  3. he did try to be advisor to badawi and najib but people condemned him kaw kaw by accusing him of meddling and interfering, now this same people wants him to be advisor?

    nurul izzar said, it is correct to hate and condemn his past deeds but it is also correct to let him undo and reform the past

    pkr, amanah and dap are not
    docile and pliant partners, they know how or when to put their feet down as in the case with pas

    Maddy's past will not repeat itself for the simple fact that umno will be a formidable opposition, it will be good for the nation for a change

  4. Three political analysts plus KT have common observation. They can't be wrong.

    1. Millions of us citizens; some intellects of all scores, some blur-sotongs, some with fork-tongueds, can't be wrong.

      They elected Donald Trump as their president.

      So, who's that three political analysts plus KT??