Wednesday, July 24, 2019

21-year attempt to bring Anwar down continues

From Malaysiakini:

Yoursay: Something doesn't tally with Azmin identifying 'mastermind'

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YOURSAY | 'Enough already, time for the minister to figure out how to improve the country's economy.'
Anonymous_1538808416: I reckon that by PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali saying he knows the identity of the 'mastermind' behind the circulation of the sex video implicating him, and at the same time he would cooperate with his party president Anwar Ibrahim, this clears the latter.
But then, something still doesn’t tally.
Why do all the things Azmin said before seem to point to Anwar? If the mastermind is someone else in his camp, don't you think you should attack this person instead of him?
Unless he suspects that they are in cahoots. But then, this would make Azmin foolish for declaring that he would cooperate with Anwar.
Maybe the economic affairs minister should stay quiet for the time being. People have had enough of this unproductive gutter politics, and tit for tat between him and his president.
Go figure out how to improve the country's economy instead.
Durian: It would be strange for Anwar to be behind the videos, as surely everyone would put the blame on him.
Because of this strange happening, instead of Anwar making an imminent push for the premiership, he is being pushed back. Now the path looks clearer for Dr Mahathir Mohamad to continue as prime minister for as long as he likes.
This episode also calls into question the moment before the 14th general election, when Pakatan Harapan agreed to have Anwar replace Mahathir – is this why Azmin, the Selangor menteri besar at the time, was obsessed with pushing for PAS to remain in the coalition?
Kural: Speculation about the mastermind aside, there should be a categorical denial from Azmin. And some form of civil redress against the individual who has identified his partner.
Fair Play: Azmin is trying his best to show a very brave face. In a game of poker, it might be a demonstration that he has a very strong hand.
But really, all Azmin said was that he knows who the mastermind is. He is trying to shift the narrative away from himself to the identity of the mastermind.
Is that a strong poker hand? Consider this. By all accounts, the video is authentic and Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz has been identified as one of the two ‘stars’.
The facial recognition process could not identify the other, but Haziq has confessed that the other person is Azmin.
In a game of poker, I would say that Haziq has a stronger hand, because he hasn't shown his hand yet. Let’s wait and see.
I wonder why Azmin dressed the way he did at the thanksgiving prayer session. To show his piety?
Anonymous_7d1ca773: Azmin, your actions and body language speak volumes about your innocence or otherwise.
Now that the police have said that the identity of the other actor cannot be confirmed, it is the best chance for you to sue former Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Abdullah.
Then the rakyat will respect you. As it stands, it’s Anwar 1-0 Azmin.
Anonymous_91ee9ba5: There is still a problem in this case. It is true that the video is intentionally made to bring down Azmin, and that he did not take part in the making and circulation of the video.
The issue now is whether the person in the video is Azmin or someone else? If it is someone else, the minister should sue Haziq for defamation. Because speculation will linger as long as he doesn’t do this.
Last Train to Malaya: Azmin, if you’re being honest about cooperation with Anwar, then please openly endorse him as the eighth prime minister of Malaysia. 
Spinnot: Azmin has now become Harapan’s balance sheet item – he is an asset to Bersatu, a liability to PKR. Wonder when Bersatu will cash in this asset.
Falcon: Azmin, so what if you know the identity of the mastermind? Yes, it smells of entrapment. 
But more importantly, let us not waste time on political pretenders and their closet preferences.
The government needs to ascertain the source of funds, assets and resources used and its origins – be they private, foreign or state – and whether the scandal involves current cabinet ministers. How high does it go?
The elephant in the room is that this was a very carefully scripted, planned and financed black ops.
Malaysia cannot have its leaders involved in such heinous activities, and at the same time, preaching and showing off their oratory skills – however diminished – dropping buzzwords of integrity, reform, truth, transparency, accountability and the rule of law to fool us, commoners and simpletons.
Or worse, continue the charade and pretence for political expediency screaming 'conspiracy.' And various ignorant cronies scream in adulation till the next tape or scandal emerges in public.
Anonymous_1543918786: All these theatrics would not exist anymore if the stupid, outdated Section 377B of the Penal Code was removed.
Consensual acts between adults, particularly behind closed doors, are not anyone else's business.
Chokstone: As everyone can clearly see now, Azmin is a time bomb for Harapan.
Annonymous: So Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari claims that it is becoming clearer who are the perpetrators behind the circulation of the sex videos – “those who went through this 'dark period' (sejarah hitam).”
Just as expected. This is the last straw of the desperate hidden hands' relentless, 20-year attempt to bring Anwar down.
Anwar is just 10 months' away from taking over as prime minister, but the once-powerful and corrupt Umno warlords, who fear him most, are trying to grab power at all costs.
Capo: Well, Azmin also was also one of those who went through a “dark period”. So what is Amirudin trying to tell us? 
Anwar, to prove his innocence all those years ago, inspired huge crowds of all races to come to the streets to hear him talk of the injustice done to him. 
Azmin, on the other hand, refuses to even hold a press conference. In fact, Azmin and his cartel now seem to be actively conspiring with the ‘masterminds’ to bring down Harapan’s choice for the eighth prime minister.
But it won't work this time, simply because the people know exactly what is happening. Don't ask for an open rebellion from people who truly love our nation.
FerdTan: Amirudin, we are not interested in your party politics. The people of Selangor want to know – what is happening to our water


  1. Wakakakaka

    Like I mention previously, the only ones who seem to know who is the Mastermind are TDM, AA, Selangor MB and IGP so far.

    DSAI, DPM, LKS, Mat Sabu and the general public are the ones who do not know who is The Mastermind.

    How come? Those who know should reveal lah. Not sure about the numbers or what? "Keep the musical chair game going until suddenly AA comes out finally with that "One small step for AA and One giant Leap for Malaysians?" And investigations suddenly finished and revealed to the public or AG suddenly drop all charges due to insufficient evidence to prosecute anyone?

    And TDM denying knowing who the Mastermind is when the IGP and probably the Home Minister already must have known is just too lame an excuse and poor acting for the show of "The Game of Thrones".

    And justifying to religious zombies which also serves his purpose politically during the Sodomy scandal, after decades of politicizing religion by so many political parties and Govt. on hatred towards LBGTQ and immorality of sex other than heterosexual sex and no other sexual techniques by some ancient Books, by finally sidestepping the issue and saying it's a political issue just does not cut it.

    Doesn't TDM know you just can't change religious zombies overnight, once they believe in it wholeheartedly and no amount of politiking or even threat of war can change them? History is the best judge as well as the past conflicts and wars among countries, societies, terrorists groups etc shows.

    How to continue playing the Poker game or Machiavellian politics when the cards in Hand are already seen and exposed?

    Just fold the cards or face the Ides of March which may come when Ceasar (TDM) it is least expected in order to save the Empire (PH Govt).

    Not doing so may even split his own party PPBM/Bersatu instead of strengthening it by crossovers which was the 1st sequel to this Game of Thrones.

    Once public disenchantment and disgust cross the Red Line in such sordid over plays, even the Empire (PH) will fall.

    And the Man (TDM) who was once credited and applauded with "Saving his Country" will then also be the Man who will be despised also for "Destroying the Country" all because of his own personal belief of creating his own "Dynasty to rule the Empire for a thousand year".


  2. only mahathir can decide who is in the video n who is the mastermind. we r living in a interesting n comical era.