Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Kit Siang loses mucho 'water-face'?

Extracts from MM Online:

Najib: My name is not Guan Eng, I am not a liar


Najib took aim at Lim Guan Eng over the Public Accounts Committee report that refuted the minister’s claim in Parliament last year that BN ‘robbed’ the public of RM19.4 billion in tax refunds

Picture by Hari Anggara

KUALA LUMPUR, July 16 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak said former Bersatu vice-president Datuk Hamidah Osman’s claim of seeing Lim Kit Siang moot her ex-party’s formation to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad saved him the trouble of rebutting the DAP leader.

The Barisan Nasional advisor pointed out that Lim had accused him of lying and being crazy for claiming he was told that Dr Mahathir’s party was the brainchild of the DAP stalwart.

“He challenged me to reveal my informant. Before I could take up MenHEN’s challenge, the informant already came forward.

“Eh MenHEN. My name is not Guan Eng. I am not a liar,” Najib wrote on Facebook yesterday, using the fictitious “Minister of Najib Affairs (MenHEN)” title he uses to mock Lim’s intense scrutiny of him.

Najib was also taking aim at Lim’s son, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng, over the Public Accounts Committee report that refuted the minister’s claim in Parliament last year that BN “robbed” the public of RM19.4 billion in tax refunds.

Last week, Najib alleged that a source informed him that Lim had pitched the idea of forming Bersatu to Dr Mahathir, with the objective of leeching support from Umno.


Najib: “Eh MenHEN. My name is not Guan Eng. I am not a liar.”

jangan khuatir Chye-Chye, Cina mudah lupa juga
maka buat sementara bermain Sudoku bersunggoh2 macam angkatan kamikaze - jangan peduli apa2 saje


Aiyoyo Kit Siang, now where got water face anymore?

As I wrote several times before, the second most hurting insult to a Chinese has been the soft-sounding but highly toxic "Peh1 Boe4 Boe3 Ka1 Si2" which means "Your parents did not (or failed) to teach you manners".

Though hurled at you, the insult deprecates (despises) your parents' lack of parental duties in bringing you up with manners and civility and most importantly, righteousness, integrity and good moral characters.

Having one's son contemptuously described as a 'liar' is a variation of this very hurting insult.

Chinese culture aside, an American once said this:

“It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”

- Mark Twain

And Najib also rubbed his shoes in Kit Siang's face with a witness coming out to attest to Najib's revelation that Kit Siang has been instrumental in persuading (or instructing, wakakaka) Mahathir to form Pribumi to draw Malay votes away from UMNO.

you think Pribumi will work?

moe man t'ai lah, lu tangkap Melayu, wa tangkap Cina 


  1. lks face very thick one la, the lip n tongue oso, or else how could he lick so many ass.

    1. U kena before hence u know!

    2. i guess only, just like how u guess what the bookseller did. no need go prison if kissing ass, no law due process required, u know the diff kah?

    3. Guess!!!

      Does yr farts hold any water in yr court of demoncracy?

      Oooop…… I know, I know, interpret that action as in the case of how TV commentator Huang Chih-hsien(黃智賢) is been banned in Taiwan!

      Damn high class. Or no class?

      2x5 mah - since Huang Chih-hsien(黃智賢) doesn't kiss the ass of tsai. Right?

      Moron, u know the diff kah?

  2. Wakakakakakaka

    Usually a thief when caught will always say "I am not a Thief".

    Likewise a blatant Liar will always rebut with "I am not a Liar".

    And they have a tendency to always point fingers at others calling them Thieves or Liars.

    Unfortunately, Ahjibkor could not use the word Kleptocrat because it is already stuck with him worldwide.


  3. Jibby (and this blog ha ha ha) is going on overdrive to distract the fact that he had spent 3.3 million ringgit of pensioners money (KWAP) on jewellery (purportedly gifts for a foreign royalty), Chanel luxury goods and Shangri La hotel bills via SRC and his personal credit cards. This has been revealed at his court case, hence the need for a big smoke screen. Jibby is a liar and a thief. I am wondering when KWAP members will sue Jibby for this thievery.

    By the way if it is customary for Middle Eastern royalty to exchange expensive gifts then we should ask Jibby what gifts he and Rosmah received in return from this royalty, was it declared to Malaysian customs and surrendered to the Treasury when he returned or did he and Rosmah simply keep the gifts for themselves?

  4. If it is the norm for the government to bear the cost of these gifts then why did Jibby use pensioners money from KWAP?

    And what gifts in return did this “royalty” give back in return. Were these gifts declared to customs and surrendered to the Treasury? Or was it kept in Jibby’s house or in Pavilion?

    It is a norm to give gifts to leaders of other governments,” (Jibby) said, adding that it was usually the government which would bear the costs of such gifts but he had then “paid with my credit cards”.

  5. Najib is a utterly discredit, crooked ex-Finance Minister.
    Whatever he says has "I am a Crook" printed on it.

  6. Very influential people often prefer to remain in the background. Sometimes even remain totally unknown.

    Its like having the best of both worlds - having power and influence, at the same time not having to face the public when there is criticism against their actions.

    Now Lim Kit Siang has been exposed as being far more influential and powerful than he would let on.

    Probably not what he intended, but there is no "face" for him to lose.

  7. I doubt this blog will give space to Guanee’s response so here is the link....


    PAC confirms GST law was broken
    Lim Guan Eng

    MP SPEAKS | The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) confirms the GST law was broken and GST refunds that were not paid out to taxpayers were used for other purposes.

    In early August 2018 when I first tabled in Parliament that there was RM19.4 billion worth of GST refunds left unpaid as of 31 May 2018, taxpayers in Malaysia were shocked to find out the government had less than RM150 million in its Fund for GST Refunds to facilitate payment for GST refunds.

    The unpaid refunds worth RM19.4 billion involved 121,429 companies that included among the biggest conglomerates in Malaysia, like Petronas, Shell and Tenaga Nasional Bhd......

    1. mean robbed or no robbed?

    2. Ask the 121,429 victims who were not paid within 14 days.

    3. mean delay is robbed? over the deadline is robbed? ph rob us with their manifesto?

    4. Delay of more than 2 years instead of 14 days returning money which is legally supposed to be returned.
      If this were your money , you would be screaming Rompak.

      PH Manifesto, in almost all cases , does not involve money already owed back to you

    5. Didn't I say deranged mind?

  8. kt have lost his priorities, values, moral compass and probably also his marbles

    someone who stole billions and lied about it, peh boe wu ka si bo?

    on the other hand, someone who was alleged to have lied have lost water face? at the moment it's just her words against lks, let's wait for the others who were also present to vouch for her allegation, until then water face still intact wakakaka, even if he did fib about it, did he lie to steal? caused harm to someone? or to protect someone

  9. Jibby, but Nazri is calling YOU a liar.....

    Najib shouldn’t lie over attacks on Kuok, says Nazri
    Minderjeet Kaur - July 16, 2019

    KUALA LUMPUR: Padang Rengas MP Nazri Aziz has hit back at former prime minister Najib Razak over attacks against tycoon Robert Kuok, saying Najib should not “lie”.

    “Just ask Najib not to lie. He knows that, he knows what I am talking about,” Nazri told reporters after a parliamentary caucus meeting today.