Saturday, July 20, 2019

AG Tommy Thomas accused of attempted suppression in Seafield Inquest

From FMT:

Adib’s dad accuses AG of stopping lawyer from doing her job

Mohd Kassim Abdul Hamid with the family’s lawyer, Syazlin Mansor. 

PETALING JAYA: The father of late fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim has accused the attorney-general (AG) of attempting to suppress Syazlin Mansor from carrying out her duties as a watching brief lawyer in the inquest into his son’s death.
Mohd Kassim Abdul Hamid also filed an ex-parte application requesting that committal proceedings be carried out against Tommy Thomas, saying he had unlawfully interfered in the cause of justice.
He said the inquest proceedings had been halted because of this, referring to the one-month delay when Syazlin withdrew as counsel for the family.
In the application, filed at the Shah Alam Coroner’s Court on Tuesday, Kassim also accused Tommy of wrongfully taking a stance and making a premature decision on behalf of the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) on the cause of Adib’s death.

He said after Tommy called for an inquest into his son’s death last year, Syazlin was tasked with representing three parties: the family, the housing and local government ministry and the fire and rescue department.
Nobody, including the AGC, protested this at the time, he said.
“However, on the 35th day of proceedings on May 27, 2019, lawyer Syazlin Mansor withdrew herself from representing KPKT, Bomba and Muhammad Adib’s family,” he said in the application sighted by FMT, referring to the ministry and the fire and rescue department.
He said after the ministry explained that Syazlin’s withdrawal was due to Tommy’s instruction that she should not represent the two government bodies, the AG had issued a statement outlining reasons for her dismissal.
But by saying that Syazlin had taken an active part in the inquest and had often contradicted the positions of the deputy public prosecutors (DPPs), he said, it was clear that Tommy had taken a stand on Adib’s cause of death.
“Each and every theory about the cause of death should be allowed to be reviewed and scrutinised in the inquest proceeding,” he said, adding that Tommy’s justifications were trivial, irrelevant and purposely done just as the inquest was coming to a close.
He also noted that Tommy only told Syazlin to pack her bags after she called a pathologist as an expert witness who testified that Adib was pulled out from an emergency medical rescue services (EMRS) van and beaten up.
He referred as well to an affidavit to the Court of Appeal in April this year to DPP Hamdan Hamzah, who said Adib’s death was not due to assault.

It also said a forensic pathologist had testified in the inquest that Adib’s injuries were not due to assault either.
“This is another premature statement that was released by the AGC (which) is under the responsibility and jurisdiction of Tommy Thomas, when investigations through inquest proceedings are still ongoing and (have not led to) any decision,” he said.
Adib was part of the team of firemen sent to the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple area on Nov 27 last year to put out fires set by rioters that night.
The 24-year-old died three weeks later at the National Heart Institute.
Coroner Rofiah Mohamad, who is also the coroner in Adib’s inquest, will decide next Wednesday whether to allow the ex-parte application.


  1. Whatever it is about how Adib actually died, why aren't those rioters who raided the temple on the first night and those rioters who destroyed the developers office on the second night charged by the Police and AG?

    Does it need another Court Inquiry into how they rioted?

  2. Anybody can accuse anything, but that does not mean it is true.

    1. Reading from those statements issued by the dead man's father, a clear conclusion can be made - this Pak blurred has been coached kau2 to make sure that his son's death was a murder!

    2. CK, aren't you being particularly cruel to a man who lost his son in unexplained circumstances?

    3. And you thought UMNO supporters were bad.

    4. Remember the cruel things said about TBH, wife and child?

      Not only UMNO dan DAP sekarang sama, they all along were including their supporters.

    5. Am I?

      He should be brave enough to find the truth of his son's death. Instead, he is looking for an excuse to revenge that death!

      That's the cruel intention u should be looking for!

    6. Let me add.

      Right from the beginning of this farcical inquest, the aim was to find blackgoat(s).

      The theme of this coroner court is to find the CAUSE of adib's death. & yet the blurred coroner has been shooting everywhere except the bullseye!

      When adib was admitted to the emergency ward, he was NOT dead. In fact, he recovered, then relapsed & transferred to ICU of the ijn. Then miraculously he again recovered. Then he died of lung infestation!

      These r ALL been stated in his pathological report.

      The accident ONLY caused the injuries, apparently not life threatening at the time of happening.

      Any medical officer, worths his/her training WOULD be able to 'rehabilitate' adib by giving proper medical treatments.

      My 40+yrs of Colombian military field doctor says that lung injury, especially due to fractured ribcage, can be treated & most of the time the patient survives, provided he/she isn't dead at the instant of suffering.

      Thus adib died bcoz of medical negligences & incompetences!

      Remember the political brownies that every politikuses were solicitously & fervently scoring by visiting adib when he is just recovering in ICU?

      How much external bacterial vectors were been imported into adib's ICU during those visits? These doctors in charge were TOTOLLY blurred about their medical responsibility to the health of the patient!

      Remember the incompetent medical (x-ray) exams that missed those fractures located at the posterior of the ribcage? Were these doctors ONLY been trained to look at what's obvious ONLY? Were they not trained to probed thoroughly & scrutinized for other possible causality?

      Remember those weight lifting trainings prescribed by those kangkung 'specialists' to aid adib's recovery while still in ICU? This is the best ICU joke as according to my doctor friend!

      Instead of zooming into the cause of the accident, the cause of death IS been ignored by this coroner.

      Perhaps, she too is a mole, working to distort the truth justice, as proposed by the AG. Maybe deep down she is too well indoctrinated by that zombieic an-eye-for-an-eye fart!

    7. The really unscrupulous cruel ones are those who swooped in onto those who are grieving with a loss and the mind is chaotic, not thinking clearly and is wont to lash out, maybe to assuage their pain. So aren't these Melayooos like goreng pisang makcik Zuraidah and the defeated DUmno gangs, that Machiavellian Old Man and even his once-upon-a-time supposedly grandson-in-law Sad-Dick, together with the utterly useless Home Minister and the usual Melayoos suspects...all these with their less-than-hidden agendas, are the guilty ones ? Podah la you....

  3. Somebody should also advise the Father of Adib whilst awaiting the verdict of the Coroners court to also :

    1. File criminal charges of negligence against The Fire Dept., PDRM, Hospitals etc in order that the interest of Adib's family are not waylaid or hijacked due to political interests or cover up by any party.

    and also follow up with

    2. Filing civil law suits against all the parties involved if negligence is proven in their performance of their duties.

    Why wasn't all these done by the lawyers appointed to represent to protect the interest of Adib's family?

  4. still dancing in the dark....