Monday, July 22, 2019

Mahathir, time to stop your habit of dividing and conquering

From Malaysiakini:

Yoursay: Azmin 'no show' shows he is no team player

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YOURSAY | 'He played the wrong hand by not attending the PKR leadership retreat in Port Dickson.'
Wong Fei Hoong: PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali played the wrong hand by not attending the PKR leadership retreat at Port Dickson.
This only confirms that he is not a team player and also childish. It may also show that his denials of the allegations in the sex video scandal he is engulfed in do not hold water.
Look how he played out Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail in the ‘Kajang move’ fiasco. And then he played out Pakatan Harapan by not asking PAS to leave the Selangor executive council just to maintain his position as state menteri besar.
When accused of having ambitions to become the prime minister, did he stand up to deny it or make affirmative statements that he would back Anwar Ibrahim, the PKR president and Harapan’s prime minister-designate? No.
Can’t trust this fox. It’s best that PKR bites the bullet and gets rid of him. Better now than never.
Anonymous_1538808416: Merajuk like a small kid. Besides throwing tantrums, what has Azmin done to improve the country's economy?
Our country is blessed with natural resources, but like Thanos said in The Avengers, it is finite. What are we going to do if all these resources are exhausted?
Azmin, even if the prime minister’s post is given to you, you know very well you will only pave way for someone else, eventually, so why go down this path?
Just let your president take the job. If he screws up like Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, then rise up and remove him. You would have everyone's respect if you can do this.
Anonymous_63975706158502: A good leader would not fear to face any crowd. If a leader is honest and clean, he should not be worried about anyone laying any trap on him.
Looks like Azmin has failed this test miserably.
Retired Citizen: I put the blame for the current mess in PKR on Azmin.
He could have easily killed the speculation on the possibility of Mahathir passing the baton to him if he came out with a clear statement dismissing his ambition to be the eighth prime minister instead of Anwar.
The speculation has been strong for too long and resulted in a lot of uneasiness, not only among PKR and Harapan, but also among Malaysians.
As the threat of him overtaking Anwar for the prime minister post grew, people who could not accept Azmin taking Anwar’s place tried to do something to ensure that what had been agreed at the Harapan level is followed through.
People already know his sneaky nature, and it is highly unfair, unprincipled and unethical of him if he has the slightest ambition to undermine Anwar.
There is nothing wrong with Anwar's statement asking Azmin to resign if and only his participation in the sex video is proven.
Anwar is being realistic, as Malaysia would not accept Azmin as a minister if he is proven to be the person in the sex video.
There is no reason for Azmin to be upset with Anwar if he is not already feeling guilty. His rude response to Anwar's statement was uncalled for.
Anonymous 2460851488616887: All this started because Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad cannot keep his word of making Anwar his successor.
Hidden agenda? Let the two fight and kill themselves politically so that Mahathir's son can be the only candidate?
Let the drama play out and wait for the result. Whatever it is, it is still better than letting the Umno goons continue to plunder the country.
We must continue to pressure the government to put reforms in place, making sure that certain key institutions like the MACC, Attorney-General’s Chambers and the judiciary are all independent so that the politicians cannot steal or abuse their power.
Just A Malaysian: Mahathir must be admiring his masterpiece.
He could have given Anwar the right to submit and propose names for ministers and forced Azmin’s team to work with Anwar. One party cannot have two leaders.
Tun deliberately strengthened Azmin’s faction, which weakened Anwar and PKR. Now it has reached a point of fracturing Pakatan Harapan. Then, he reappears as a well-intentioned peacemaker.
Mahathir, time to stop your habit of dividing and conquering.
Anonymous 2043581479977820: It's up to the majority of parliamentarians to vote on who becomes the prime minister. So those who have been touting the handover agreement, you are wrong. Two people can't decide on the premiership.
Anonymous 2327531438397239: Let's not be hasty and declare Azmin's innocence, given the unfortunate statement made by the inspector-general of police on the ongoing investigations of the scandal.
There is former Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz’s confession and allegation that Azmin was his partner in the sex video, and yet Azmin has not taken any action against his accuser.
There is also the question of why the police have not called Azmin in for questioning, given that he was identified as the other party. The rule of law dictates both parties must be questioned.
And yet, the probe has been a one-sided affair, which raises more questions than it answers.
As for Azmin's absence from the party's retreat, his excuse is just too lame for an innocent man.
Clever Voter: PKR as a party did not have the opportunity to grow up. It was thrown into the limelight. There was hardly any moment to get to know, let alone assess the potential of its leaders.
The party has not matured, yet it is beginning to wear thin on top. Sadly, to the many self-serving individuals within the party, there is a mistaken notion that the country owes them a living.
Although it is multiracial, PKR retains the worst habits of internal bickering, backstabbing and building camps from Umno.
The leaders are disrespectful to members, leaders and voters. The party has no discipline with factions running their own agenda.
Anwar is having sleepless nights, and he knows his chances of becoming prime minister diminishes by the day.
Worse, this opens the door for Mahathir to intervene. And we all know, the choices he makes are, more often than not, bad.


  1. Azmin still has not denied that he is gay/bisexual. Neither has he denied he is in that video. He’s still ranting about evil plots and party loyalty etc etc.

    Note last night he did not mention libel suits any more.

    My liver’s still intact and I still say DAP/LKS is the one who will decide the next PM.

  2. Mahathir's formative years were in the Colonial era. How learnt and watched how it works.

    Divide and Conquer was how a small, never large, group of British administrators and military were able to rule millions in India, and also Malaya.

    BTW, Divide and Conquer is also how most organisations attack large, complex, problems and initiatives.

    Split a problem down, also split the organisation down into smaller parcels and work on it in manageable chunks. You need a much smaller group of leaders to do the orchestration, to first it all together.

  3. Azmin,
    Just swear “I am not gay or bisexual” and “I am not in that sex video” will do. Don’t beat around the bush about who is circulating it.

    Azmin: I know who masterminded circulation of sex video

    Monday, 22 Jul 2019

    SHAH ALAM (Bernama): Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali says he knows the identity of the mastermind behind the circulation of the sex video which implicated him.

    He, however, declined to name the person as the matter was still under police investigation.

  4. Wakakakakakakaka

    Why continue the bashing of a fallen man AA when he is now a liability to all interested politicians?

    Whose political agenda is it anymore to any political party or politician other than him to continue all the bashings when it is clear AA has succumbed to his own weakness and fail in getting the desired Absolute power which most politicians seek for in their endless Machavellian politics?

    Shouldn't AA being a smaller General with a smaller army day to day due to desertions be allowed to leave the battle gracefully and retire in peace? His past loyalty and service is at least recognised by his own King DSAI.

    Or are all the continued bashings the works of Moralists and enemies outside the gates who are trying to prove their Holiness in religion and civil wars as the failings of a PH Govt.?


  5. With the curent mess within PKR which wud implode PH gradually best option left is to go back to Rakyat & seek a fresh mandate..

    1. Wakakakaka

      Keep rubbing on the Magic Lamp. TDM just said he is not dumb compared to others.