Friday, December 01, 2017

Canned sardines a stigma?

MM Online - Canned sardines and eggs’ stigma at flood relief centres overcome, says minister (extracts):

PASIR MAS, Nov 30 — The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry has overcome the stigma “of providing only canned sardines and eggs” to evacuees at the flood relief centres.

Its minister Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim said the ministry had appointed 59 suppliers in Kelantan to provide daily essentials including fresh produce like chicken and fish to the flood relief centres already in operation now.

“This is one of the improvements we’ve made each year in ensuring comfort for the flood evacuees while at the relief centres.

“However, canned sardines and eggs are still provided as supplementary food. This is because if the roads to the relief centres are cut off (by flood waters) and the suppliers cannot send the food supply to the centres, the evacuees will still have something to eat.”

Canned sardines and eggs a stigma to evacuees at the flood relief centres?


I grew up on canned sardines and eggs, which were then luxurious to me. I still eat canned sardines and eggs from time to time.

Haven't the Minister gone overboard in pampering to flood evacuees?


  1. Try having Canned sardines and eggs for every meal, nothing else available for 4 days...yes that's what triggered the complaints.
    In case you haven't heard, canned foods are considered unhealthy food these days because the preservatives inherently involve nitrites.
    Ditto with eggs for different reasons.

    1. OK I'll inform the minister to serve them grilled lobsters and abalone soup.

      WTF is 4 days of canned sardines and eggs? try eating canned foodstuff for weeks on ends in the jungle if you were ever a trooper

    2. How childish can Ktemoc get, bringing in lobsters and abalones into the discussion.
      The suggestions raised were about supplementing with the available foods with more variety of affordable fresh produce.
      Since you brought up the subject...many military forces around the world have moved away from just canned stuff , as they recognise the importance of food taste and variety to troopers fighting morale.
      Freeze dried MREs, reheatable without flames, on the spot, provide near fresh-food quality and great taste. Of course those are costlier solutions for military operations , not suggested for flood victims.

    3. kaytee childish on military food? let me remind (or inform) you that many (I mean 'many') of my family members served in the military and police field force, with extensive experience surviving on army rations in jungles.

    4. Was 'maggie new's part of the ration then?

  2. I have just eaten tosai sardine and eggs for my breakfast at Din Nasi Kandar. Eemmhh.. sedap giler.

  3. Replies
    1. and absolutely delicious if campur with bawang merah, chilli padi, timbun dan jus limau

    2. Yes, mo tak teng, but not every day, sedap pun jadi tak sedap dah.

  4. KT you have to be aware these are not your ordinary refugees in camps like Syria or rakhine, these are special folks, they can vote

    1. Pampered lots in time of stress!!

      A sure sign of decaying...tsk..tsk!

  5. sardin r very expensive under gst regime.