Friday, December 22, 2017

Hafidz Baharom recommends mahjong on GE-14 Day

Strangely, The Malaysian Insight which is pro Pakatan has allowed columnist Hafidz Baharom to pen
Don’t vote if they don’t change in which Hafidz advises us not to vote Pakatan if the coalition do not change from its current political stand which is similar to BN, wakakaka.

Extract from Hafidz's article:

So I will be frank, I am actually one of those anti voting campaigners – I am the one going around telling people not to vote until the leadership of Pakatan Harapan either resigns or dies out figuratively or literally, whichever first.

Because PH as an alternative has shown themselves to be nothing of the sort. If anything, PH is now seen more as a twin of Barisan Nasional and nothing more. As such, this is what I’ve suggested continuously.

The leadership of PH – all of them - need to give way to younger leaders who can actually offer hope of a better future without having to reminisce of a bygone era of dinosaurs tainted with corruption and hypocrisy.

It was really taking the cake to have Dr Mahathir Mohamed speaking at an anti-kleptocracy rally while keeping a straight face, I tell you.


Another extract:

So, I am appealing to the Malaysian youth, those aged 30 and below, to boycott the next general election. To remove ourselves from the voting population, for the next five years. Register to be voters, but do not go out to the ballot box. Stay home. Enjoy a weekend away with the family, hang out with friends, switch off from politics.


And if PH refuses to change after the next general election in 2018, fine. Let them waddle through another five years of a barren political landscape. Because the one thing the young Malaysians have aplenty when compared to these political dinosaurs is time.

participating non-Chinese can also learn how to read Chinese characters, wakakaka 

Indeed, ever since Lim Kit Siang dragged the DAP into an alliance with Mahathir its former arch foe but now its current coalition leader (for whatever reasons of LKS), many of us DAP supporters have been deeply traumatised. How could we accept Mahathir as our Leader?

We or at least I won't forgive him for being a traitor to our nearly 50 years' cause.

Post title is just kaytee's joke with apologies to Hafidz Baharom, wakakaka


  1. People like Ktemoc and Hafiz actually calling for another 50 years of UMNO rule.

    That's because UMNO's fixed deposit voters will be out to vote for their candidate rain, shine, typhoon or tornado.

    1. Hafidz is saying, is there another point in voting for B when it's like A, because if B wins, the rule will still be A-type. Today there is no difference between BN or PH, not when Mahathit is with the latter. WE already had 22 years of his rule, and we still want some more?

    2. A balanced 2 party system will keep Mahathir in check.
      He got away with many things during his 22 years because stupid Malaysian voters, including Penang Chinese gave BN 80% + majorities year after year.

      How does going back to those years help the country get better ?

      If non-BN supporting voters stay home on GE14, 80% + BN majorities is what you will get again.

    3. pkr definitely not umno, the rest dun know yet, by looking at penang, only dap is not much diff with umno, i think this hafidz is a umno supporter la, like u.

    4. pkr is umno, from umno and will go back to umno, wakakaka

    5. Ktemoc fake news which he has been regurgitating ad infinitum....on the expectation tell a lie enough times and some people may believe it.

    6. All these dedak eaters will latch on with glee any calls for Oppos supporters to boycott the coming GE....have they really come to this level then ?

      These unprincipled hypocritical leeches are truly depraved....look at their cynicism.....they say, look here, these Dumbno, whether inside or outside the party, are ALL bad, really baaaad, there is no difference who came to power, both sama sama busuk.

      So these munafiks said....if A Busuk is same as B Busuk, why not we urge the supporters of B Busuk to opt out of this election and just let A Busuk win, and continue to rule on and on. Since both sama sama jahat, then why waste time and effort kan ?

      But the question is : if BOTH are the same, why NOT urge the supporters of A Busuk to opt out instead and let B Busuk win, since both are same same ? These dedak eaters said...with Team A Busuk, we have the big bully tai kor and the gundik minority wives with their mewing and no-voice, ketuanan Melayu and ketuanan Islam will reign supreme seperti biasa la. Plus of course the most important of all : the entitlement privilege which comes with open plundering and massive corruption on the ever chugging gravy train.

      So these cynical depraves continue...why not we let these BAD characters continue to do what they do best, why spoil their fun and let newcomer Team B Busuk take the lead, although they are all same same. Why change when the outcome for the rakyat is the same, right ? no matter who rules ?

      Maybe they are truly concerned for the well being of the rakyat after all.....why waste time and the huge expense of even having an election, just let the incumbent walk over and the Oppos supporters can have a public holiday playing la, wakakakaka

    7. what fake news? It's the opinion of Hafidz Baharom - watch my lips, it's not news but opinion

      Monsterball is so frantic about his duties to Mahathir that he has lost grip on reality, tsk tsk

    8. Taking a look at Hafidz original article on The Malaysian Insight, a footnote atthe bottom says:-

      "Hafidz loves to ruffle feathers and believes in the EA Games tag line of challenging everything. Most times, he represents the Devil’s Advocate on multiple issues."

      This guy is quite likely playing the devil's advocate by calling upon youth to stay at home on polling day, which by the way is the sentiment amongst a fairly large number of youth who became eligible to vote since GE13 and between 2 and 3 million of whom have not bothered to register as voters, according to several politicians, including Rafizi Ramli (if I recall right) as well as some political surveys.

      A young Malaysian in his mid-20s and someone pretty close to Hishamuddin Rais and Kelab Bangsar Utama crowd told me that from what he knows from fellow youth he move around with, that they feel that both BN and Pakatan politicians are self serving and that they prefer to continue their political activism through NGOs.

      I tend to agree with the self serving part but in GE13, I voted independent for both parliament and state, even though the both independent candidates lost badly. It was a protest vote.

      GE14 will have many more seats where there will be three or four cornered fights, so much more opportunity for protest votes, if one believes neither BN or Pakatan candidates are worth voting for.

      By doing so, the level of displeasure with both BN or Pakatan will be registered for all to see and it will have a bearing upon the outcome in each parliamentary or state constituency.

      As for me, I'll be voting for the incumbent candidates (not their party) in GE14 because both candidates helped my fellow residents in a local issue which concerns us.

  2. he is entitled to his assertion but I have only one thing to say......I'll take my chances... and I would encourage the youths to do likewise...follow your own intuition

  3. By his writings on his blog, Hafidz portrays himself as an independent commentator even though he as written for The former Malaysian Insider and now Malaysian Insight and Malay Mail Online.

    You can read my comment to his rebuttal of Kluang MP Liew Ching Tong's letter th Malay Mail criticising the analyses of some political analysts.

  4. kt dun tok kok, we never accept mahathir, we wan to kick him out long time ago like wat we did today to najib, its fenceshitter like u that supports mahathir in the past n najib of today. u shitter do thing at wrong time, always terbalik, eat shit n hope it turn into rice.