Thursday, December 28, 2017

Small minded Zamihan

FMT informs us of information uploaded onto (extracts):

... the Facebook page of Zamihan Mat Zin, the controversial preacher from the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim).

“In determining the non-Muslim celebrations that can be attended by Muslims, several main criteria should serve as guidelines so as not to contradict the teachings of Islam,” reads an English version of the guideline made available to FMT.

It also forbids Muslims from attending Christmas functions that have religious songs or the use of the cross, or “speech or gestures in the form of a praise to the non-Muslim religion”.

Red costumes such as those worn by Santa Claus, as well as church bells and Christmas trees, are things in a Christmas party that makes it off limits to Muslims, according to the fatwa committee.

Zamihan Mat Zin has been that rare Melayu who dared to show disrespect to HM Sultan Johor by criticising the latter's royal edict prohibiting discriminatory practices by a Johor launderette.

The Johor launderette had originally offered a 'Muslim Only' services, which annoyed HM Sultan Johor for religious discrimination. HM stated Johor was/is NOT a Taliban state.

Even the Perlis Mufti asked where would the Taliban-ish obsession with a skewered understanding of Muslim hygiene in Malaysia end?

From FMT: The mufti of Perlis has criticised the controversial Muslims-only policy of a laundrette in Johor, saying there will be no end when Muslims become obsessed with a skewed understanding of the Islamic rule on hygiene.

Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin said Islamic teachings were not meant to burden but to make things easier.

He painted a scenario of what will happen if such “narrow-mindedness” is allowed to spread among Muslims.

“I am worried that some might urge for Muslims not to use currency notes already used by non-Muslims, because they assume it is unclean after they exchange hands. And some may also say that the prayers of those who keep these notes in their pockets are not valid.

“After that, there is the separation of eating utensils of non-Muslims in restaurants.
“All these narrow-mindedness will take the country down the path to extremism, and we will then lose the balance to live in a multi-religious and multi-cultural society”.

Yes, HM criticised the launderette for that highly divisive discriminatory services and put an immediate stop to that, but Zamihan in turn criticised HM for a wrong royal decision.

By the protocols of adat Melayu, Zamihan Mat Zin demonstrated at best biadab-ness or at worst, derhaka towards HM Sultan Johor.

dei Zamihan, 'nak bertanding dengan Israel kah?

What could have made such a Melayu membunuh kaukau his adat in contradiction to the Malay saying 'biar mati anak, jangan mati adat'?

I reckon it's either his Republican proclivity (influenced by Ayatollahs?) or, more likely, his pomposity as an Islamic 'know-all' where he disregarded another adat Melayu, iaitu 'Kecil dikandung ibu, besar dikandung adat, mati dikandung tanah', to wit, he was so blinded by his own hubris and pomposity as a so-called expert in JAKIM that he lacked the inability to remember he is a Melayu in a sultanate state in Malaysia, not Arabia.

But trust him to be always highly divisive in putting numerous obstacles in the path of Muslims who may want to wish their Christian friends a joyous Christmas festivity. 

His list of haram stuff vis-a-vis Christmas have been:

... Christmas functions that have religious songs or the use of the cross, or “speech or gestures in the form of a praise to the non-Muslim religion.

Red costumes such as those worn by Santa Claus, as well as church bells and Christmas trees, ... 

Anything else, moron?

Because if Malaysian Muslims were to follow his fatwa (and according to the late Kassim Ahmad, they don't have to), why talk about Christmas?

Christmas isn't Christmas without songs like 'Silent Night', use of a cross, praises to the birth of Isa (pbuh), red costumes, church bells, Christmas trees and Santa Claus.

It's like Zamihan Mat Zin not being allowed to pray 5 times a day, nor fast during Ramadan nor wear a serban.

Zamihan Mat Zin is a very small-minded obstructionist mafulat muhibbah-mutilator.

Yet he draws a salary from government revenue probably funded by 'unclean' non-Muslims' tax money. What a f* double face hypocrite.


    To be fair to Zamihan The Arsehole, this wasn't a rogue operation from him.

    It originated from a 2005 National Fatwa Council ruling, and this Fatwa is still in force.
    National Fatwas are binding on Muslims in Malaysia unless withdrawn.

  2. Fatwa simply means opinion or pendapat which has no legal binding.

    1. The 1996 Fatwa against Muslim women taking part in beauty pageants has dropped the participation rate of Muslim girls to absolute Zero.

      I'm well aware many Muslim girls would enjoy taking part for the glamour, the prizes, the confidence-building and the opportunity to travel, but none dare take part nowadays.

  3. I have attended funerals at church. I remember Sultan of Brunei and Tuanku Mizan attended Westminster Abbey for funeral service and wedding celebration . All these functions will have religious songs, speeches and praises to the non-Muslim religion. To Allah it is what in one's heart (niat) that matters, NOT one's action.

    1. u try talk tis to hadi, i am quite certain he would call u a kafir or secularist wakaka

  4. Okay, you bow to stone or whatever image n your niat is to worship Allah swt, boleh la macam tu.

    1. That's for Allah to decide.

    2. A very encouraging answer but kenapa mereka yg ada kuasa kuat tu nak menghukum. Cheers bro!

  5. A Fatwa some time ago declared the traditional Warrior's day remembrance ceremonies of laying a wreath at the Tugu Negara and observing a 2.minute silence as UnIslamic. The practice has since stopped for many years now in Malaysia.

    At the recent British Remembrance Day ceremony on 11th November, the Malaysian High Commissioner , who is a Malay Muslim, laid a wreath at the London Cenotaph along with representatives of Commonwealth countries which fought in the 2 World Wars.
    Years ago the ceremony was a very Christian one, but nowadays prayers are also said by clerics representing Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.
    Nobody gives up their religious believes. It is just a mark of respect for those who died serving their countries, and good manners towards the host.