Friday, July 19, 2019

Mahathir’s two-faced behaviour

From Malaysiakini:

Mahathir's defence of Zakir exposing his hypocrisy

by Ismail Hafiz  |  Published: 

As Malaysians, we are well aware of the obsessive love-affair between prime minister Mahathir Mohamad and the Indian radical Islamic preacher Zakir Naik. 
But it is far from endearing. Rather, Mahathir’s infatuation and consequent protection of the Indian fugitive reeks of hypocrisy and ulterior motives, which must be addressed.
Naik, the controversial preacher, has been accused by India’s counterterrorism agency of unlawful activities and promoting religious hatred. His radical lectures and Islamic Channel were thought to have inspired a gunman attack in Bangladesh in 2016. He is also accused of economic crimes such as using his non-profit Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) as a front for money laundering.
Accusations revolving around terrorism and money laundering are no light matter. However, Naik has found a snug space in the arms of PM Mahathir, who has offered Malaysia as a safe haven for the fugitive while Indian officials try to figure out how to extradite him to India and get him to stand trial.

The most ridiculous and ironic part of this saga is Mahathir’s response as to why on earth he continues to defend Naik and continues to offer up Malaysia as a safe space, despite the effect on Malaysia’s relationship with India and other states. 
Mahathir responded by saying that the government must first determine without a doubt that Naik would be treated fairly in India before extradition would be on the table.
Firstly, since when does Mahathir care about India’s justice system. let alone any other country in the world? 
Malaysia has never had a problem extraditing foreigners... heck, the PH government has even sent people back to places like Egypt and Saudi Arabia where we know ‘fair treatment of prisoners’ is not on the top of their list of priorities.
Secondly, and more importantly, doesn’t this story sound familiar? A fugitive hiding in a foreign country, claiming that the judicial system is corrupt? 
Can no one smell the total hypocrisy of Mahathir’s two-faced behaviour? While Naik’s story is going on, Mahathir is simultaneously insisting that Jho Low, the Malaysian fugitive, be extradited to Malaysia, despite Low’s claims that the Malaysian judicial system is corrupt.
Naik has demanded that Indian officials come to Malaysia to interview him before extraditing him to India, and Naik is requesting a written agreement that he would not be detained pending his trial. Why?
Because he has no confidence in the neutrality of the justice system and believes he has gone through a trial by media and pronounced guilty. 
Mahathir claims that he will keep Naik safe till he gets his demands and is treated with justice.
Now consider Low’s case. We cannot kid ourselves into thinking Low will be receiving the fairest of trials in Malaysia. He has been pronounced guilty by the media, and Mahathir and his government have made their stance known by freezing Low’s father’s bank account and seizing his family’s bungalow, despite the bungalow being bought years before 1MDB was in existence.
Low, too, has requested to be interviewed in a third country - a request which Mahathir ignored.
Low fears he will not receive a fair trial in Malaysia - a fear which Mahathir rejected.
Mahathir get your story straight. If you truly believe that aiding in the extradition of Zakir Naik will be an insult to a fair justice system, then you should implement one single standard, whether you like or dislike the persona in question. 
And if not, find another excuse as to why you insist on keeping your manipulative bosom buddy under your protection.


  1. expose a hypocrite hypocrisy?

  2. Wakakakakakaka

    It's a matter of time before this Wahhabi/Salafi preacher is sent back not to India but back to Saudi Arabia where he is a citizen. (ie. thrown under the bus as ZN is now slowly becoming a liability for political Islam use in Malaysia due to his strong Wahhabi/Salafi ideologies and method of preaching.)

    With the current Middle East political climate change in most Arab countries esp in KSA and UAE, those Malaysian Arab wannabes Moslems will change their clothing back to Baju Melayu, Baju Kurung, Songkok, Selamat Pagi greetings, Saloma and P. Ramlee songs, greater use of Bahasa Melayu words instead of Arabic words, etc sooner or later.

    When that change happens, at least, there will be less bomb threats and amoking emotional protests against organisers of religious discussions, dialogues, discourse etc and also less homegrown inspired terrorists who are inspired by Wahhabis/Salafis/Takfiris ideologies.

    It's also a time to cleanup/purged/sack all those Moslems inspired by such ideologies from their unconstitutional roles and exercising their uncontitutional powers of how Islam is to be governed in Malaysia currently working as active and sleeper cells in all Govt. departments and bodies, institutions, NGOs etc.

  3. Why is Zakar Naik going on a preaching tour in Kelantan? To convert the Orang Asli in the jungle perhaps? Or is he peddling more male aphrodisiacs? He should be preaching in Petaling Jaya, Penang and other major towns so Allah will be happy with many new converts.

    He is wasting time in Kelantan where his sermons need to be translated anyway, because he does not speak Malay. In PJ no need, he can speak in English (with Indian accent OK).

    And I so wish RTM (come on Gobind, do your job properly) will telecast his sermons, live or delayed OK, free speech right?