Monday, July 22, 2019

Anwar - he has waited for 21 years

From FMT:

Time to give Anwar Ibrahim some credit

I am writing this to support Anwar Ibrahim, even though I am no big fan of his. A year of Pakatan Harapan’s rule has made me no fan of any politician any more. I am writing purely from a “fairness” point of view.
For some reason, we always love to hammer Anwar as being scheming, impatient, treacherous and even parochial or racist. Somehow, we always harbour doubts about him becoming the prime minister of this country.
Despite PH’s victory in the 14th general election, some have argued that he is not destined to become the number one.
If we have not noticed, Anwar Ibrahim has always fought his battle from a disadvantaged position. He has never fought his political enemies as an incumbent in power. He fought Dr Mahathir Mohamad after he was sacked from the government and he fought the successive PMs when he was in opposition.
Now, despite PH’s victory, he is fighting again from a helpless position. He and many of his trusted lieutenants are not even in the Cabinet. On the contrary, those within his party, known to challenge or disagree with him, have been appointed to key Cabinet positions as well as other key institutions of government.
We appreciate the contributions of Mahathir and PPBM in providing the last-minute swing to victory. But I don’t think we can ever ignore the role of Anwar in galvanising the Reformasi movement, from Pakatan Rakyat to Pakatan Harapan, despite him being in and out of prison over a span of two decades.
I think those people asking him to retire and fade away should really be a little more circumspect.
Today, despite his leadership and contributions, he is made to beg for support and unity, not just among PH component parties but also within his own PKR, now saddled with factions, perhaps in part due to people in a hurry to replace him.
We like to describe Anwar as being impatient and ambitious as if other politicians are not. But have we realised that Mahathir has become PM for the second time while Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Razak, both ranked more junior than Anwar in Umno and politics, have come and gone?
We love to label Anwar as being in a hurry when he has been waiting for two decades. Seriously, how long more are we expecting him to wait?
We can’t be sure Anwar will be a better PM going forward. But we knew the performance of Abdullah, Najib and Mahathir even though Mahathir’s latest’s second term as PM is still unfolding. Is there anything for us to shout about?
I do not know when Mahathir will retire, but I think it is about time for us to see what new vision and impetus Anwar can bring to this country. I have not given up hope yet.


  1. Anwar unfortunately has a tendency to heavy impatience when he is already right at the threshold.

    This leads him to extreme measures, which can cause serious countermeasures from the opposing side, that get him into serious trouble.

    This happened in 1997, again 2008, and I fear latest episode is another example.

    If the "Azmin" tapes are traced back to him as the original mastermind, Anwar is Finished , permanently this time.

  2. I couldn't have said it any better, but knowing that cunning old man he also realise that if he pass the baton now his party will be relegated to the meadow league aka amanah united, the transfer season will continue indefinitely until he assemble a premier league side complete with a top notch coach, probably end of season he'll throw in the towel but lets hope manmanlai don't pick up that towel wrap it round his head and return to his religious past

  3. 21 years...what the heck, that’s almost as long as Toonsie 1.0.

    I think it’s time for LKS to give the bone to another dog.

  4. Whatever can be said about DSAI both for or against whether it is his morality, religious inclinations, uncertainty, principles, Western or Middle Eastern conspiracies, sufferings, relationships with opposition parties or royalty, leadership qualities, past histories etc, one thing very clear is that, what Malaysians have today being ruled by an autocratic PM (for 22 years before) as well as a coalition of other leaders and parties under the PH Govt. and toppling the BN regime is the works and inspirations of DSAI which he started in 1998.

    Of course, other leaders and parties also contributed to the fall finally of the BN regime and no denying that especially of TDM presence at an opportune time to work with the rest of the coalition parties in then Pakatan Rakyat and thus changed to Pakatan Harapan to clinch the final unexpected victory which shocked not only themselves, BN, PAS, East Malaysians but also the world political observers and analysts.

    However, after this historic unexpected victory and event and celebrations, it is normal that each and everyone will then claim they are the ones and their party who actually clinch the victory for PH and seeking their entitlements, forgetting about the past histories and events of the buildup, just as like when soldiers victorious in battle, go on a looting spree over their dead enemies and lands.

    So, why are Malaysians so ungrateful and criticize "The Man" DSAI who sparked of this revolution, the chance to even try and lead the Nation as PM. Isn't that how history judged Mandela or Gandhi or other inspirators of revolution against oppression of the weak to seek a new paradigm?

    Are Malaysians so insecure? Were they insecure also when TDM first became PM back in 1981 and also in 2018? So, this insecurity which everyone uses to justify why DSAI cannot be also PM as a choice is just akin to worrying of shadows which plays in the minds of most ordinary voters influenced no doubt by current politics being played.

    Or is it because, now that the battle is won, each is now more interested in the entitlements and protecting their loot of what they believed to be theirs and forgetting about the public hopes of which they swear to serve to fight battles for?

    Don't Malaysians realise that perhaps the greatest contributor to the PH victory may have been the result of many more ordinary Malaysians voters being disgusted with the Kleptocrats ruling the country and the fear of a country going down the drain and thus turning patriotic against whatever politiking beliefs to save their own future and country?

    Why don't Malaysians give the chance to DSAI to see whether he is also of Mandela or Gandhi qualities to bring about the change for a more united country for a better future?

    Why stop DSAI halfway before he can prove his worth to the citizens and country?