Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Daulat Tuanku HRH Sultan Selangor

Though I am not a Christian (as my Christian friends would grind their teeth and testify to that, wakakaka) I am very happy to see HRH and his MB, Azmin Ali, posing for a photo in front of a Christmas tree, showing their gracious religious tolerance and goodwill towards Malaysian Christians.

In today's Malaysia, this is surprisingly and bravely pleasant and indeed boding good tidings of muhibbah for our nation.

May I humbly add my goodwill and an early season's greetings too to my Christian friends who I hope will forgive me for my occasional poke at certain personalities in their religion, wakakaka, though not at their religion per se.

last one for some Malaysians, wakakaka 


  1. Yes, we should be thankful for Malaysia's moderation, likely for a very few more years.

    In Muslim Saudi Arabia and Muslim Brunei, Christmas celebrations are forbidden by law, including shopping malls and hotels.
    Christians may only celebrate in private behind closed doors.

    Strange that in all Christian-majority countries, and also in the Evil Israel, Muslims freely and openly celebrate Islamic festivals.

    The only complications I have heard of are Aidl Adha sacrificial slaughtering, because in most developed countries, slaughtering animals is only allowed in licensed abbatoirs, and require special permits to be conducted anywhere else.

  2. malay from pkr seem to work well with sultan, unlike those malay from dap wakaka.

    1. pkr malays unlike dap malays are pandai at double crossing and sweet talking HRH

    2. Whatever the polemics, the fact is DAP has a perception problem among the majority population in the Peninsular that they are hostile to their interests and disrespectful of the Sultans.

      Even bringing in a few more Malays into DAP has not helped and in fact worsened the case in the latest Zaid Ibrahim incident.

    3. Perhaps the perception problem of DAP among the Melayu SHOULD be looked at from a different perspective!

      How to cleanse the deeply indoctrinated DAP-hatred from the mindsets of the blur-sotongish Melayus.

      Umno has been playing an effective alfbata card for far too long & too deep into the Malay psychic.

      DAP is a ready black-goat - for being Chinese dominated & PAP related. And the Melayu masses easily bought into these correlations through the inherited siege mentality from eon.

      DAP can only do its best by careful & selectively recruiting more open-minded & capable Melayus into it's top leadership & rank & file.

      DAP must not sacrifices its principle of meritocracy & equality in achieving such aim. T Aziz is a clear bad case of catching the WRONG fish just for the sake of having a 'prominent' Malay in the fold!

      And there r many such unscrupulous Melayus, fishing for unwarranted positions & opportunities SIMPLY bcoz of their skin colour.

      If the mindset of the Melayus can't be opened up through their own re-education, then no matter WHAT DAP did/does will not make any difference.

      In fact

      1)openly & admitting any tom-dick-&-harry Melayus will continue be viewed as a token & alibaba-que Melayu manipulation

      2)bcoz of highten necessity, DAP might sacrifice principle to recruit mediocre Melayus & worst Malay carpetbaggers to be top echelon leaders. Thus creating internal cleavage & dissatisfactions.

      Perhaps, the best approach is to do nothing in Melayu recruitment.

      Let it be a free flowing process such that

      1)the Melayus who have joined DAP feel that's bcoz of their own conviction & thus can exercise their own potential openly & transparently.

      2)outsiders can see that there is no free lunch in serving DAP. Hence creating a positive feedback chain reaction that showcase the DAP spirit in fighting off the indoctrinated alifbata baggages!

    4. And I read somewhere that DAP did not contribute anything to Sakmongkol AK47 in GE13. He had to raise his own fund? Now, he had a stroke. What has DAP done?

    5. Ahh...how easily people forget ! For decades, yes, DECADES...DAP had been in the doldrum in every aspect possible...woefully lacking in new talent, funding or having their voices heard. Umno did the complete massacre job of casting this party into political wilderness....wondering about without much hope. Decades of poisonous brainwashing have seeped deep into the Malay psyche such that now, to reverse the situation is almost impossible and the very fact that it even managed to attract some really sterling Malays into its fold is considered miraculous.

      CK's opinion that " the Melayus who have joined DAP feel that's bcoz of their own conviction & thus can exercise their own potential openly & transparently" is the best route to take.....tokenism will backfire badly.

      With or without Dr M, Umno will continue with its black-goating of DAP, now of course even more frenzied since it now has the support of the Chinese majority.

      But these frenzy demonising of DAP are effective even though it is full of glaring holes, but to the deeply brainwashed Malay majority, they are unable to discern and think clearly..... their emotions and fears have been very cleverly manipulated for more than 40 years.

      Why do I say " full of glaring holes'? Well, take for example...the monster of manchester ( and whose words echoed endlessly by the Umno ministers and cohorts ) had been foaming tirelessly that DAP is now the master puppeteer - controlling all the Melayus in Harapan, including Dr M. On the other end, sidekick Ktemoc will take on Dr M...as evidence by his almost daily hentam-ing of Dr M, wakakaka and the not-too-subtle bodeking of Ah Kor, another wakakaka.

      KT's job is to claim that the old man, if he becomes the PM should Harapan managed to get to Putrajaya, will be dictatorial again and that as soon as he becomes the next PM, he will 'siap kan' DAP....habis la DAP. So does it make sense...his sifu had been spitting out endlessly that DAP is in full control, the rest of the Oppos Melayu leaders are puppets and completely under DAP's thumb ...and here we have the sidekick claiming that Dr M will 'finish' DAP once he becomes the PM.

      You really can't have your cake and eat it la. One partner tries to put the fear into the Malays, and the other Cina partner here trying to put the fear into the Chinese. But I have to say this....there's at least muhibah in our beloved country...see how well the Chinese could work really well with the Malays...Botak Sifu with his Chinese sidekick Ktemoc, Bibirpink and Fatso Equanimity, Umno leaders and Koh Tsu Khoon, and many more...hehehe

    6. Hello Unknown...please do some checking first la...jangan tembak without facts, OK ? I myself have received appeal letter from those Chinese DAP to help our Sakmongkol...we have spread out the message and contributed funds to help him. We also know DAP had quietly helped out...tak payah heboh heboh la...unlike you know who yang famous for this type of boasting.

    7. Hello JJ.. can you please ask Sak how much DAP gave him to spend on GE13?

    8. Hello Unknown, you nak tau, you tanya sendiri la. I tak begitu kaypochi la, hehe. With Dumno watching with hawk's eyes on Oppos spending, you naive sangat ke ? DAP and Sak bukan born yesterday la. Better you spend your time checking how much rakyat have to pay for debt incurred by someone, OK ?

    9. That question SHOULD be directed to all DAP contesting candidates of GE13!

      A ketuanan freak will always seek racist lubang cacing to voice his/her point.

      Besides, he/she will always maintain that been the tongkat race, that 'special position's as mentioned in the FedConst must be strictly enforced, within & without the political divide!!!

    10. That was not discrimination - standard procedure in DAP.
      Each candidate is responsible for their fund-raising activities. No passengers in DAP, no 1MDB Wang Rakyat Durian Runtuh from Heaven.