Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Comical Sex Video Investigations

From Zaid Ibrahim - Twitter:

Facial recognition process failed to established its Azmin; so says everyone in the know.They conclude it was an evil conspiracy to bring down the person in the video; whom they were not able to identify for sure. You can’t be more comical than this.


  1. if one day mahathir said its azmin, then suddenly all the investigation will able to point out its azmin.

  2. Wakakakaakakakaka

    Where's the next script? Why so slow and brain dead?


  3. Malaysis is certainly not the cutting edge on facial recognition.
    If the police were serious about the investigation, they would have seek assistance from authirities in China , US or UK.

  4. Zaid is making the occasional tweet to stay visible, perhaps wanting to remind LKS that he is still a DAP member, perhaps get nominated for Senatorship....and then cabinet....? If Azmin is removed then got vacancy...Ha ha ha...good luck....