Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lot for Indians

From FMT:

Visvanathan explains the coroner’s verdict to widow K Kalaivani

KUALA LUMPUR: A coroner’s court today ruled that a former lorry driver who was under police custody died due to police negligence or omission.

Coroner Mohd Zulbahrin Zainuddin said even though the death of R Thangaraja was related to coronary heart disease and diabetic complications, the deceased could have been saved if the police had given him timely medical assistance when in the lock-up.

“The failure to give him early medical aid is connected to the negligence of the lock-up management authorities,” he said.

From FMT:

Manikavasagam Sundaram (right) tells DSP Faizal Samsuddin of the problems the 2 Hindu temples face 

KUALA LUMPUR: Temple priests ask IGP to act against intruding gangsters. A total of 48 reports have been lodged with the police by worshippers at two Hindu temples but no action has been taken so far.

Deaths in police custody have become far too common for Indian Malaysians. And the police neglect of reports by Indian citizens have been disgraceful.

I am sick of appealing to, admonishing and accusing the PDRM of discriminatory treatment of Indian Malaysians.


  1. The Indians are the equivalent of "Niggers" in Malaysia.
    Regarded with contempt by anyone from other communities - Malays, Chinese and Lain-lain.

    Treated with neglect by Police - if they are lucky - or with hostility of they are not.

    The police lockup is a very dangerous place for any Malaysian Black under detention.

    1. to say Indians are regarded with contempt by anyone from other communities is to make a highly sweeping statement. There have been mutual contempt among some members (but not everyone) of the various races in Malaysia.

      Once I was in a bar with several Indian friends. After the good brew got into some's head, two to three of them railed at me for being a member of the Chinese race which, unlike the noble Indians, had no "culture" other than the culture of war. They told me how much they pitied me, wakakaka.

    2. No doubt, some Indians being at the receiving end all their lives of contemptuous racism, resort to a kind of reverse racism.

      Malays, for example are dismissed as lazy dunces, riding on their Ketuanan entitlement.
      Chinese are labelled uncultured, uncouth mercenaries who will stoop to anything for a fast buck...

      The painful part is ,of course, such stereotypes have an element of truth to it....