Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Dhimmis under PM Hadi Awang?

Further to my post yesterday that PAS has lost Chinese support forevermore, (you know what) I feel even more insulted on reading Malaysiakini's news that PAS protested against the news of Hadi's 'Muslim-only cabinet' rule in that the PAS president's ruling was not absolute.

f**k local council elections
I hate those elections
dhimmis may rule us in cities and towns

Malaysiakini reports (extracts):

PAS has refuted reports which cited its president Abdul Hadi Awang stating that only Malay-Muslims can join the cabinet.

Party information chief Nasrudin Hassan said what Hadi meant in his statement, which was issued on Dec 22, was that some cabinet positions must be reserved for Malay-Muslims.

Hadi's statement had read: "Islam meletakkan mestilah ketua negara dan anggota kabinetnya yang berakidah Islam daripada bangsa yang paling berpengaruh." (Islam requires the head of country and Muslim cabinet members to be from the most influential ethnic group).

According to Nasrudin, this meant Hadi's policy only applied to some ministries.

"It refers to the division of ministries through wizarah al-tafwidh (policy making) dan wizarah al-tanfidz (implementation).

"Here, Hadi's message clearly states that Islam is very open to non-Muslims for wizarah al-tanfidz ministries…unlike other political systems, which only accept those with the same ideology," he said.

What are we nons lacking in that we can't be in the policy making ministries?

One of the best Finance Minister in Malaysia was a non, Tun Tan Siew Sin. Compare his performance (then minus oil wealth) to some Muslim Finance Ministers (plus oil wealth) who came after.

Look at Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and weep, Hadi.

Show me one Islamic nation, those without humongous oil resources, which has done well compared to Malaysia.

Our nation has over its 70 years of self-rule has been blessed and has benefited enormously from the contributions of its multi-racial society and multiracial ministers, despite gross mismanagement, errors after errors, and profligate wastage by some.

In fact, dealing with those wastage and gross mismanagement showed the resilience of our competency, skill and ability to manage crisis after crisis.

Hadi Awang should stop his religio-racist efforts to turn Malaysia into a MORE divided society of Muslims and Dhimmis.

And I wouldn't put it beyond Hadi Awang that one day he'll impose jizya tax on nons as his next policy.


  1. “Bila menang, jalankan pemerintahan secara adil, lantiklah zimmi Cina, India dan Bumiputera yang boleh diharap, seperti Helen Ang dan Lim Sian See, menjaga kepentingan rakyat". (Prof RT)

  2. now that pas and umno is in a secret collaboration, they have a lot to learn from the latter, we all know they share the same DNA, they said so themselves, but pas have got to act smart like umno

    umno is clever enough to use 1malay(sia) and wassatiyah to fool the dummies but we all know they don't mean it... learn pas learn if your wish is to be the kingmaker...say something nice and logical for a change... it doesn't matter if you mean it or not

    1. There's a method to his madness, to quote good olde Shakespeare, hehehe.

      Hadi Ahhh(!) Wang in his "Malays only for Cabinet" will be in all the headlines and that's all that matters. This will warm the cockles of the hearts of many a bigots and supremacists around, urban as well as rural....yeh, yeh, yeh, Hadi jaga orang kita, ni kan tanah kito, pi mampus ko cinab*bi, keling, benggali, orang asli...yeh yeh yeh.

      The fallout among the kafirs can be easily sap sui la...get someone down the line to come up with usual..."quoted him wrongly", " he meant something else" bla bla bla. These so-called rectification will of course not make a huge splash as the first one.

      So who said Hadi Ada Wang did not learn the way of the forty thieves, wakakkaka.

  3. What to do ?

    KT's Boss wants Hadi.
    Furthermore , KT wants non-BN voters to stay home and play mahjong for GE 14. Guaranteeing dominance by BN/UMNO fixed deposit voters.

    Dhimmihood is coming very near and very real.

    1. Monzterball works extremely hard to earn his dedak from his boss Mahathir

    2. You have to admit there's a kind of efficiency in their division of labor, geographical distances notwithstanding - M'sia...UK...Aust, hehehe.

      Of course the raja putar kelentong will be the marshal, nothing less given his overbursting ego, hahaha. With the GE just round the corner, he will dominate the 'control room', spitting out instructions...the down south blogger to go way out to take down the old man and urge the nons, especially the Chinese, to boycott this GE and play mahjong, wakakaka. The Monster himself, cloistered in Manchester, will continue with his LKS is a dictator, LKS has taken 1 billion in bribery, LKS is the master puppeteer and the rest of the Melayus like Dr M, Mohi and even Anwar and of course Azmin Ali, these Melayus all are putty in his hands and he control ALL of them completely and absolutely...when LKS says jump, these bunch of Melayus, even with one in Sungei Buloh, will ask how high and will certainly jump, hihihi. When LKS says squat, these mindless and softie Melayus will just stay squat. See how POWERFUL and RICH this LKS has become, says MOM...he now has the wealth, the power to control these Melayus. Soon,according to MOM, he will control the Malay royalty, the Malay army, the Malay police, the Malay universities chancellors, the Malay judges and supreme judge, the Malay GLC, the Malay banks, the Malay Petronas.

      And let's not forget the months of campaign by that kelentong fella to whitewash the thievery of 1MDB...with his spurious fake alternative 'facts'.

      Btw, I simply luvvvv MOM...for the first, I feel like as though the Chinese via LKS who is now so powerful, is in control for once, have great say in the country and can tell the Melayus go fly kite, wakakaka. MOM is so empowering to the Chinese !

      As usual, there's the usual Chinese running dogs getting roped in to earn their bits of crumbs...dreaming of champagne and wine while they can retire in splendour. That's what the dirty lucre has done to the soul....everything is for sale and HYPOCRISY is their other known name.


    National Fatwa Council says...Muslims are forbidden to attend any Christmas festivities containing not only traditional Christian religious symbols e.g. crosses (obviously) but also Christmas trees, candles, ringing of bells, even characters dressed in Red...a-la Santa Claus.

    And...since any public space will be open and visible to Muslims as well as is a matter of time before Christmas can only be celebrated behind closed doors in Malaysia.

    Dhimmihood is coming very near and very real.

    And you know what ? ...there will be plenty of non-Muslim Chinese, Indians and others supporting the Government all they way, or refusing to support Government critics...which essentially has the same effect.