Thursday, July 25, 2019

M Indira Gandhi's daughter allegedly in Golok Kelantan

From FMT:

Zakir Naik, PAS-linked groups, Thai separatists shielding my ex, says Indira

M Indira Gandhi. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: M Indira Gandhi today alleged she was informed that three groups are protecting her ex-husband who abducted her 11-year-old daughter, all of whom, she claimed, are inspired by controversial preacher Dr Zakir Naik.
In a police report lodged at the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters this morning, Indira said she suspected PAS-friendly NGOs, southern Thailand separatists and “Mualaf” followers of Naik of being involved in protecting him.
She said she had been informed that Mohd Riduan @ K Pathmanathan was being given protection by these groups and ‘mualaf’ who were inspired by Naik and his teachings, she said in her police report sighted by FMT.
Indira said she received a call from a private number recently. The caller said Riduan was living under the protection of these groups in Golok, Kelantan, she claimed.
“I do not know the authenticity of that information but we have received information that since Sept 2018 these groups are directly involved, religious scholars giving illegal protection to Riduan and his wife and children.”
She urged the police to investigate Riduan’s new wife and the groups according to Section 216(1) of the Penal Code, which relates to harbouring an offender who has escaped from custody or whose apprehension has been ordered.
Prasana Diksa was one year old in 2009 when Riduan took her away from Indira.
Indira has been battling in the courts for custody of her children and against their unilateral conversion to Islam by Riduan.
Last year, the Federal Court ruled in favour of Indira when she challenged her three children’s conversion to Islam. The court said both parents must agree on their children’s conversion to Islam, departing from another court’s decision that either parent can decide on the children’s religion.
The court also ordered the police to locate Riduan and Prasana, and to return the child to Indira.
The police task force to track down Riduan and Prasana was set up by former inspector-general of police Fuzi Harun on May 3.
In a response to FMT yesterday on the status of the search, Fuzi’s successor, Abdul Hamid Bador said: “Not yet (found). I am looking actively into it.”

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  1. Methinks, if the PDRM is still not successful in locating her daughter then, this M Indera needs to hire a professional PI besides publishing a reward for anyone able to find her daughter in Golok or elsewhere in Kelantan. Print it also in Thai besides Malay. Raise the reward for finding her to at least RM 100 k so as to make anyone harbouring her husband and daughter willing to betray their sanctuary.

    I'm sure, if a media bliz both for crowdfunding and raise funds for her cause is publicised widely, most Malaysians will support her cause.

    What happened to the committee formed the last time by some samaritans to help her?