Thursday, December 14, 2017

Shafted twice

In Hollywood Salma Hayek talked about her perverted 'monster' she had the misfortune to encounter.

In Malaysia, 'someone' talked about his misfortune to have been 'shafted' TWICE, the first time physically and the second time, morally/ethically.

I asked him which was worst, being shafted physically or being shafted morally/ethically?

He replied: I was physically embraced when shafted the first time but morally abandoned in the second.


  1. Many Malaysians willingly open their front side, back side to be shafted by the ruling regime.
    And they keep coming back for more by voting the ruling regime, and keep arguing why you should not vote for alternatives.

  2. Selma Hayek is soo wonder Weinstein wanted to molest her...

  3. A UK DNA expert wrote on the conduct of the AI trial that it probably set back the credibility and acceptability of DNA evidence in Malaysia for decades.

    From the circumstances of the DNA extraction from Shitful to the storage of the sample , the legal process and standards were bastardized. All to guarantee for certain 1 man is sent to jail.
    Ultimately it will be a Phyrric victory.

  4. I asked myself, can the writer be so naive to believe the truth of that allegation after so much contradictions have been revealed under such dubious circumstances. Ultimately I couldn't accept that. That's left me with only one conclusion at the way he was hinting subtly trying to lent weight to/refresh the case, everyone has got a price. Are these BN multi-prong attacks leading to the 14th GE? While the bail-jumper and the rotten stone lead the direct 'frontal' attack, another group pretend to be non-partisan and neutral but subtly shown to have the same effect?......... wakakaka

    1. wakakaka -