Monday, December 18, 2017

Another intrigue-Melayu in Pribumi?

More than a week ago I posted Pakatan erred in making Mahathir PM-designate? I mentioned that there exists between Khalid and PKR Selangor (and indeed the Anwar family) very bad blood stemming from the unnecessary circus between him and Pakatan Rakyat in 2014, after the Rafizi-contrived Kajang by-election.

I'm gonna get those bastards for you, Datuk

They panggang-ed me, I'll panggang them up too


The argument at that time was a by-election in Kajang was necessary because that would forestall Putrajaya's (or UMNO's) pending attempt to gobble up Selangor etc etc etc, which even then very few people believe.

And if I may remind everyone, the DAP especially Tony Pua, was completely clueless, but still it has to be said he played his Chicken Little's role well, wakakaka.

But Anwar Ibrahim was dragged into the fray as Pakatan's putative MB for Selangor, to replace Khalid Ibrahim who was by then choking from apoplexy because of PKR's intra party treachery.

At that time the DAP was clueless (I recall Lim Guan Eng confessing then that he was in the dark) because the Kajang by-election stratagem was not for their knowledge, wakakaka. It was a PKR intra-party shindig.

Yes, years later, in fact in September 2017 (this year) we were informed by an angry Latheefa Koya that Rafizi had deviously and indeed unnecessarily created the Kajang by-election to elevate Anwar Ibrahim to be MB but only because he (Rafizi) wanted to block his intra-party foe Azmin Ali from becoming MB Selangor.

Aiyoyo, the intrigues of intra-party Machiavellian treachery.

PKR's 2 antagonistic factions
(above and below)

Now, it seems there has been another such intra-party Machiavellian treachery which once again involved the name of Anwar Ibrahim.

But this recent one involved the racist Pribumi party, wakakaka.

but .. but .. I'm Chinese mah 

To keep the story short, it was alleged that Muhyiddin wanted to move against his own party chairman, by using Anwar and family against the Old Man.

But again as in 1998, the old fox moved faster and turned the table against Moody, apart from the fact the Old Man also has a powerful tri-sakti-blessed tangkal in Lim Kit Siang, wakakaka.

Mahathir was said to preempt Moody by announcing support for Anwar's release from prison together human rights US lawyer Kimberly Motley, before Moody could get his act together.

As I have recently written in Intrigues after intrigues - another Mahathir-Anwar story Mahathir hated and I suspect, still does, Anwar for trying to oust him in 1997-8.

Once Mahathir hates you with a vengeance, he never forgets, thus for him to join US human rights lawyer Kimberley Motley in calling for the release of Anwar Ibrahim was hardly plausible, apart from a gesture that's hardly likely to receive any attention from Najib.

Maybe Mahathir did that because he knew it would be an useless act of tokenism, wakakaka, where his bete noire would not be released by his call.

Look mateys, Mahathir once said in no uncertain terms Anwar Ibrahim was (is?) not qualified to become as per the Kajang burnt-satay stratagem, Selangor MB because Anwar struggle was (is?) solely to become PM.

'Malaysian Digest' quoted Mahathir saying:

"I think he (Anwar) is not qualified to become menteri besar, he formed a party purely to ensure he becomes prime minister, not to fight for race, religion and nation."

"Everywhere he struggles, it is also only to become prime minister, enter Umno (before) is also because he wanted to be prime minister, not to fight for Umno."

"Of course, I have fear because the people would not be safe, the staff will not be safe with him around, you see what happened to his staff? He will be more influenced by his freedom to do whatever he likes."
"He thinks as prime minister, probably he will be above the law, you are not above the law, if you commit anything wrong, (or if) you are immoral, the government will take action against you."

But it seems a la the Kajang over-panggang-ed satay, his abrupt call for Anwar to be released had actually been to preempt Moody who was closer to Anwar, and had f**k-all to do with Anwar's release or better hospitalisation. 

I reckon Mahathir might have succeeded in making "I am a Malay first" Moody into "I am a Malay last in Pribumi", wakakaka.


  1. Layers upon layers of Fake News ?

  2. i often feel curious y so many people believe crap excrete from umno especially pertaining to dap. i think now i know y.

    1. Yes, some people swallow any rubbish about DAP put out by UMNOgooks.
      The same way KT swallows any crap about Mahathir, Anwar or PKR.

      Puad Zarkashi , the JASA head, on whose uttering KTs article is largely based around is a well-known Comical Ali figure.

  3. Maybe,Moody,being too ignorant to realized the fact that Mahathir have left those guys,dozens of them,who opposed him lying by the roadsides.Including his too,if he still has not got the message.Moody can only do what cans do,follow the herd(crowd).Moody will always be the one who takes orders from the boss.Wakakaka.

  4. I am intrigued alright, but what was the motive or reasons for moody to undermine or make a move on maddy?

    they are just wasting their time trying to put a wedge between moody and maddy

    is this the only strategy or game plan they have, to make harapan partners suspicious of each other...

    1. from his quite considerable silence recently I would say he might have been ignored or deliberately marginalised

    2. Muhyiddin has always been a man of limited consequence. Even when he was Deputy PM.
      When he turned against Najib, Ktemoc focused a great deal of vitriol against Muhyiddin, but it was really a misguided effort.

    3. You are earning your dedak from Mahathir to make fake news. If I attacked Moody it was because of his "I am a Malay first" racist dismissal of being a Malaysian First

      but I suppose I have to expect this from you, wakakaka, you have to earn your 3 bowls of rice mah

    4. Dedak tastes Gooood... as you should know.... hehehehe...

  5. From reading the tone of this blog, I believe Ktemoc is a Chinese first, and a Malaysian 2nd.