Sunday, July 21, 2019

Anwar 13 - Azmin 2 in PKR

MM Online - All state chiefs except four have signed letter of pledge backing Anwar, says Terengganu PKR chief


Terengganu PKR chief Azan Ismail says all state chiefs except four have signed letter of pledge backing Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Picture by Yusof Mat Isa

PORT DICKSON, July 20 — To date, 11 PKR state chiefs have signed a letter of support backing Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who has come under fire from allies over a sex scandal conspiracy except three; Perak PKR chief Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak, the party’s Selangor chief, Amirudin Shaari and now former Johor PKR chief Hassan Abdul Karim.

Hassan did not sign the letter, as he had already vacated his position.

Terengganu PKR chief Azan Ismail confirmed the matter to Malay Mail.

He said the other PKR chiefs have been trying to contact Amirudin but have not been able to reach him.

“We have been calling him but he has not been answering our calls, at least until now, and he is also not here today, so far,” Azan said.

“Farhash definitely backs Anwar, but he is just not able to personally sign the letter,” he added.

Farhash who Anwar’s political secretary, is currently under police remand and therefore is not able to personally sign the letter of support, Azan pointed out.

However, Malay Mail later learned that Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian has also not signed the letter of support.

Baru also did not attend the first day of the three-day PKR leaders retreat here, and is yet to be seen today.

Out of the four, namely, Baru Bian (Sarawak), Amirudin (Selangor), Farhash (Perak) and Hassan Abdul Karim (Johor), I would say only TWO are pro Azmin and therefore unlikely to sign letters of pledge to Anwar Ibrahim.

Farhash (Perak) and Hassan Abdul Karim (Johor) are definitely and absolutely pro Anwar.

Farhash can't sign now because the police has remanded him over alleged complicity in the distribution of the video clips, and it has been rumoured without food too. He's now in a state of, what we used to say, incommunicado, meaning there's no contact with or from him. Let's hope he doesn't end up like Pastor Koh and Amri Che Mat.

Farhash Wafa  

Hassan Abdul Karim (Johor) has resigned from his post as PKR Johor Chief because there was controversy about his appointment. He was on Rafizi Ramli's side, but when Rafizi lost to Azmin, some of Rafizi's men were appointed to PKR leadership posts which annoyed the Dökkálfar Dwarfs. The Dwarfs had then accused Anwar of cronyism.

T'was reported that Hassan had originally turned down his appointment back in December following Nurul Izzah's own resignation as the party's vice-president and Penang state chairman (due to accusations of cronyism against Anwar).

He had then said that since his appointment was in dispute, it was proper for him to step down. But he eventually reversed his decision and accepted the mantle of the party's state chief in Johor. Now he has once again resigned.

LATEST UPDATE: Anwar Ibrahim has refused to accept Hassan's resignation so he remains as PKR Johor Chief.

PKR Johor seems to be pro Anwar so whoever replaces Hassan is likely to sign the letter of pledge to Anwar.

Hassan Abdul Karim 

That leaves two pro Azmin men, namely, Selangor MB Amirudin Shaari and Sarawak PKR Chief Baru Bian.

In fact, Baru Bian has seen fit to sever any possible reconciliation with Anwar, saying (as reported by Star Online) "I did not sign the statement and I am not going to sign it."

So we have a PKR state chairman who publicly insults his party chairman kaukau.

Amirudin Shaari

Baru Bian 

That works out to be Anwar 13 - Azmin 2 in PKR.


  1. Not very meaningful.

    If the police investigation finds that Anwar is the ultimate Mastermind behind the "Azmin" sex tapes, Anwar is Finito.

    Not Azmin the alleged Faggot, ya, that's the cruel irony of the power equation in the country.

    1. since the IGP has already mentioned the mastermind is a leader of a political party, then he should go ahead and named Anwar, if he dares. And if he does, Mahathir will face the wicked opprobrium of sabotaging Anwar for a THIRD time'

  2. There we go again, all the politicians going round the Mulberry Bush again and again while the music is playing because everyone knows they don't have the numbers required yet for their agenda.

    And Lobakman making sure the music do not stop by indirectly attacking the IGP when he saw the music might stop after his revelations of the investigations so far.

    One thing is for sure, AA at this stage is already a liability to everyone to suit their political purpose and has been thrown under the bus.

    And poor AA was all the time thinking too much of himself to squandering all the support and goodwill and forming his own loyalty clique within his own party instead. In other words, within his own party PKR, he forgot to measure the length of the cloth to suit his size.

    And you can't blame AA either when he was suddenly bequeath with power first as MB of Selangor which was not meant to be him initially (and making friends with rivals to keep his post safe as MB) and then being purposefully made Minister of Economy so close to Ceasar who has absolute power.

    The Quote "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" is very apt.

    All the years of AA serving loyally to a cause (Reformasi) and loyalty to DSAI evaporated and got corrupted by the dizzying, temptations and expectations of absolute powers seen within his grasp.

    DSAi is magnanimous in offering his long time friend AA an olive branch after AA has fallen due to this Games of Thrones.

    And lest we forget, it was also his magnanimous gesture of forgiving TDM that led to all parties in eventually forging a cohesive coalition to take on the BN regime.

    Still think DSAI is the Mastermind political leader as quoted by the IGP?

  3. PKR is the YMCA of Tanah Melayu