Saturday, July 20, 2019

Ronnie Liu: Azmin stop dreaming of becoming PM No 8

From Malaysiakini:

DAP rep: Azmin should realise he doesn't stand chance of becoming PM

DAP's Sungai Pelek assemblyperson Ronnie Liu (photo, above) said PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali should realise he does not stand a chance of becoming prime minister over PKR president Anwar Ibrahim.
This, he said, is because the majority faction in PKR, as well as Amanah and DAP, backs Anwar as the next prime minister.
He added that Anwar has been agreed upon by Pakatan Harapan as the person to succeed Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad but Azmin being the "blue-eyed boy" of Mahathir had led to widespread speculation that there was a plot to make Azmin prime minister instead of Anwar.
"This much is true. Anwar might not be Mahathir's favourite but he is the choice of PKR (at least the majority faction within that party), DAP and Amanah.

"Even if some Bersatu and PKR members were to rally behind Azmin, they would still not be the majority within Pakatan. Not even close.
"So, I don't think Azmin has any chance of becoming prime minister. He should realise this," he said in a statement.
Liu said it was possible for Bersatu to grow quickly if there were massive crossovers from Umno and PAS and they could theoretically back Azmin, but that was unlikely to happen anytime soon. 
The DAP lawmaker said Mahathir should quell any uncertainty by setting a timeline to hand over power to Anwar.
"Mahathir should accept that and therefore do more to assure everyone that he is going to stick to the agreed plan
"It's not enough for him to keep saying he will do so. He needs to give a precise timeline.
"Once a fixed timeline is announced, and everything suddenly becomes more concrete, we should see the end of internecine warfare within PKR," he said.
Liu said a stable PKR is important for Harapan's own stability that is important for the economy.
"This will also help to ensure that BN will not come back to power in the next elections," he said.


  1. Wakakakakakakkaka

    LKS Legionaires now on damage control mode for his General who declared he had cross the Rubicon to see another Ceasar(DSAI) installed when Ceasar(TDM) is still ruling Rome.

    Too late already, for his General(LKS) now has to commit Seppuku/Hara Kiri. Otherwise, his troops will desert him for being "A General not worth his words spoken".

    Reminds me of a well known Malay Proverb/Peribahasa

    "Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya" or in English something similar to "Words can Kill".


  2. Oops. Correction. "Words once spoken can Kill"

  3. Kaytee,as my earlier comment that the dwarf will be out in the next couple of weeks,his absence in the PKR retreat speaks for itself.Let us see if Azmin shows up at the final day of the three day retreat.That is Saturday.I think that the dwarf is too ashamed to show up now that it had been verified that the sex tape is authentic.

    How is he going to show up in public now that people knew he got banged in the behind.At least Anwar banged Saiful in the behind.But still that is not proven as it was a she said,he said thing.And the kangkaroo courts got to decide what the people in power wanted the case to go.

  4. Agree with IGP Bador. He has more important things to do. He is being dragged into this.

    All these sex innuendos should be investigated according to Islamic laws, since they all involve Muslims.

  5. Use Sharia law to deal with this matter.

    Abdul Hamid also did not mince words when he said the case was a huge waste of police time.

    "This whole thing is political. I have been urged from day one to verify the authenticity of the video.

    "Now after doing so, I am being accused of making political statements," he said, adding that political parties that wanted to fight among themselves should do so within the "teacup".

    He said they should have their storm in the cup and leave it at that.

    "Don't bring your fights out into the public and get everyone else involved and make the police waste their time and resources to investigate such petty matters," he added.

  6. ronnie, dog follow what master tell, so dun be so kok sure.

    1. Experienced talking from a diehard dog, right?