Thursday, December 28, 2017

Bullshit galore from heart of diving

From Sin Chew Daily via MM Online:

Malaysian sports has been plagued by a fair deal of incidents of late, and this has negatively impacted the healthy development of sports in the country.

The dismissal of national diving coach Yang Zhuliang once again reminds all relevant parties of the need of handling and tackling issues more professionally in a bid to ensure the steady development of sports in the country.

Youth and sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin claimed that it was he who had instructed the ISN not to renew Yang’s contract because the latter had allowed a “culture and environment of fear” that had led to “rape, sexual harassment, violence, physical abuse, bullying and threats.”

The reason given by Khairy was obviously different from what ISN had claimed, that Yang’s coaching was out of date and unscientific.

Yang was very unhappy with ISN’s reasons, and cited examples to prove that his training was appropriate, otherwise he would not have produced world diving champions.

National diving athletes, including Cheong Jun Hoong, have been very supportive of the coach, arguing that ISN’s reasons were unfounded.

World champion Cheong Jun Hoong

We cannot deny that Yang has contributed significantly to the diving sport of this country. Under his leadership and coaching, we have made tremendous progress in our diving facilities and standards.

While we can understand the differences in the opinions of ISN and Yang on the training of athletes, it is nevertheless unbecoming for ISN to negate the contributions of Yang with such lame excuses.

Khairy’s reasons, meanwhile, came as another major shocker as if Yang was a partner in crime in a recent rape case in which an assistant coach was charged in the court for allegedly raping a diver.

With the case yet to be closed and the suspect yet to be convicted, it is totally unfair to associate Yang’s contract with this whole matter. Yang has not only lost his job, but also has his reputation tarnished.

all above Yang's training products

Khairy was of the opinion that while Yang was not directly involved in the crime, he failed to stop the incident from taking place, allowing a culture and environment of fear to spread in the national diving squad.

As such, he felt that Yang must be held responsible for the lapse.

No doubt the athlete’s physical and mental state is more important than medals and national glory. If the national diving team is overwhelmed by the culture of fear and athletes have to spend their days in fear, their performance will definitely be compromised.

But, did Yang deliberately opt to ignore the existence of such a culture? Or did ASUM, ISN, MSN and even the youth & sports ministry ever try to solve this problem with Yang? Was Yang given a chance to explain in the first place?

There has been a lack of professionalism on the part of Yang and the relevant authorities in the handling of this matter, having given prejudiced excuses that best suit their respective interests. They seem to be totally unprepared to sit down and talk about the problem in the interest of national sports.

As a result, the authorities have lost the faith of Malaysians while Yang’s reputation has suffered further damage.

Such unfortunate incidents will leave a bad mark on the healthy development of sports in this country.


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    1. wakakaka bruno thanks for the morning news ;-)

  3. This looks like a Ketuanan-type decision in the first place.

    Khairy and ISN spin a web of tall stories to protect the real reason.
    Unfortunately, the two did not coordinate their stories, the whole gets bigger and bigger.

    As they say, you have to tell four lies to cover up one lie.

    We shouldn't be surprised. Just like Donald Trump, This is an Administration which is led by Najib Tun Gasak, and consists of pathological liars.

  4. I find the whole episode of Spins and Lies by Khairy and the ISN repellent, and just another symptom of this Dishonest Administration.

    However, to be fair, it is not accurate to say Yang Zhuliang has been dismissed.

    His time-based contract has expired and not being renewed, which is a different matter.

    Highly Questionable , given his successful track record with results, but well within the authorities ambit.

    Anyone who works on a fixed-time based contract knows that the employer has a right not to renew the contract.
    They don't even have an obligation to give a reason, if they choose not to do so.
    The fact that the next generation of workers has to deal with, is that the future Workplace is likely to involve more and more temporary contracts, time or transaction based contracts, which may or may not be renewed.

    The so-called Gig Economy.

    You get hired to carry out a specific task or project, or for a specific time.

    You or your employer have legal constraints to terminate the contract short of completion, but there is no legal obligation to renew the contract upon expiry.
    Sometimes contracts come with optional rights to renew one or more times, but depends on how it is negotiated.

  5. Talking abt responsibility, this sob menantu abah must resign cos his kementerian hilang duit. Likewise those who are at the helm of felda, mara, tabung haji etc.