Friday, July 26, 2019

Azmin Ali's feasible escape route to Gerakan Party

From FMT:

Azmin’s Trusted Man Had Secret Meetings With Gerakan To Plan Escape Route?

by Minderjeet Kaur

Talks of PKR’s Mohamed Azmin Ali joining Gerakan may not be far fetched after all, after it emerged that a meeting took place between a PKR leader and Gerakan leaders last month, days after the shocking confession linked to gay sex videos targeting the economic affairs minister.

FMT can now confirm based on conversations with a source close to the PKR leadership that the leader, a veteran in the party who has been active since the reformasi days, had held talks with Gerakan leaders on the possibility of joining the former Barisan Nasional partner.

“These talks had gone on for a month,” said the source.

“It is an escape plan. They were expecting things to get worse.”

The source was referring to the recent war of words between Azmin and party chief Anwar Ibrahim, after the latter suggested that he quit his cabinet post if it was true he featured in the gay sex videos viralled early last month.

Utusan Malaysia reported this week that Azmin is likely to join Gerakan, one of several BN parties which quit the former ruling coalition in the wake of its historic defeat last year.

The source confirmed the report, saying Gerakan was a fitting place for Azmin and friends to land “if they are forced to parachute to safer grounds”.

“After all, Gerakan’s constitution as far as membership is concerned is similar to PKR: it is multiracial and it calls for fair treatment,” the source told FMT.

Asked whether PPBM was also considered in the exit plan, the source said the Malay party was not much different from PKR when it comes to infighting.

“In contrast, the fact that Gerakan has not won a single seat means it is still an oasis for politicians,” he added.

He added that the talks with Gerakan centred around how the entry of “at least a dozen MPs” from PKR would benefit the party.

In my previous post Utter chaos if Azmin Ali frogs to Gerakan Party I made a mistake in forgetting that the Gerakan Party has already leave Barison Nasional (BN), wakakaka.

But my take on the hypothetical issue and consequences of Azmin Ali joining Gerakan remains intact, because between Azmin and Hishamuddin Hussein, they can persuade Gerakan to kuai kuai re-join BN.

After all, Azmin is likely to have around 13 MPs plus 'x' number of ADUNs joining him in Gerakan, a boon to the now-almost dormant party, sadly without any representative in the Dewan Rakyat.

top - Dökkálfar Dwarfs will likely follow Azmin Ali

bottom - Pandan Cats will remain with the Anwar family

It's a generous wedding gift from the bridegroom not to be scorned at. And with Azmin among them, Gerakan will feel more at ease in dealing with UMNO-PAS and its old enemy MCA, wakakaka.


  1. The Gerakan grassroots will not take this too kindly. They left BN in a huff basically because of UMNO/Najib etc. So now we expect them to re-join BN and submit to all that rubbish again?

    Why not join Harapan? After all Harapan still need the 13 seats to remain in power.

  2. This would not be like accepting a few frogs from another party, as long as they tow the party line. This would be an invasion, conquest and total capitulation to outsiders who made zero contribution to the party’s struggle from Day 1. Total sellout to the foot soldiers. Tan Chee Khoon will get up from his grave and haunt every one of their leaders.

    1. late Dr Tan Chee Khoon left Gerakan in 1972 when Lim Chong Eu joined Tun Razak in the new BN

  3. in all likelihood this is probably another attempt by people who are hell bent on destroying pkr, gerakan would not divulge the names of persons who were task to negotiate which meant it was suppose to be hush-hush and yet they find it fit to make a unilateral announcement by spilling the beans to the press, either gerakan is an untrustworthy potential partner or some rouge characters feeding them deliberate lies

  4. I had quite some respect for Gelekan... but that was 30 years ago... wakakaka...I don't care much for grandmother stories..

  5. Too many moving parts need to come together.

    UMNO-PAS about to have akad nikah. MCA and MIC will be second and third wives.

    Better for Gerakan-Baru (or Baru-Gerak?) to form third coalition with MCA-MIC.

  6. If Gerakan-Baru with Azmin Ali as leader wants to join BN, all 3 existing members UMNO-MCA-MIC must unanimously agree.

    MCA and MIC are already facing a bleak future as second and third wives after the marriage of UMNO and PAS is consummated (not sure if UMNO or PAS is wife, who is husband ha ha ha) now if Gerakan-Baru is admitted into BN, with their 13 parliament seats they would be in a strong position; MCA and MIC will be relegated to 3rd and 4th wives. Wee Ka Siong’s hair would turn white.....wait, hang on, it already is....

    And if Azmin is later proven to be gay or bisexual then what will UMNO/PAS do?

  7. In the nasty world of Double-Crossing or eve Triple-Crossing politics, people are often strongly recommended to follow some path of action, when the advisor knows very well it is not in their best interests.

    So...with definitely not having Azmin's best interests at heart...I strongly recommend that he and his supporters to join Gerakan....