Sunday, December 31, 2017

Mr BakeApple

Dei, don’t belittle muftis for political gain
Always trust your pollie, and also a mufti
You'll get no benefit, no joy but only pain
For your sick blasphemy, you bad Kuttie

Everyone knows who to blame 4 MemaMi
For the sad killing of already sick people
No, not Musa Musang but Mr No-Apology
And Mister I-wasn't-there, Mr BakeApple



  1. Mahathir has a very good point.

    Terrorism born of Extremist Islam is one of the single biggest threats to peace and security in the world.
    Memali could easily have developed into an early example of a militant hot-bed.

    Various groups are at this very moment busy attempting or planning everything from low-tech vehicle attacks to suicide explosive belts to anthrax bombs to radioactive "Dirty Bombs".

    One of the most important factors aiding the growth of Extremist Islam is the failure of the Islamic religious establishment to forthrightly condemn terrorism.

    There is NO Fatwa condemning terrorism.

    In fact I have a sneaking suspicion many Muslim clerics are actually secret or not-so-secret sympathisers with the terrorists' cause,

    For some time, at least before he became a loser, Osama bin Laden was a Hero of Islam.

    1. The abuse and hate on Islam has been on-going since John of Damascus who declared the Ka'abah in Makkah an idol, and Prophet Muhammad an irreligious and licentious person. In The Song of Roland the Muslims are depicted as pagans who worship a trinity of Gods. George Sale, the occupant of the Chair of Arabic at Oxford translated the Holy Quran and his dominant theme was hatred and abused. William Bedwell, the first occupant of the Chair of Arabic at Cambridge said the Al Quran is a curse and Prophet Muhammad a blasphemous seducer. Well, what can we Muslims expect from our dear Monsterball - violence and terrorism to humiliate the Muslims. Happy New Year 2018 and a Prosperous Year of the Dog.. Monsterball.

    2. I am almost totally unbothered about what people do or believe in peace within their own religions.
      Be it Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Animism, Bahaism, Wicca...etc.
      Unlike a certain atheist here who constantly Jaga Tepi Kain Judaism and Christianity.

      What I am thoroughly against is Terrorism and those who support them. They are a mortal threat.

    3. Israel today and in the Old Testament days has (had) been a terrorist state, terrorising non-Hebraic people

  2. dun spin like that mabuk liar, u clearly said u support police action to kill the so called sick people.

  3. Dear KT... It is almost 8:30PM Sydney time.

    Hope your new year eve bring cheer
    Cherishing memories the old behold
    May you ride a beautiful new chapter
    As the blessed new year shall unfold

    1. The new year has brought me much cheer
      and I wish you a very happy new year
      and also to loved ones you hold dear
      be strong, be safe, be happy, have no fear