Friday, December 22, 2017

"Cut some slack"?

Malaysiakini - Najib: I'll never sacrifice sanctity of Islam for 'good friend' Trump (extracts):

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak vowed that he will never sacrifice the sanctity of Islam to preserve his ties with United States President Donald Trump.

"Yes, I was welcomed to the White House. Yes, Donald Trump is my good friend.

"But on principle, I would never sacrifice the sanctity of Islam," he told a crowd of more than 1,000 who attended the “Save Jerusalem” rally at the Putrajaya mosque this afternoon.

Putrajaya had organised the rally to express solidarity with the Palestinians following Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

As a Muslim, Najib said he has a personal obligation to defend the sanctity of Islam against attacks from its enemies.

In this case, Najib cited historical changes to the Palestinian map since 1947 which showed the Zionist regime's continuous attempt to encroach their land.

No, this time Najib forgot to bring along his keris, wakakaka, that infamous Panca Warisan.

Najib's cousin with Panca Warisan
Good Olde Hisham

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But as Trump has warned he would 'pay back' those who dares to object to his Imperial Edict (obligated in total subservience to his Lord & Master the Israelis), does Najib need to look after his 6 O'clock?

Trump's Neo-Con Punjabi Girl, Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to UN, had threatened nations of the UN Assembly she would be taking down names of those objecting to Trump's decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

my scarf is made of Haniyeh's pelt, thanks Israel

Well, Malaysia did object, and PM Najib now may well be in a bit of spot with his American golfing partner.

But wait, perhaps there is a way out. Anwar's help may be necessary.

Let's go back a wee while to see why Anwar's assistance could be vital.

As I've often mentioned, Anwar Ibrahim has (had?) many close associations with leading political figures in the West, especially the USA. For example, one of his closest friends is Paul Wolfowitz, the former Deputy Secretary for Defence in President Bush’s Administration.

Wolfowitz is himself an American Jew of course but he also has very strong Israeli connections, and was the very man who strongly advocated an attack and invasion of Iraq when 9/11 happened, even though there was no evidence to link Saddam Hussein to the Twin Towers attacks.

Padan muka, Wolfowitz has since been seen (or viewed) as a culprit of gross strategic ineptitude as Bush Jnr's invasion of Iraq has been considered America's worst foreign-policy blunder since the Vietnam War.

Anyway, in 2010 Anwar had unusually (wakakaka) joined an anti-Israeli demonstration outside the U.S. embassy in Kuala Lumpur, perhaps to disprove UMNO propaganda about him being an Israeli agent and Jew lover. He alleged there was ‘Zionist influence’ in Malaysia, and that Israeli agents had infiltrated Malaysia's security forces. Did he mean Apco Worldwide?

Needless to say, his anti-Zionist attacks shocked his American Jewish friends. Thus when he was subsequently in Washington, he was required to do a lot of explaining, including to the House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman, who was/is also an American Jew.

Wolfowitz was the one who then defended Anwar, stating: "What Anwar did was wrong, but considering that he's literally fighting for his life - physically as well as politically - against a government that attacks him as being a puppet of the Jews, one should cut him some slack.

The American slang “cutting him some slack” meant allowing Anwar some latitude in his politicking in Malaysia even if it required anti-Israeli posturing (or as Malaysians would say "kasi chance sikit lah"), because the worldviews of Muslim Malaysians then were (still are) very straightforward, that was (is), being anti-Israel.

But Anwar in responding to the Yanks outrage, made poor choices of words in an interview with Wall St Journal that he supported "all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel".

Foreign Minister Anifah Aman cleverly pounced on the above-mentioned phrase "all efforts" as indicative of Anwar supporting even, for example, horrific Israeli mass military attacks on Gaza as we witnessed in the barbarous and horrendous Operations Cast Lead.

Of course poor Anwar didn’t mean that but alas, the harm was done. In trying to get out of his first boo-boo which upset the Yanks, he fell into another one which then upset the Muslim-Malaysians.

In anger at Anifah's taunt, Anwar struck out at Mahathir for the latter's meeting with Yitzhak Rabin and Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres in Paris on July 6, 1994, wakakaka.

But Wolfowitz would be ideal to convince and persuade Trump and his Neo-Con Punjabi Girl to cut some slack for Najib, wakakaka.

Only problem is that nowadays Wolfowitz is in the dog house with Trump as he had opposed Trump (for his immigration policy), and had even threatened to vote for Hilary Clinton. Whether he did or not no longer matters as Trump is now the President that Wolfowitz did not like.


  1. Nobody in his or her sane mind,would care the fuck about this horndog,a mentally sex-sick smelly and dirty bum,named Donald Trump.His insanely loud barks have no bite.No wonder,his golfing buddy,Najib,is giving this sex craved horndog the middle finger.

    1. wakakaka, I love that description of 'horndog'

  2. Look at horndog Donald Trump's face.He seems to be choking.Maybe he just finished doing a blowjob?

  3. I have never been comfortable with Anwar, his family and some supporters for seeking help from the likes Paul Wolfowitz, John Malott, the U.S. Embassy and so forth.

    These pro-opposition NGOs sucking up to Obama

    Or - "Hail Hillary! Full of grace"

  4. Masjid Al-Aqsa Al Haram Al Sharif - every inci of this area is teramat amat suci dan tidak boleh dirundingkan. That is already cut in stone. All Muslims, how weak or poor shall protect it. Leave Gaza and West Bank to the Palestinian. That's the slack we want.

  5. "Trump's Neo-Con Punjabi Girl, Nikki Haley"
    I have called out Ktemoc in the past as a despicable racist against Indians, and this belittling racist-tinged rant is yet another confirmation.

    She is a 44-year old woman with a very accomplished record, not a "Neo-Con Punjabi Girl".

    Podah Racist Ktemoc !

    By the way , Ktemoc is a fairly typical racist Penang DAP Chinese redneck. The sort who call Indians Kelinga Kia in a demeaning way.

    DAP ADUN Chong Eng got exposed recently and belatedly tried to backtrack .
    Those who oppose racism should either vote against Chong Eng in GE14 or stay home and play Mahjong.

    1. wakakaka, I knew Monsterball woudl respond to my description.

      But why be shy about being Punjabi? My hero the late Karpal Singh was Punjabi, and so are his sons and daughter, all excellent people of distinction. Be proud of being a Punjabi or Chinese or Malay or Indian. Only Mahathir and Monsterball would hide their origins wakakaka

      Monsterball tok-kok about Chong Eng, who is married to an Indian.

      Recently when Guan Eng mentioned about giving way (after he has been imprisoned by UMNO) I propose Chongn Eng who's senior enough in DAP as one of many excellent candidates as his replacement. I wrote:

      On the basis of a woman becoming the state's (and Malaysia) first female CM, then Chong Eng should be the new CM.

      BTW, Chong Eng is married to Gunabalan Krishnasamy, an artist - they have two children. If she becomes the new CM, she may possibly satisfy the demands of two minority groups, that of women and indirectly the Indians.

      Stop being an anti-Indian racist Monsterball.

    2. "Monsterball tok-kok about Chong Eng, who is married to an Indian."

      Being married to a person from another racial group does not automatically absolved one from being racist or having racist tendencies, although I have to admit I am totally clueless about Chong Eng's case...was out of the loop there.

      But let's not depend on such marriage ties or those those politicians who suddenly volunteered personal information to blurt out " but my daughter-in-law is Chinese, so how could I be racist ?" The more famous one, the one to take the cake, is our Raja Putar Kelentong whose wife is Chinese or so they claimed....and yet his outrageous bashing of the whole Chinese community has reached legendary status, wakakaka.

    3. if you dislike indians you can't and won't marry an indian, likewise if you dislike a malay you can't and won't marry a malay

      your daughter-in-law was married by your son not you lah, wakakaka, but i accept your argument you can't be racist

      RPK does what he has been doing not because of racism but for other reasons

    4. whats other reason? pray tell? how many time this bastard said chinese deserve 513?

    5. "if you dislike indians you can't and won't marry an indian, likewise if you dislike a malay you can't and won't marry a malay"

      Obviously you are too simplistic, sorry to say. I might be much younger than you but I have come across bastards ( yes, bastards with an 's', plural, meaning more than one ) who are such asshole racists but married to spouses who are not from their own race. One particular brutal one when he gets his angin up, will swore loudly for all to hear when he castigates his poor Chinese wife....yelling that she has already 'masuk Melayu', so act macam orang Melayu yang bersopan santun, don't.....then out come a laundry list of the heathen ways of the Chinese and this tirade will go on to curse her Chinese parents, siblings and relatives and he capped it off with saying that all of your kind will go jahanam to hell.

      On your MOM sifu...ya, your loyalty is commendable, wakakaka but of course birds of a feather will not be able to smell their own kind of putrid spare us your spin about his 'other reasons' wakakaka. A most vicious traitorous dedak eater, must have the- last-word-in-everything with ego bigger than the universe and the most outrageous liar and racist to boot.....these are some of the MILDEST description of your sifu I heard round the net.... I am leaving out the more colorful words for another time, wakakaka