Friday, December 08, 2017

Don't forget the magic fan

MM Online - How To Stay Sane Now The Opposition Has Gone Mad by Erna Mahyuni (extracts):

Congratulations are in order for the Malaysian Opposition for delivering nearly as many facepalm-worthy moments as Barisan.

The latest apparently is to recommend Tun Dr Mahathir’s return as prime minister.

First, have all our politicians died? You cannot seriously expect us to believe there is no one else to recommend?

Even better, the recommendation is for Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah to be deputy prime minister.

What a combination, a relic and a pushover. Thanks, Pakatan, you’re pretty much assured of alienating a lot of your voting base.

Is it too much to ask, really, that we have fresher, younger, less-tainted-by-previous-actions candidates?

Both sides keep relying on the same old faces year after year to the point I predict after the next general election, we’ll be seeing a lot of elected reps dropping dead like flies.

My dearest Erna, that's because we Malaysians are racists. We want ethnic votes and the biggest bunch of that can be found in the Malay Heartland.

As PKR, PAS and Amanah haven't done their job well enough, Pakatan believes it would be wise strategy to use an UMNO man, Mahathir, to win over the Malay votes.

In the meantime Mahathir believes it would be wise strategy to use the DAP in Pakatan to win over the Chinese votes, which combined with the Malay votes he is confident of getting, will give him Putrajaya.

Mahathir has his own interest in regaining power and it's not about Malaysia or Malaysians.

As for Wan Azizah, she's just a symbolic figure who supposedly represent Anwar Ibrahim. Making her symbolically the deputy PM-designate has been to mollify some PKR people who still hate and are suspicious of Mahathir.

But you are quite right that she'll be putty in the manipulative hands of a man like Mahathir.

Wan Azizah believes this association with an erstwhile foe may be the only chance of freeing her incarcerated hubby. That is her only motive which was why she formed KeADILan aeons ago in the first place, a single-issue party with its only political objective being to free Anwar.

Mind, she still faces the threat of Mahathir playing her out, that is, if PH wins GE-14 and Mahathir becomes PM, the Old Man may decide to still keep Anwar behind bars despite whatever promise he might have made to her.

You see, Mahathir has never forgiven Anwar and hates him as much as he now hates Najib, and as much as he once hated the royals, Tunku and Ku Li.

Bear in mind, and true to form, Mahathir has NOT apologise to Anwar for his cruelty towards the hubby of Wan Azizah.

And that has been why today PH has such a combination, a relic and a pushover. 

But don't forget, Wan Azizah has her magic fan, wakakaka.


  1. Adakah mungkin Wan Azizah mengharapkan pihak yang terkena bayu sakti dari kipas beliau agar menjadi ‘Jesus the Saviour’ iaini pemberi rahmat kepada keluarga beliau?

  2. Someone must have received his Christmas bonus from Kleptocracy International early...and working overtime now...

    Ah Job is playing a thoroughly racist and dangerous game, but somebody here is silent and comfortable with him.... Dedak Man...

  4. DAP put up a fresh, young, untainted candidate in Teluk Intan, and she failed against an old , gray-haired Gerakan legacy candidate.

    So...Malaysian voters are not so predictable...

  5. That's WHAT one get from a bunch of wet-in-the-ear, political-correctness in tuned & self-righteousness bleeding hearts.

    Small world view from too much narcissistic selfies!