Friday, December 22, 2017

World voted against the USA on Jerusalem

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And who voted alongside with the USA?

Israel (naturally)
Marshall Islands

Without meaning to insult those countries, other than the top listed 3, they are very very very small nations which are heavily dependent upon US financial aid, but just like Israel, wakakaka.

The UN Assembly vote is not binding but sends a moral message to the USA the World calls on her to withdraw recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The text also says that any decisions regarding the status of the city are 'null and void' and must be cancelled.

Canada and Australia, both being strong US allies, even abstained, wakakaka, refusing to vote with the USA. That's the best the Aussies and Canucks could do for their Yank buddy.

But the UK and France, also strong allies of the US, voted against the US illegal action.


  1. Each year, Cuba files a resolution in the UN General Assembly to have the US economic and trade blockade on Cuba lifted and each year, the vast majority of countries vote in favour, with only the U.S. and Israel voting against.

    As you stated, a vote of the UN General Assembly is non-binding, which only goes to show how undemocratic the UN is as a world body.

  2. Sounds good....time to celebrate and stick it to the hated Yanks.

    But Here's the reality. The US is still the most consequential country in the world.
    Simply statistically, some time in the next 3 years (Donald Duck's remaining term) a number of these countries which condemned the USA will find they urgently need a favour , even serious help from the Americans. Either phone the US Ambassador or contact Washington direcly. At that time , the arrogant Yankee on the line would likely say "Look , personally I'd really love to help your country, but there is a blackmark flagged against your country.
    Remember that little vote your country cast in the UN on December 21st, 2017 ? We consider that an unfriendly act by your country.

    My boss 6 levels up - yeah - THAT Idiot - says any request for assistance from your country has to be referred to the White House.
    I will do that to help you, But it will likely take 6 months before it even gets considered. Your Prime Minister better be prepared to grovel to THAT Idiot".

    1. you sound like you're the brother of Nikki Haley

    2. Nikki Haley is doing a great job representing her country.

      Donald Trump Is well known to be a vindictive guy. And now he has control of a massively powerful administration - subject to laws, but he has plenty of presidential discretionary powers.

      Most countries find it important and necessary to pursue good relations with the United States, unless you are Iran or North Korea.

      As for Malaysia, three important Malaysian Government asks from the US , that we have been pursuing for nearly a decade are possibly dead ducks now , after the UN vote.

      a. Visa-Free travel for Malaysian visitors and tourists to the US.
      b. Removing Malaysia from the State Department's list of Human Trafficking countries.
      c. Expedited Student Visa processing for Malaysian students.

      The last update was these issues were 80-90% settled,

      They may now be reset to 0 - 30% settled, or the negotiations reassigned to some low ranking officer with Zero decision making powers.

      That is a common government administrative tactic to slow-walk a matter without actually saying "No".