Monday, December 04, 2017

DAP's darkest moment of non-principle

Star Online - Pakatan's proposal for Dr M and Wan Azizah to lead country meets opposition (extracts):

Pakatan Harapan has formally proposed Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as its candidate for prime minister and Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as his deputy if the coalition triumphs in the next general election.

However, the decision, which was announced at the end of the coalition's two-day retreat in Putrajaya, ran into opposition from some attendees including a senior PKR leader.

According to multiple sources, Pribumi Youth leader Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman revealed that an internal poll showed that Selangor Mentri Besar and PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali was a leading choice among the wing's leaders.

The choice of Dr Mahathir and Dr Wan Azizah was apparently agreed upon by the top five leaders, or G5, of Pakatan on the sidelines of the retreat.

G5 refers to Pakatan chairman Dr Mahathir, president Dr Wan Azizah and deputy presidents Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Lim Guan Eng and Mohamed Sabu.

Wan Azizah has been selected solely because she is the putative Boss of PKR and also the wife of, thus representing, iconic Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar has always been the anointed leader of Pakatan Harapan but with his incarceration, Mahathir as the next & only reputable Malay leader of some strength has now been coopted and 'boosted' because of his supposed reputation (bad or good) that PH needs to break into the Heartland, a beachhead aim which useless PKR and even more useless PAS (once a PR member) have failed to achieve in 2008 and 2013.

As another Malay leader, Azmin Ali would be far far more capable (and willing) than Wan Azizah but alas, he is NOT trusted by many, especially in a sector of his own PKR, and in DAP. The latter (DAP) fears Azmin's (and Tian Chua's, wakakaka) notorious double-speak which the Rocket Party experienced to its immense agony and fury in Sarawak.

where's my stiletto?

OTOH, DAP as a credible federal opposition party has successfully captured the major Chinese and Indian dominated areas. Though its political aim has thus been achieved, damn and doggone it, it still has to wait frustratingly for PKR (and previously PAS) to do likewise (futilely) ... to such an extent it falls upon a Mahathir, currently desperate for an alliance, any alliance, to promote his OWN political aim (nothing to do with saving Malaysia).

If Najib has been more kuai kuai to his 'Uncle' Mahathir, the old man would not even have looked at the Cinakui DAP, let alone deign to speak to them.

Other than that, really, no one in DAP, PKR, Amanah wants to touch Mahathir the Mafulat Mahafiraun with a ten-foot pole, his 'bromance' with Lim Kit Siang notwithstanding.

Think of it, PH has just officially nominated its erstwhile enemy, a 93-year old former dictator with many alleged misdeeds yet to be properly accounted for, as its PM-designate. How sad and pathetic PH is.

To make things worse, it also nominates Wan Azizah, a known 'reluctant' politician, in another pathetic attempt to mollify some die-hard anti-Mahafiraun-ists in PKR. I have to at least acknowledge those PKR die-hards' resistance to a pact with a known Devil.

Meanwhile in the DAP camp, Lim Kit Siang has already bulldozed his personal 'strategy' (of power-craziness in his swansong act) of enlisting Mahathir as PH's new Boss. It's the DAP's darkest moment of non-principle, just because of one man governed by his own political twilight moment of power-craziness.

I am not sure how many in DAP have been embarrassed by Lim Kit Siang's power-obsessed strategy to ally the Rocket Party with its once arch-foe, but take for example, Kit Siang's two decades (20 years+) old campaign to 'probe' (investigate) Mahathir & gang for the FOREX loss of RM30.5 Billion (not mere millions) died a sudden/abrupt questionable death the moment the unspeakable abhorrent alliance between Mahathir and Lim took place.

He even supported the MACC just a mere year after after he promised Teoh Beng Hock's family he would seek justice for TBH falling to his death from the 14th Floor of the MACC HQ in Shah Alam while undergoing MACC interrogation.

The Mr Sellout of DAP!

DAP leader Lim Kit Siang shook hands with Rohaizad Yaakob, a top Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) official to show the opposition’s solidarity with the MACC

Yet just a year earlier Kit Siang in his article, titled "Malaysians will not rest until justice is done for the killing of Teoh Beng Hock" said DAP and Pakatan Rakyat would continue to highlight the injustice of Teoh Beng Hock’s unresolved murder

what utter bullshit

forgotten? justice for him abandoned by LKS 

How could Lim Kit Siang even consider supporting MACC? Has Lim no principle at all?

How fickle could Lim Kit Siang's principles be when he allowed into the once-hallowed halls of the DAP the grubby politics of unsavoury convenience?

Apa lagi 'principle' Lim Kit Siang ada?

And if the current PH's shameful cry to forget about a 20+ year-old national scandal in the FOREX loss, please explain why Lim Kit Siang was still campaigning for a RCI into the FOREX misuse of national funds ... until his alliance with Mahathir a mere 2 years ago?

Shouldn't he have stop campaigning for a RCI into FOREX say, 10 or 15 years ago, or even 5?

"No nid to cx anymore mah, Mahathir now kaki-lang?"

How disgusting has been Lim Kit Siang's politics of no-principle.

It indicates how a 20+ years of persistent campaign to investigate Mahathir for his alleged misuse of Bank Negara finances without cabinet approval (of 'real' sum, not 'misinformed' amount) and indeed without any 'check & balance' as if his grandfather owned that money, has been thrown away on a whim & fancy by Lim KS for a highly questionable alliance.

However, I have advised my family to continue voting for DAP, especially in Penang, but NOT if the candidate in their respective electorates is Lim Kit Siang. The f**king traitor who betrayed our trust and love for him through the years.


  1. As Ktemoc said on a previous subject, The Ends Justify the Means.

    1. Even the end must be reasonable - if it's ignoble then f* the means

    2. Nothing ignoble about putting a stop to the Grand Theft CURRENTLY going on in the country.

    3. Hi-yah, why waste yr time on someone who has

      1)personal vendetta (out of whatsoever reasons) with manmanlai/mamak

      2)a pseudo bleeding heart for not being able to see that for the good of Bolihland, umno MUST be no more.

      3)a twisting tongue to qaulify ends justify the means, when it suits him.

  2. As age finally catches up,Kit Siang and Mahathir finally realized that it is time for the last hurrah.It is closing time,and the bartender's last call is up.

    As old seasoned horses in politics,they believed in the holy grail of politics of "there are no permanent friends and enemies in politics.So twosome,threesome and orgies are now welcome in the opposition.

    Just look at horndog groper,raper and statutory raper,Donald Trump.Last Friday,December 1st,2017,Mike Flynn pleaded guilty of lying to the FBI and agreed to co-operate with the special counsel's office.Since the earthquake on Friday,Saturday was the start of tweets storms from pariah Donald Trump towards Mike Flynn.Everyone following American politics should mark down December 1st,2017 as the beginning of the end of horndog Donald's administration.Donald Trump will be chase out of the white house as an American pariah horndog.Good riddance to bad stinky sewage(garbage.

    1. I look forward to the impeachment and hopefully imprisonment of Trump

  3. DAP faces serious loss of support nationally for GE14, but not for the narrow reasons stated in this post.

    The issues are more related to substantive policies and actions
    - lack of concern for the environment, real or perceived
    - diversionary reaction to floods in Penang
    - the open question mark of Lim Guan Eng's corruption indictment.
    - lack of community outreach and bonding among its GE13 parachute candidates, especially in Johore.
    DAP is going to be slaughtered in Johore in GE14.

    1. Monsterball has been anti DAP and very very pro Mahathir - in these he has been consistent wakakaka

  4. Syed Saddiq: Is it true that you are dating Azmin's daughter? If you do then please STFU.

  5. whoever they name as their pm candidate I'm almost certain you would have nothing good to say, the question is, are you privy to what transpired at their pow wow, the considerations they took that culminated the decision

    one thing is certain though, this decision has put paid to the notion that harapan is a dap led coalition

    our politics are not based on high morals and principles, those who possess such qualities are certain casualties especially when you are up against those who make up their own rules..when your opponents don't play by the book, everything is fair game

  6. I have a particular sense of outrage over 1MDB.
    This is a Grand Theft happening Today, in the age of the internet, not 20 years ago when all news was dependent on the MSM.
    And Malaysian Official 1 brazenly shut down the investigation, persecuting in the investigators.

    I am no friend of the MACC, but I had a strong sense at the time that the 1MDB investigators - whoever they were - had to be defended to ensure they could do their job.
    It looks to me Lim Kit Siang was acting along the same lines, and that is why I support his actions at the time.

    And I (as well as Lim Kit Siang) have been openly hammering on the 1MDB issue long before Mahathir entered the scene on the issue, so it has nothing to do with supporting Mahathir as such.

    I support the Ends - putting an end to the Grand Theft, and removing the Grand Thief from power.

    The means may not have a pleasant smell , but they are justified.

    1. wakakaka, you ARE exactly like LKS, pegging away at 1MDB in the hope people would forget about FOREX and ignore the sins of your idol. No principle or rather selective principle - in other words, you and LKS are cherry-picking c**ts, wakakaka again

    2. eyes see... ain't u in the same cesspool??

      What principle is that u r holding up for show le?

    3. wakakaka, you ARE exactly like Malaysian Official 1, pegging away at Forex in the hope people would forget about 1MDB and ignore the sins of your idol/paymaster.
      No principle or rather selective principle - in other words, you and Najib are cherry-picking c**ts, wakakaka again


    Penang DCM II Palanisamy Ramasamy says nothing good will come out of political RCI.

    I agree !

  8. Mathir pm.. adoi.. ph dah tader kredible leader ka..
    Wan a kipas.. margaret tatcher wanabe.. wakaka.. jap..
    Imagine This At parliment..
    "tun nak kemana?.. sy nk g toilet..
    O yaka.. kenapa tun kat tangga ni lagi?
    Err.. sy lupa.. tak tau..kat mana toilet kat parlimen..

    Kak wan
    "Er er er er.. cara nk selesai masalah banjir.. bagi er er pelampung tayar siap2 kat setiap rumah.. er er er.. jap2.. sy panas.. jap nk kipas DAP.. eh taper.. nnt2 je la.."


    1. saya ingat beliau bukan jap. Terdengar korean tapi secara official beliau akui ada tok peranakan

  9. Mahathir sudah tua lah. Sudah hendak mati. Bila Mahathir mati, Wan Azizah will take over kan? LKS will be shedding crocodile tears tiga hari tiga malam.

    We can see that DAP will win/have the most seats in the opposition coalition. Thus, it will be DAP-led PM and Cabinet and Senators. Don't believe?

    Now, who kicked out PAS from PR? It was DAP. Who was/is the opposition leader? It was/is Wan Azizah. We can see, DAP/LKS has the power to bypass Wan Azizah and of course the dwarf.

    Who is trying to bring back PAS to join PH? It was PKR and Pribumi? Who was/is objecting it? DAP/LKS. We can see that Mahathir/Azmin terpaksa ikut sahaja DAP/LKS kerana Mahathir nak Azmin jadi PM untuk anaknya Mukhriz.

    Dan si haram jadah PAN pula is DAP punya bastard. Mana PAN ada duit? Siapa yang beri duit untuk tubuh PAN? Mat Sabu? Maka terpaksalah PAN bersetubuh dengan DAP.

    So, who will be the de facto PM? We know who, and that's the reality.

    1. Finally the half truth surfaced!

      All these wayang-kulits still point to DAP/LKS!!!!

      Wakakakaka....WHY don't u call a spade SPADE le?

      Hilang teloq ke?

      Deep down, all u ketuanan freaks r scared to death that the CinaBengs would be leading the country.

      Mind u, not heading the country lah!

      Benar tak, Yang diPertuan Agong masih orang Melayu. Dia lah Ketua Negara!

      Sultan2 juga ada di pegangan Melayu.

      Lagi pun, all the military, police, Ketua pejabat dll r all headed by Melayu (kangkung or ortherwise).

      Apa yang u gelisah tak berputus-putus?

      The ONLY logic is THAT u guys fear the Nons can do a better job in managing the country.

      30+yrs of tongkat addiction has not only enhanced that siege mentality, it has also produced a bunch a weaklings who fear an irrational made-belief shadow.

      U guys r really the proverbial chicken littles - not willing to cooperate with the best. Every second of the living day, just want to prop up a decadent idea of petrified alifbata.

      Hence, put pay to the claim of

      Biarkan orang2 luar masuk rumah kita dan meniduri bini dan anak perempuan kita, jiga dia lah seummat dan bangsa!

      That's the ultimate reality that champions by U, the ketuanan freaks.

    2. Thank you. Its comments like yours that help the Malays to make up their minds about not voting DAP.

    3. I DON'T preach to the converted.

      Neither do I care what the blur-sotongs' votes go to.

      All I care is the ultimate demise of the bigoted umno!

      Now, go back to yr wet dream under the tempurung.