Tuesday, December 05, 2017

HRH Sultan Selangor on Mahathir

HRH Sultan Selangor said of Mahathir that the former PM and currently Pakatan's PM-designated:

(1) ... suffers from inferiority complex,

(2) ... has deep hatred within him,

(3) ... wants to “destroy” the foundations that had supported him when he was PM,

(4) ... never apologies,

(5) ... is a very dangerous man.

For more, read MM Online's Dr M has ‘inferiority complex’, Selangor Sultan says:

Kaytee comments on above 5 points by HRH, as follows:

(1) I
nferiority complex - In one of the news I read about him, he made a sudden and quite unexpected confession, admittedly at a time of immense stress, that (in so many words) he had worked so damn hard to be recognised as a Malay.

I was shocked by that because he then virtually admitted he had (does he still have?) mucho inferiority complex about his Indian blood and wanted so badly to be recognised as a Malay.

When he was in his PM-prime, the public also noticed he never let off the West and whites but done so with much cynicism, sarcasm and a hint of anger plus bitterness. Were those signs of his inferiority complex showing through?

Rumours have it (I only heard 3rd hand) he suffered from humiliation and thus had an inferiority complex while as a medical undergraduate in Singapore. I won't any further on this other than to say some people claimed his dislike of Chinese stemmed and started from that experience.

(2) D
eep hatred within him - Recall and review his perceptions, bitterness, attitude towards and treatment of Tunku, Ku Li, Anwar Ibrahim, AAB and Najib.

(3) W
ants to “destroy” the foundations that had supported him when he was PM - No 1 and No 2 above could have led to No 3.

(4) Never apologises - Oh, don't we know that so well. I reckon he believes he was/is never ever wrong.

(5) A 
very dangerous man - Needless to say, above No 1 to No 4 plus immense bitterness and anger over the lack of 'obedience' by his preposterous claimed 2 PM-successors.

[Which retired man in the world has two successive successors but only a man who believes he has never retired but remains a perpetual PM behind the scene; a man who expects 'obedience' and 'subservience' from his so-called 'successors'].


  1. I cannot ever imagine HRH Queen Elizabeth II ever making similar remarks regarding a senior British politician.
    Mind you, she is rumoured to have had testy relationships with at least one or more UK PMs during her long reign. But she always observes correct decorum.

    In the UK, it is widely considered that any open involvement of Royalty in political issues or politician issues would hasten the demise of the Royal institution.

    Of course, I will make no direct comment on Malaysia royalty, except to advice ..... Beware

    1. In Britain you would never get a Mahathir character.

      In Britain you won't get retired PM calling Germans barbarians

    2. What rubbish!!!

      In both mentioned cases one get that Winston Churchill le.

      The way wc enacted the sinking of the great liner the Lusitania to get us to involve in WWII could be a mamak classic!

      In many occasions, on duty &/or retired, wc did called the Germans barbarians!

    3. More recently...Tony Blair may have been more refined and smooth, but no less manipulative and dishonest.

  2. Perhaps not PM or ex-PM level, but UK has its share of Nigel Garage, Enoch Powell and the National Front (how amazingly appropriately and similarly named).

  3. Halo anhea, u must be in cloud nine every time bapak penswastaan kena hentam, syiokalingam.

  4. he can be a ballet dancer or Quasimodo for all I care, just let him do the job of catching a rat, while we are busy trying to figure him out, that rodent might just scurry away

  5. He called his own country 'Malaysia Darul Penyagak'. Tsk..tsk..tsk.. A spiteful wish/curse, and the simmering of something darker than madness within himself. Dah tak lama lagi la tu..

  6. https://m.malaysiakini.com/news/404346

    Worst case of Kleptocracy ever handled by US Department of Justice. This is being investigated under the Trump administration, mind you...cross adminsitration, so it is non-political.

    Yes...Darul Penyagak is the painful truth, not sour grapes.

    1. when Indons talked about Mahathir they were interfering, when Yanks talked about MO1 they were the gospel truth

      when TMJ told UMNO people like Nazri off, 'twas daulat tuanku, when hrh sultan selangor criticised mahathir, zaid warned hrh off

    2. so u agree our monarch shd comment n criticize a particular politician?

    3. Indons were insisting Malaysians take certain actions per their instructions...that is inteference.

      The Yanks are not asking the Malaysias to do anythibmng for them.
      These were financial transactions which took place on American soil, well within their laws to act.

    4. How predictable..We all know Kaytee is an MO1 lover...wakakaka....

    5. Mahathir gambled and lost RM31.5 billion of our reserves by speculating in the FOREX markets.. that is the painful truth, and not unproven speculation.

    6. Monsterball, I have come to the frightening conclusion you might be makan-ing dedak issued by Maddy's camp?


    7. HY, whether I agree or not obviously doesn't matter, since I have shown the pro and anti reactions of people

    8. "when HRH Sultan Selangor criticised mahathir, zaid warned HRH off"

      We must acknowledge that Mahathir and Zaid are dkk, whereas HRH is a pure Malay Bugis. Daulat Tuanku..

    9. Lets be very clear about law and evidence.
      The Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on the forex losses recommended that an investigation is carried out to determine if former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his deputy then, Anwar Ibrahim, had concealed facts from the cabinet - that basically means for all the hot air and Wayang, the RCI couldn't find Mahathir culpable.
      Organisationally, of course, Mahathir is accountable for the RCI losses as the PM at the time.

      THAT is a BIG difference from the Attorney General of the USA basically calling MO1 a crook.
      Except to MO1 lovers, of course.

    10. Hello Monsterball, if what you say is reliable, please hasten to put whoever responsible in jail, and to please return the money/assets confiscated to Malaysia. So far nothing? And how much money did Najib take from 1MDB? Kleptocracy konon? The greatest kleptocracy is in the USA. You should ask Sessions and DOJ to investigate Trump. Apa kepoh sangat dengan Malaysia? Sudah makan dedak opposition kah? Wakakaka...

  7. Wakakakaka....u really r ampu-ing something!!!

    "when Yanks talked about MO1 they were the gospel truth"


    So even the US Attorney-General Jeff Sessions is talking cock about the 1MDB issue, calling it “kleptocracy at its worst”.

    Will u eat yr words when the chips r downed???

    1. Sessions is in deep shit, for alleged lying about Trump's Russian indiscretions, wakakaka

    2. The US investigation is based on objective evidence, not dependent on Jeff Sessions. The case was initiated under Loretta Lynch...and it continues under Sessions or someone else.

      Theirs is less politically driven than your AG Apandi

    3. So what's yr points¿?????¿?¿

      Do u mean that Sessions' lying about Trump's Russian indiscretions has an effect on his 1MDB comments???

      Errrrrr!!! Apa tu le!!!

      The most one can infered is Sessions is an unworthy source. But then, what did he get out of commenting on 1MDB that equates his alleged lying about Trump's Russian indiscretions?

      R u believing in the mom's fake flying unicorn that he was paid by SR's Clare to impeach yr ahjibgor?

      If that's the case, the independent us court WOULD rule accordingly, as the court WILL hold true to her blind jurisdiction w/o exception le.

      U tau ke apa tu us jurisdiction??

      Or u just tembak sesukahati, macam di suruh orang atasan?

      Wakakakaka...when did u got yr born-yesterday honorary!