Wednesday, December 13, 2017

In the name of Islam?

Malaysiakini - S'gor Sultan wants a halt to condoning of murder as 'jihad' (extracts):

Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah said he has been informed of people who condone murder as a form of jihad and wants such extremism to be curbed.
Addressing a gathering of imams in the state at Istana Alam Shah in Klang today, the ruler also emphasised the role of mosques in curbing such beliefs.

"I was informed that there are certain groups among Muslims who have deviated from the true teachings of Islam, to an extent that they take murder as a form of jihad demanded by Allah.

"Such belief and followings, if allowed to fester, are very dangerous and could lead to killings and split among Muslims, as seen in the Gulf states recently," he said.

Good on you, Tuanku or in more polite Malay protocol, Daulat Tuanku, but please ampun patik for a casual 'good on you' as patik is a mere blogger from Penang.

Murder is a terrible crime within any community of mankind, where one dares to end someone's life by violent means and disguises it as a fight for Islam.

But criminals have been known to be unscrupulous in 'dropping names' such as that of Allah swt in their intention to commit crimes.

Some 15 years ago in Pakistan, the most horrid story I had the misfortune to read went as follows: Two clans lived in a village in Pakistan. Call them clans A (for aggressor) and V (victim) respectively.

Apparently A-clan was of a higher caste than V-clan, though I wonder how the hell (excuse my blasphemy) the evil caste system could have existed in the claimed egalitarian society of the Islamic world.

One bastard from A-clan sodomised a 12-year boy from V-clan - I'm sure Malaysians are familiar with the term 'sodomised' so I won't bother to explain what's that.

As if that was not enough for that lustful beast, he and his clansmen (of A-clan) fabricated a story that the 12-year old sodomised victim (from V-clan) had illicit sex with a 30-year old woman from A-clan, which was a no-no because of the caste bull$h*t and not so much khalwat.

They (A-clan) took the issue to the village elders of their clan, who, would you believe, were coincidentally made up of even worst lustful beasts - 'A' now stands for @r$ehole$.

The tribal council passed a sentence of ‘revenge rape’ in a land where full syariah law was in force but apparently not enforced for some clans.

Was the decision of that council syariah-complaint in inventing a sentence obviously set up for the base gratification of lustful beasts?

The victim chosen from V-clan to receive the 'revenge rape' was Mukhtaran Mai (or Bibi), the sister of the boy. She was gang-raped by bearded beasts from A-clan including a couple of the lustful tribal council members, who must have dropped their trousers even as they passed the sentence.


Thus she was sexually brutalised on a fabricated case, AFTER her 12 year old brother was already sodomised by a beast from A-clan. As an atheist I nonetheless 'pray' we will never succumb to that sort of sentencing of 'revenge rape' despite Pakistan being supposedly fully syariah compliant. 

I'll leave that sordid affair in which the Pakistan government (at that time) was an utter disgrace, and move on to 
Muslim village in West Bengal state (India).

Ten years ago Aftab Ansari dreamed he uttered the Islamic word for divorce, ‘talaq’, three times in his sleep. His wife on hearing the dreaded word was worried and quietly discussed the matter with her friends. Soon the news spread through the village.

Under Islamic law, a husband needs only say 'talaq' or ‘I divorce you’ three times to secure a permanent end to his marriage.

So the leaders in the couple's Muslim village were consulted. Those ‘wise’ leaders decreed that Ansari's unconscious utterances constituted a divorce.

Hmmm, why would they do so?

Aha, the reason became clear when they issued further instructions, which pissed off Aftab Ansari and his wife.

Those ‘wise’ religious leaders pronounced that, if Aftab wants to remarry his ‘divorced’ wife (which he indicated he wanted to), he would have to be apart from her for at least 100 days (OK, not too bad) and here was the (syariah-compliant?) crunch, the gatal sangat bullsh*t that covers the lust behind it, which I have to say, unfortunately demeaned the religion of Islam kau kau in the process.

Those elders decreed that the wife, Sohela must spent a night with another man and then be divorced by that opportunistic bonker.

Yes, there was no lack of ‘volunteers’, chief among whom undoubtedly were the ‘wise’ religious leaders.

But 30-year-old Aftab told those leaders to f-off. OK, maybe he didn’t but kaytee feels if he didn’t he ought to have, wakakaka.

Aftab said he had no intention of leaving his wife of 11 years. So in typical sour grapes those religious leaders who missed an opportunity to discharge their lusts on a probably pretty lady, ostracised the couple because of their refusal to abide by the decision of the 'wise' village leaders.

I know the Pakistani and West Bengali weren't as horrid as our Malaysian version of disguising murder as a jihad, but were just as criminally evil.

We need to be vigilant as Tuanku has been. Daulat Tuanku again.


  1. We need to fully support PM Najib's moderate approach to Islam.

    PM Najib is an acknowledged international leader promoting moderation in Islam. This will be Malaysia's best bet for preventing extremism.


  2. Ampun patik Tuanku, patik yang hina ini ingin mengesyorkan bahawasanya, it's about time KTemoc gets his comeuppance from you Tuanku, because in his small little praises KTemoc still insults more on the religion of Islam, Tuanku. Daulat Tuanku.

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  3. You are in soon-to-be Republican Australia.

    Anyway, there are no Lesse Majesty nor Sedition laws in Australia, hence there is no room for any extradition procedures.


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