Friday, July 19, 2019

Zaid Ibrahim to IGP - be impartial

From Malaysiakini:

We all love Azmin, but surely we love M'sia more - Zaid to IGP

Former de facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim has advised Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador to refrain from making political statements.
He told Malaysiakini this when asked to elaborate on his tweet describing the police chief's remarks on the investigation concerning a sex video implicating Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali as nothing short of comical.
Zaid also cautioned Hamid against compromising the reputation and good name of the police force for political expediency.
“The IGP is a professional man. He should not make judgments and talk of political conspiracies.

“He just needs to collate evidence and present them to the attorney-general. That is what the people expect from an impartial and professional force,” Zaid said.
“We all love Azmin but surely we love the country more,” he added on a sarcastic note.
In his tweet earlier, Zaid commented on Hamid stating that Cybersecurity Malaysia's facial recognition process failed to link Azmin to the sex video and the existence of a “wicked pact.”
“Facial recognition process failed to established it is Azmin, so says everyone in the know.
“They conclude it was an evil conspiracy to bring down the person in the video, whom they were not able to identify for sure. You can’t be more comical than this,” said the former minister.
In a statement yesterday, Hamid said investigations showed that a leader of a political party was the mastermind behind the pact to embarrass and tarnish the reputation of the minister by circulating the sex video.

Zaid to IGP: Don't be a  Dökkálfar Dwarf 


  1. almost all govt servent under mahathir hv to talk politic, or else mahathir ask him or her to get lost. the exception is unlees yr full time job is dancing like that ag, then is fine.

  2. The Star Online reported in 2017 , Cyber Security Malaysia is ranked third best with 0.89 factor just behind Singapura dan Amerika Syarikat.

  3. Just bring out the Quran at the PKR PD retreat and have Azmin and Anwar swear on it. Zakar Naik can officiate and Toonsie be witness.

  4. Wakakakakakakaka

    Just like his compatriot, the Prince/politician from Kelantan taking a few potshots when the going is hot to remain relevant and in the spotlight.

    Well to be fair, those Moon gawkers from Kelantan are also of the same opportunistic breed.


  5. Seems like more emphasis on finding the mastermind of the sex video, no emphasis on the two main actors ( one already confess )....henceforth, from today , I will refer to PKR as PSMB.....( Parti Suka Main Belakang ).