Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Farhash Wafa: My arrest was meant to create a negative public perception against Anwar

From Malaysiakini:

Police told me CCTV footage at Sandakan hotel deleted, claims Farhash

Farhash Wafa Salvador has recounted his eight days in police detention over a sex video implicating Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali.
Among others, the Perak PKR chief revealed that he had quizzed investigators about the CCTV footage from the Four Points Hotel in Sandakan, Sabah, where the sexual encounter took place.
“When I asked them about the CCTV footage at Four Points which will clearly show whether the two accused entered the same room, the police said the footage had been deleted.
“A convenient fact that only throws back into the looming question of a conspiracy,” he added.
Farhash, who is also PKR president Anwar Ibrahim's (below) political secretary, claimed he was being investigated under Section 377B of the Penal Code for “abetting carnal intercourse” between two men.

“In other words, I was accused of instigating two men into taking part in homosexual activity as though I was their cheerleader,” he added.
According to him, this was revealed during the remand hearing at the Magistrate's Court earlier this month.
Section 377B concerns the punishment for committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature.
Whereas Sections 108 and 109 of the Penal Code deal with abetting another in the commission of any offence.
'I was angry with Azmin'
Meanwhile, Farhash also commented on his acerbic remarks regarding Azmin (below) after being freed on police bail yesterday afternoon and challenging Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador to arrest the minister.
“I was angry with Azmin and after I was freed, I verbally attacked him because if we as Malaysians need to respect the law, why has he been hiding behind the veil of privilege?” he asked.

During his remand, Farhash said he maintained his innocence and some of the officers sympathised with him.
“The general sentiment I got from these hardworking police officers was that my arrest was a political conspiracy.
“The series of questions asked were unrelated to the video or the distribution of any illegal material. It leaned more towards if I knew some of the names mentioned and whenever I felt unsure, I exercised my constitutional right.
“I was under the impression that my remand order was to facilitate an investigation based on facts and not legitimise some faint conspiracy theory,” he added.
'Arrest meant to create negative perception against Anwar'
Farhash also claimed the investigating officer appeared to be following instructions from “someone above” and some of the questions posed had no relevance to the sex video.
“There were some days where I was only called to have a chat and kill time with them. More importantly, there were questions that had no relevance to the sex video. I was convinced that my arrest was meant to create a negative public perception against Anwar...
“Anyone who has been following this investigation can see the misdirection and loss of focus. Do not be misled by the boy who cried wolf but instead ask yourself this fundamental question. Will Malaysian finally see a change in the system?” he added.

Last week, Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador (above) said while the video was most likely authentic, the facial recognition process failed to link the minister to the recording.
He also revealed the existence of a conspiracy to tarnish the minister's reputation, which is spearheaded by the leader of a political party.


  1. there are changes, now mahathir umno n pas r fine with gay.

  2. It’s time we let the party which is the most stable and will have the most seats in parliament after PKR splits govern the country while the other parties sort out their differences.

    While Rome is burning Guanee is hard at work trying to sort out the small matter of the 2020 budget....

    1. DAP to govern the country ? Ha ha ha ha....the Melayoos would rather burn down the country than to allow the cinaqui have a stint in ruling Malay-sia

  3. Toonsie just voted most popular man by YouGov. I suppose the 1,075 Malaysians surveyed were all young, Chinese and moronic.

    Because there are still moronic gullible guppies, especially among young Chinese who aren't aware of their forefathers' experiences under the 1981 to 2003 Dictator, wakakaka.

  4. I think the public opinion agrees with him ie Farhash arrest and remand was meant to insinuate and put the blame on DSAI since he is also the political aide to DSAI. That is called diverting public perception from the real Mastermind who hatched the plot.

    Has he also revealed yet while under remand and custody, whether he was fed or starved? Was he fed KFC, Pizza or Nasi Berani?


  5. Farhash Wafa Salvador is no innocent bystander.

    He was a key person in the WhatsApp group that distributed the salacious video.
    The video didn't "just accidentally" get distributed.

    It was an organised act of political assassination , so those involved can't complaint if they are hauled up for questioning.

    1. since you know so much, you should offer yourself to the police as a credible informed witness - the IGP will love you, wakakaka

    2. All the facts already previously reported in Malaysiakini.

  6. '..he had quizzed the investigators..' heheheh. The investigatee became the investigator.