Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Promote Malay and not Arab culture

FMT - Senator: Air stewardesses should wear shariah-compliant uniforms (extracts):

Malays in their traditional dresses 


remember her? 

KUALA LUMPUR: The government should introduce shariah-compliant uniforms for flight stewardesses serving the country’s airline companies in line with the country’s image as a Muslim country, said Senator Hanafi Mamat.

He said the move would not hurt the airline companies because their survival depended on delivery of quality service.

“We are proud that Malaysia is an Islamic country with its own cultural identity, but when our flight stewardesses dress sexily and disrespectfully, this will give tourists who use the services of our national carriers the wrong impression.

Why shariah complaint on dresses? Please believe in Allah swt, but there's no necessity to ape the Arabs as our environmental conditions are completely different, with dry moisture-sapping air in the M-E and tropical heat and high humidity in Malaysia.

Why not in accordance with Malay or Malaysian culture? Malay culture evolves over thousands of years in accordance with our surroundings. We are NOT living in the M-E or are Arabs you know.

Ideally Malays should dress in baju kurung, Indians in sari and Chinese in cheongsum, but I am supportive if all are to dress in baju kurung with (when not serving meals) selendang.

absolutely gorgeous and stunning
I have to admit I like the sari best, wakakaka 

But the best is still the gorgeous sarung kebaya, a truly Malay/Malaysian costume.

today Chinese Malaysians have taken on the cultural responsibility of keeping the sarung kebaya alive for Malaysia - thanks darlings for your keen sense of citizenship responsibility

Oz thinking of new syariah-compliant airlines to serve Middle east and Malaysia? 


  1. sharia compliant not necessarily arab, u athiest r confuse.

    1. incorrect, it should be "arab not necessary muslim" as there are christian arabs. thus arab dressing has all to do with arab culture

    2. Like it or not, Abrahamic faiths r infused heavily with the traditions of that cursed land.

      Sharia concepts were Judaism- based with many Arab tribalistic influences.

      Thus, Sharia compliant r essentially arab!

  2. form over substance mentality.. is a beggar in tattered rags a lesser Muslim, likewise an imam in a Savile Row suit....

    a naked man is a (w)holy man,
    I cry out for Him when he is inside of me...Pamela Anderson

  3. "a naked man is a (w)holy man,
    I cry out for Him when he is inside of me...Pamela Anderson"....wakakakaka lololol

    We won't see the likes of Guru Nik Aziz anymore. Cannot imagine the late Guru living in mansions, marrying new and younger wives, spotting huge glittery rings on fingers, and having ordinary plebeians bowing and scrapping to him addressing him as Datuk or Tan Sri or seeing such as him going about in spanking new luxurious cars.