Friday, December 01, 2017

Hindraf becomes political pest?

FMT - Consider Hindraf candidates for GE14, Indian business body tells PH (extracts):

The Malaysian Indian Commerce Association (Mica) has urged Pakatan Harapan (PH) to consider Indian rights group Hindraf’s plea to have its candidates contest in the upcoming election using the logos of the coalition’s component parties.

Recently, Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy said it was unlikely the Registrar of Societies (RoS) would allow Hindraf to be registered as a political party.

“Therefore, we are hopeful that, with our cooperation with PH, they (components) will allow us to contest seats they had lost before,” he had said, adding that Hindraf did not want to run in the parties’ winnable seats.

Speaking to FMT, Mica president P Sivakumar said it would be wise for PH to work with an Indian organisation which was well connected on the ground with the Indian community.

“Hindraf is in a better position compared with other Indian organisations because they’ve been championing the Indian grassroots, the Indian youth and the Indian lower income groups for some time and they are quite well known.”

In my post Podah Hindraf just less than a week ago, I said that we always have Hindraf emphasising the racist angle, whether to BN or now to PH, begging to be the representative for Indian Malaysians.

Hindraf's perpetual pathetic pleading to be the political representative for Indian Malaysians has been a joke when Indians look down upon the NGO ever since Waythamoorty crossed the Rubicon in 2013 and became a BN minister but unlike Julius Caesar, has the brazen nerve to now swim back.

That was after he made a fool of himself by his grandiose grandstanding filing of a 4 trillion pound (yes, Sterling pound, wakakaka) lawsuit against the Poms (after running away to safety in UK) and even seeking to strike out Article 153 of the Malaysian Constitution.

Waythamoorthy should stop using the name of Indians when they are already represented by a host of parties, such as the DAP, to a lesser extent PKR and the PSM.

The DAP even has an Indian as Penang's Deputy Chief Minister and another as a Senator on top of its 6 Indian MPs and 14 ADUNs. Even MIC doesn't have such, the strongest Indian strength in parliamentary representatives.

Then there's the so-called Indian party MIC on the BN side which I have to grudgingly say has improved somewhat under its new party president Dr Subramaniam (Health Minister).

Are Hindraf leaders that so hard up for political positions they believe they can only achieve their dreams by using Hindraf in such a sad begging way?

We can't do much about history with regards to UMNO, MCA and MIC but from now on we should have less of ethnic-based-&-named parties like Hindraf and racist ketuanan Pribumi.

Mica president P Sivakumar tok's-kok in saying: Hindraf is in a better position compared with other Indian organisations because they’ve been championing the Indian grassroots, the Indian youth and the Indian lower income groups for some time and they are quite well known.

Yes, Hindraf is well known for becoming BN's lapdog. Podah again also for its preposterous and nonsensical 4 trillion law suit against Great Britain.

If PH wants to give away seats, it'd be better to give them away to PSM. F**k Hindraf.


  1. i dun know who is who in hindraf, but i recall one do quit when he realise najib is a liar. this hindraf lapdog is less doggy compare to lim chong eu, a forever bn.

    1. Lim Chong Eu has already left us for a 'happier' place (where he doesn't have to hear hateful spite from people like you).

      He was MCA President but had the integrity (rare to find especially in a party like PKR) to leave on his own accord unlike Anwra who was kicked out of UMNO, when Tunku won't give more seats to MCA (Tan Siew Sin took over as MCA President)

      Lim Chong Eu then founded UDP a very popular party in Pennag though having a short life as it merged with several NGOs to form the Gerakan which stunned Tunku's Perikatan in 1969, kicking out the MCA forevermore from the Island State.

      He feared Tun Razak would marginalise Penang State (at that time with very poor economy and employment prospects) thus he took Gerakan into the new BN created by Razak after May 13. The political-racial situation was sensitive after the riots and he worried for Chinese-dominant Penang.

      It was a bad move for Gerakan but those were the harsh circumstances Lim Chong Eu faced in making a big decision to join BN which eventually enervated his party.

      Be careful of how you slander the name of a good man like Dr Lim Chong Eu who was/is still respected by Penangites despite his Gerakan joining BN under challenging circumstances in theb years of 1969-1971. His heart was always with Penang and Penangites. I suspect you also dislike him because he was a 'banana' like many Penangites. PKR people like you have no understanding of Penang's political history.

    2. so lce stay in bn for valid reason while hindraf left for stupid reason? what is yr definition for lapdog?

    3. He had no choice to join perikatan in forming bn, or else he wud have been sent to 'college '

    4. different circumstances - Lim Chong Eu dealt with being the CM of the first opposition state government (in Chinese-dominant Penang) immediately in the aftermath of a violent May 13, where he had to administered an economically-challenging state within an-UMNO dominated federal nation.

      What was Waytha's situation when he joined BN? Head of SARSI? See my post

    5. nope, same circumstances. i am talking about staying in bn, not joining. l am fine when lce join bn, i clearly said hindraf quit bn when he know najib is not sincere, while lce stay on after many years even bn clearly choose to develop langkawi n kedah.

      my point is if u wanna label hindraf lapdog, u shd assert the same wrt lce. no double std.

  2. "That was after he made a fool of himself by his grandiose grandstanding filing of a 4 trillion pound (yes, Sterling pound, wakakaka) lawsuit against the Poms (after running away to safety in UK) and even seeking to strike out Article 153 of the Malaysian Constitution."

    I think he should proceed. He has a valid case; why the Poms brought their ancestors to this country to work as rubber tappers?

  3. MIC was fast asleep and DAP Indian Mps were safe in their homes when Hindraf marchers braved FRU chemical water cannons, teat gas and FRU batons for Hindu rights.
    These mandores can't ever compare to Hindraf

    1. of the 5 Hindraf leaders who were jailed (Waytha scooted away to Mother England) 2 are in DAP, 1 in PKR, Uthaya in his own HRP pro PH - these were the people who were gassed and fired upon with chemical-laced waters.

      Hindraf is currently led by runaway once pro BN WAytha who wants to be given 2 federal seats and 2 state seats because he leapt and croaks his way to PH

  4. Co-opting a disruptive social or political force is one of the oldest tricks in the book for established organisations focused on defending the status quo.
    DAP and PKR to a lesser extent carried that out with Hindraf. And at least some of the Hindraf who joined have since regretted that, as they ran up against solid wall of status quo inertia within those organisations.
    For DAP , it is a fact that it is an organisation primarily focused on ethnic Chinese political interests.

    Najib's UMNO cleverly attempted that with Waytha for Hindraf and Paul Low for Transparency. Both thought at the time they could be effective by working "with and within The System".
    Both failed.

    To his credit, Waytha quit when it became obvious Najib's UMNO was simply trying to outflank and neutralise him and Hindraf.

    Paul Low has since become a Fully Paid Up Najib Regime defender , promoter and apologist, just like Ktemoc.

    1. it never fails to surprise me that for a reasonably learned person like you, you would accuse me rather recklessly of being a 'fully paid up Najib Regiem protector', based on nothing more than your suspicions, speculations and syiok-sendiri-ness (bias against me), wakakaka.

      to correct another of your wild reckless accusations, the DAP is NOT primarily focused on ethnic Chinese political interests. It was founded by an Indian (Devan Nair), and until lately headed by an Indian (Karpal Singh) until he sadly perished in a car accident. Karpal's son Gobind has the 2nd highest number of votes in the recent CEC election, just 1 short of LKS.

      The DAP has the most number of Indian Malaysian parliamentary reps in Malaysia, with 6 MPs, 14 ADUNs, 1 Senator, and a DCM in Penang, far more than all the Indians the other parties inclusive of BN put together.

      It even has more Indian parliamentary reps than MCA or Gerakan respectively has Chinese ones, wakakaka.

      You speak from a very anti DAP and ignorant position.

    2. Plenty of circumstantial evidence, both with regard to DAP and Ktemoc.

      Ktemic incriminate himself through his own blog posts.

    3. wakakaka, stubborn in your bias - that's the worst of prejudice