Saturday, July 20, 2019

Kadir Jasin: IGP added unnecessary fuel to sex tryst story

Extracts from Star Online:

Kadir Jasin: IGP's statement has added fuel to people's imagination over sex video scandal

by hanis zainal

Kadir Jasin 

PETALING JAYA: The recent statement by Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Abdul Hamid Bador over an "evil conspiracy" has added more mystery to the sex video scandal, says Datuk A. Kadir Jasin.

On Thursday (July 18), Abdul Hamid said the sex video was likely to be genuine, adding that there was an evil conspiracy led by a leader of a political party to humiliate and damage the reputation of an individual.

Zaid Ibrahim told him off for making unnecessary comments - NOT a police job to impute conspiracy as "evil" or led by a "no-name" person

many have been asking that, if IGP said his experts couldn't identify the two gay sex 'players' how would he know Azmin Ali is not in the video as alleged

Kadir, who is special adviser on media and communication to Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, said that the IGP's statement on the matter has added fuel to people's imagination.

In his blog on Friday (July 19), Kadir said that the matter is already affecting the Pakatan Harapan government.

“I cannot blame the people if they do not stop here (speculating) by just swallowing the police's statements (on the sex video) by hook, line and sinker.

“This is because one of the two actors in the Sandakan video has come forward and revealed who is the other person making love with him.

“This individual is even willing to be jailed in defence of his allegation,” he said.

Kadir was referring to Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz, who confessed to being one of the two individuals in the sex video.

Haziq claimed he was one of the two lovers, and also alleged that Azmin Ali was his partner

if Haziq is held in custody because he is believed then what about the person Haziq said was his lover?

police can't just believe part of Haziq's story and ignore the other 50%

The former Santubong PKR Youth chief was recently arrested by the police and is on remand until July 20 to assist police investigation on the matter.

Haziq has also claimed that the other individual in the video was Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali.

Kadir said that Abdul Hamid's statements opened the door to a few possibilities; such as charging those who engaged in homosexual acts in the video and charging those who screened or circulated the obscene video.

“Those who feel they have been humiliated can (also) initiate civil action through a defamation suit,” he added.

He said that Pakatan leaders should not wait until Malaysians grow tired of their behaviour and foreign investors lose confidence in the country.


  1. What’s Kadir and Zaid yappin about. Whether or not it’s Azmin in the video it is clear that there is a conspiracy to topple him. So the IGP said nothing we don’t already know.

  2. Wakakakakakakaka

    The job is done by all those laughing hyenas. Azmin is now seen as liability to Ceasar, PH and PKR party. LKS may have to resign if DSAI is not PM 8 for trying too hard to show his principles and hands in a poker game of politiking.

    Now every laughing hyena must be seen to be playing above gutter politics and looking like Angels to the public voters.

    Winter is coming, the Wall has broken and the Dead have arisen.


    1. LKS won't resign. He'll just say as he did about never criticising Mahathir for corruption, "I never said I would resign"

    2. All these paradings of farcical party politics put pay to what LaoLee had said about been a survivable politician. One MUST have that instinct of a street fighter - does the necessary & essential things to win at all cost!

      So far, there is no any such sign. Rather just cheapskate replays of old tricks that only the petrified minds could recognised & exercised.

      The only exception is mamak's calculated manoeuvres!

      The rests r just the expected political jostlings of kangkung growing in the glasshouse. Thus don't know how to play Machiavellianism as a true politikus demands!

  3. Computers and mobile phones have a "Reset" function.
    If nothing else works, just clear everything back to original state.

    Maybe need to Reset Malaysian politics and bring back Ah Jib Gor and BN ? Wakqkqkqkqkq

  4. Ooop…

    Missing our lks's brilliant sniperings from time to time!

    Definitely a sign of a season street fighter instinct!

  5. Two actors in sex video. One already confess, the other keeping a low profile, the body language tells me guilty as hell.....At a time when we have a chance to see reforms and a new malaysia emerging, this party suka main belakang is beginning to disgust me....!!!

    1. just curious, u dun find the igb diagusting?