Saturday, December 23, 2017

Stairways to Heaven

I have been asked (on behalf of my Uncle) on whether Buddhists can pray for Muslims, Hindus and Christians to reach heaven, and my answer (again on behalf of my Uncle) has been in the affirmative as there's plenty 'upstairs' for everyone, including virgins.

On that same occasion Muthu was asked on whether Hindus can pray for Muslims, Buddhists and Christians to reach heaven, and his answer was exactly like mine.

But when Betty was asked on whether Christians can pray for Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus to reach heaven, she prevaricated for a while, mumbling it would be better if all embrace the Lord, though finally agreeing with Muthu and me.

End of story.

mateys, you don't want to go there, wakakaka 


  1. Ktemoc by practicing self censorship here had unwittingly made it even more glaringly obvious....scared of being swamped and have police report made against you by the "sikit sikit insulting, sikit sikit biadap, sikit sikit sensitive" group ke ? wakakakaka.

    What is your point actually ? Your Muthu and Betty are quite obviously your imaginary friends but you seemed to miss out another person from one very major group in our Malaysian society ? Perhaps your wordings in your article best summed up your fear :

    'mateys, you don't want to go there. wakakaka'


    1. and you deduced incorrectly from your poor logic, wakakaka

      what has been the aim of my cryptic writing? Guess

    2. as usual to insult christian.

    3. Cryptic writing ? Get off your high horse...this short fantasy write of yours is nothing more than to show via your imaginary convo with a fake "Betty" that Christianity sucks. On the other hand, Muthu and you (on behalf of your endless Uncles) are just all OK, hip hip hooray.

      Why point the knife at poor Betty when the elephant in the room is the one whereby even a mere festive greeting between different religious believers is now forbidden by this super sensitive supreme group ?

      In fact, methinks you have already committed a huge "sin" wakakaka by saying Buddhist and Hindus have no problem praying for Muslims...etc etc. Have you check out if the Muslims themselves WANT you heathens to pray for them? Pray for them to go to heaven...OMG, Ktemoc and his kaypochi-ness.
      Surely you would know by now heaven (according to THEM) is not reachable by heathens and here you are, having the audacity to want to pray for Muslims to reach heaven, LOLOLOL. Ini mesti sudah biadap la....wakakkaka

      So take your logic, cryptic or otherwise and stuff it, another wakakaka

    4. shall I stuff my cryptic message down your throat, wakakaka?

      The post has been about tolerance, where I showed Buddhists and Hindus are, and Christians like Betty can be too after they cleared their wee hesitancy. Is there any point in showing Islam is intolerant when you already know that? Dumbo, wakakaka

    5. Ya ya....just STFU when you fear for your life when that elephant goes mengamok, right ?

      And by the way, Christians like Betty would tell you to stuff your cryptic message of tolerance up your ars*hole where the sun doesn't shine, wakakaka.

  2. Boleh tanya mufti perak ka soalan tu?

    1. OK, after he gets down from his camel doing what he has been doing, wakaskaka