Monday, July 22, 2019

Dominique Ng's disgraceful cringe & subservience

From FMT:

Independence an option if Putrajaya fails to return Sarawak’s rights, says NGO

Participants in traditional costumes at the Sarawak independence day celebration organised by the Sarawak Association for Peoples’ Aspiration in Kuching today.

KUCHING: Independence is always an option if Putrajaya refuses to return Sarawak’s rights, Sarawak Association for Peoples’ Aspiration (Sapa) president Dominique Ng said.
“We are not just talking about the 20% oil royalty. We are talking about taking back everything that is rightfully ours,” he said after the Sarawak’s independence day celebration at Kuching’s Central Padang today.
Ng said many Sarawakians, including the youths, have started to realise the importance for Sarawak to have its say in running its affairs.
“We are not trying to be seditious. We are talking about gaining our freedom, which is supported by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1514 (Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples).
“Sarawak was guaranteed self governance under article 8 of the 9th Cardinal Principles by the last Rajah Sarawak in 1946.
“This is a constitutional right granted by our last Rajah,” he said, adding that Sarawak has been known to be a sovereign country for 100 years.
However, Ng said Sabah and Sarawak have been “downgraded” to the 12th and 13th states in Malaysia.

Sarawak Association for Peoples’ Aspiration president Dominique Ng.

He said the “colonial masters were changed on Sept 16 from Great Britain to the Federation of Malaya”.
“This is a sad reality which many people had failed to understand,” he said.
Kaytee notes:

As I have mentioned in my previous post on
Secession for Sarawak?, I have previously been
strongly against secession, especially by Sarawak and Sabah, for the reason I've often stated, to wit, that my uncles and their peninsular mateys in uniform had shed blood, toil, tears and sweat during Confrontation, and thus, I admit, I have been very much influenced by their emotional attitude towards secession.

But recently, I have changed my mind - ie. if Sarawak or Sabah wants to go it alone, Putrajaya should allow either one to do so. What's the point of holding back Sarawak or Sabah if Sarawakian or Sabahan hearts are not with Malaysia?

Besides, Peninsula or Putrajaya has not treated the Eastern States as per MA63.

But what has riled me in above FMT article has been Dominique Ng's cringeful subservience to the name of Raja Brook, the so-called White Rajahs of Sarawak, who were Lords to the Sarawakians. What a slave-like mentality for Sarawakians to even hanker after the days of white rule.

It's not unlike that old woman in Hong Kong who held a union jack in memory of sucking up to whites.

Dominique Ng disgusts me with his subservience-to-Orang-Putih cringe with his "our last Rajah", showing that to him, the White Rajah must be superior to Putrajaya - Podah.

Besides, Dominique Ng seems not to know his own Sarawak's history. After WWII, Charles Vyner Brook ceded Sarawak to Britain, not granted independence to Sarawakians.

The British wasn't quite clear as to what rights they have vis-a-vis Sarawak so they just annexed it as a British Crown Colony. 
And he should learn something about the anti-cession movement of Sarawak.


  1. "It's not unlike that old woman in Hong Kong who held a union jack in memory of sucking up to whites."

    She only held a flag.

    What about those who risked drowning by swimming to Colonial Hong Kong to be ruled by Orang Putih rather than fellow Cina? What do you call those?

    Reality needs to be distorted for the self esteem of the Cina as usual.

    1. correction to your misconception: those who risked drowning by swimming to Colonial Hong Kong was NOT to be ruled by Orang Putih, but to make money in a capitalist society

    2. I understand your Cina need for face protection.

    3. Another historical fart u picked up from yr syriah compliant liar camel-head!

      Cinabeng loves face. So what? Who don't?

      Melayu like u?

      U buat tak tau jumping up&down about maruah alifbata as long as the lies sit well with the zombieic faith of yrs.


    4. i dun know, orang putih better or thief better?

    5. 2x5 mah!

      Right, yankee doodle?

      Don't twist lah.

  2. so now u r okay while ck turn to become not okay?

    1. Mfer, DON'T put words into my mouth when u yrself have a mouthful of shit!

      If u DARE, show proof!

    2. its a question, if u r also okay, i am perfectly fine.

    3. Answer question with question!

      Typically tin kosong 白眼狼!


    Wow, these people must be even bigger sucker uppers then.

    Risk death to avoid being ruled by fellow Cina to be ruled by Gwailow and produce children to be ruled by them for decades further.


    1. The best answer with regarding to gweilo's propaganda twist:


      If u don't understand, feel free to fart again. There r more!

      Ooop… don't forget to entice that 白眼狼 to help fight for yr cause. He might be superficially Chinese but under that yellow skin is definitely a Yankee doodle filled with demoncratic slogans. He can be induced by dangdut hours with zombies.

    2. the bitch is yr tppe la, he, similar like u, want only one party state.

    3. Where did I say that I want one party state?

      I support GOOD GOVERNANCE regardless of the ideology.

      Mfer, likes u, only want one ideological state - aka democratic, when it's a clear cut daylight 你民我主 type of Formosa fart!

      That's exactly what the ketuanan freaks & zombies like!

    4. Ooop… one party state with a proven good governance. Eat yr heart out le - rancorous 白眼狼!

      Mfer, this YouTube:

      ISN'T for u but for those ignorants out there WHO r easily fooled by f*cks like u!

  4. Brown and Yellow skin rule.....OK
    White skin rule.......NOT OK

    But me? I prefer to live in Austrai-lia...

  5. But Dominique, Sarawak GPS MPs abstained and did not support the amendment to the constitution to restore Sarawak's position back in April...

    1. living under is different from cringing under

    2. "Sucking up to Whites"

      We know somebody here chose to live in Australia, and probably polishes White Balls every day to move ahead or just to survive.

    3. "... and probably polishes ..." - that's usual of you and the sum of your mentality

  6. When I visited Sarawak back in the 1980's many people still had a great deal of goodwill and respect towards then Brookes.

    Of course, people wanted independence and self-rule, but the Brookes did continie to have a lot respect, more respected than most West Malaysia politicians, wakakakaka....

  7. Sarawak and Sabah should go all out now and demand also posts of DPMs while the going is still hot for the numbers game played by West Malaysian political parties. Opportunity is knocking at the door. Sabah and Sarawak are considered as separate entities just like Federation of Malaya as a single entity.

    Do not wait too long unless your political power is again traded off by Pek Moh and GPS with the current threat of MACC investigations in return to be compliant and slaves to West Malaysian Rajahs.

    Don't be dumb sitting down and just waiting and believing in half baked promises by the ruling West Malaysian Federal Govt. for restorations of MA 63 Rights.

    Go get your politicians to convene an emergency State Assembly, demand what you want now and then move for an emergency session in Parliament for it to be passed.

    This is the time for East Malaysians to see their politicians for what they are worth instead of talk nonsense/cakap-cakap kosong and also who are their friends and foes among West Malaysian political parties.

    Do East Malaysians have the balls to ask what is rightfully theirs, for the taking now?