Saturday, December 02, 2017

Easy-to-get deadly weapons

MM Online - Cop, soldiers shoot cows, goats for quick buck (extracts):

our men 

JELEBU, Dec 2 — They are not your regular livestock thieves.

These men are trained in tactical planning and are well-equipped with more than adequate firepower.

The group of eight, some who are in the army and the police, carried out a commando-style raid rather than a livestock theft.

Police were shocked to see the cache of firearms they had.

the enemies 

In the incident on Wednesday, the eight were about to flee with the carcasses of two cows and four goats in three four-wheel-drive vehicles when they were intercepted by a mob of angry villagers at 3.40am at an oil palm plantation in Kampung Ulu Lakai, Simpang Durian, here.

A police source said investigators seized a cache of specialised weapons and ammunition from the suspects, some which were registered under the National Security Council (NSC) and also the Bukit Aman federal police headquarters armoury.

“Besides the seizure of two 12-bore shotguns, investigators also seized a variety of weapons such as a Royal Malaysian Police issued Heckler & Koch MP5 A3 submachine-gun, four semi-automatic 9mm pistols, a semi-automatic shotgun and more than 100 rounds of mixed ammunition,” the source told Malay Mail yesterday.

“These weapons are usually used for operations involving close-quarter battle by police or paramilitary operatives.”

The suspects are aged between 29 and 54. Police investigations are focused on a 34-year-old policeman who is currently attached with the NSC in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur.

Entrepreneurial but it says a lot for police security in their control of very deadly weapons.

By the evidence above, police weapons are now very easy and very 'soft' target for terrorists and criminals.

The IGP must clean his 'house' pretty pronto especially when we have inkling of latent/'hidden' terrorists amidst our community.

Would be wise also for the Armed Forces, considering that once one of its corporals seized a military armoury.


  1. This IGP IS relatively new, I will give him the benefit of the doubt and allow him the chance to clean up PDRM affirs.

    The previous IGP KBAB was part of the problem of the corruption and abuse of power in PDRM.

  2. U guys has forgotten that Yas is all over bolihland with their operatives!

    Again, what's Yas for???

    Cleaning jamban ke???