Thursday, December 28, 2017

Updating my blog list

It's that time of the year to update my blog list.

I have two simple rules for removing and/or adding, namely:

(a) remove all blogs that have been inactive for 2 years, which I have just done so with the following:

  1. Niamah - my old matey Patrick Teoh has not written anything for 2 years.
  2. Mob's Crib - another old matey since I started blogging.
  3. Hantu Laut.
  4. Hannah Yeoh
  5. Hadi Awang.

... with one exception, The Nut Graph which I am keeping as a Malaysian issue information resource.

I am having some problems with Zaid Ibrahim's blog, ZAIDGEIST, but I'll keep it for a while in case he updates it with standard technology, wakakaka.

My long-time blogging matey Lucia Lai of Mental Job has also been inactive for a number of years but recently she posted a 'Testing' post so I'm hopeful and will hang on to her blog for a wee while more. But if she doesn't post anything by end of March 2018 I will remove her blog. I think nowadays Lucia is more into Face Book pages.

(b) I add on interesting blogs or remove (in addition to blogs inactive for 2 years or more) those not suitable for public consumption eg. The Alvivi Duo, wakakaka.


  1. Hepi n huat huat New Year to u n ur loved ones.

  2. Blogging is so Yesterday-ish....

    Gen Y is mostly into newer Social Media, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

  3. alvivi is many times better than those blog or portal that tell lies. yr moral values is pretty interesting.

    1. Three Cheers for Alvivi...wakakaka...

      Last I heard, his asylum application in the USA is still progressing. He may or may not be successful.

      On the one hand his claim of fleeing Religious and Political-based persecution for his Bak Kut post as "insulting Islam" is likely to get a sympathetic hearing under US law , especially in the age of Donald Trump.

      The original Plymouth, Massachusets colony which eventually led to the foundation of the USA comprised people fleeing religious persecution in England.

      On the other hand, his past activities as a Sex blogger may mark him out as an "Undesirable" for US residence.