Sunday, July 28, 2019

Apa takut Baru Bian ku

From FMT:

PKR man says Baru Bian acted for fear of his post

Sarawak PKR leader Baru Bian issued a letter of support for both party leaders.
PETALING JAYA: A divisional leader in Sarawak PKR has accused the party’s state leader, Baru Bian, of acting out of fear in issuing a statement of support for party president Anwar Ibrahim as well as deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali.
The divisional leader, who asked to be anonymous, said Baru had changed his tune after originally saying he would “never sign any letter”.
“Baru is scared of losing control over his post,” the party man said. “It’s because he’s basically afraid of losing his position and authority in the state leadership council.”
He claimed that some Sarawak PKR leaders were dissatisfied with Baru’s initial stance, with the party divided over the gay sex video controversy implicating Azmin.
He said those who were aware of the letter going out and who probably sided with Baru in the beginning, now realised that they had to support Azmin as well to save their own skins.
There had been efforts earlier this week to gain signatures from divisional leaders in support of Anwar, the party man said. He had signed the letter, which had no mention of Azmin.
He said his name was originally not included in the list released tonight. “Now that the statement has been issued, I don’t see anyone in Sarawak who is actually coming out to not support Anwar,” he said.
FMT is seeking a response from Baru.

Kaytee notes:

Just a week ago I posted Anwar 13 - Azmin 2 in PKR in which I penned:

Baru Bian has seen fit to sever any possible reconciliation with Anwar, saying (as reported by Star Online) "I did not sign the statement and I am not going to sign it."

So we have a PKR state chairman who publicly insults his party chairman kaukau.
But now he sings a different song, wakakaka. Podah Baru Bian, apa takut Baru ku.

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  1. The divisional leader makes this accusation against Baru Bian but wants to remain anonymous.....why? Out of fear of losing his post perhaps?