Friday, July 26, 2019

Seafield Fallout with racial subtext

From Malaysiakini:

AG denies filing affidavit saying Adib wasn't beaten up by mob

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Attorney-General Tommy Thomas has denied involvement in the filing of an affidavit with the Court of Appeal stating how firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim had died.
In his own affidavit dated July 19 and filed at the Coroner's Court, Thomas said although 1,200 legal officers in the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) reported to him, he did not direct nor instruct them in their daily tasks.
He was replying to an ex-parte application against him by lawyers representing Adib's family claiming he was in contempt of court over an affidavit filed by the AGC stating how the fireman had died.
The lawyers claimed that by doing this ahead of the Coroner’s Court ruling on the matter, the attorney-general was in contempt of court.


Meanwhile, some extracts from Yoursay in Malaysiakini:

Yoursay: Let the truth prevail with Adib inquest verdict

Yoursay  |  Published:   |  Modified: 
YOURSAY | 'Can't please everyone, so let the coroner not be influenced by anything other than the truth.'
Malaysia My Home: Whatever coroner Rofiah Mohamad decides in the inquest into the death of firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim, there will be complaints.
If the coroner says Adib was beaten up during the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman Temple riots, one side will make noise. If the judge says the Emergency Medical Rescue Services (EMRS) van hit him, the other side will make noise.
You can’t please all of the people all of the time, so we can only hope the verdict is not influenced by anything other than the truth.
Broch: So badly bruised is this nation that the truth will never be known. It is because the truth hurts, and no one wants to be hurt.
Ravinder: There is no evidence that Adib was beaten by a mob, only speculation based on imagination or some other consideration.
But there is good evidence that he was hit by the Fire and Rescue Department van.
One thing that clearly emerged from the inquest is that there is a party that wants the findings to point fingers at the crowd, and not at the van reversing in a panicked situation.
Annonymous 080: Thomas says that although 1,200 legal officers in the Attorney-General's Chambers report to him, he does not direct nor instruct them in their daily tasks.
First, let’s examine the real matter – the Attorney-General's Chambers will only report what police investigations show.
Second, even if the deputy public prosecutor made a mistake, the attorney-general cannot wash his hands off the matter. The principle of vicarious liability applies.
We cannot have double standards, where parents get punished for their children’s wrongdoings, but the attorney-general escapes the actions of his officers.
Please, Thomas, have the gumption to admit if errors have been committed, or the courage to refer Syazlin to the Bar Council.
Kaytee notes:

I have chosen only a few comments in Yoursay to portray the feelings amongst the Malaysiakini readership.

The anger behind the fireman's death in the Seafield Tragedy is not unlike the Teoh Beng Hock's death, although not in exactly the same mould. One started with politics and ended up in death, while the other started with religion (temple) but also ended up in death.

So to simplify the equation, I would say those consequences of those two deaths had been unnecessary, unexplained, unaccountable, and stinks of racism regardless of whether race was actually involved.

In the TBH's case, Chinese (and non-Malays) believe it had been a cruel Malay bureaucracy that caused the tragedy, and everyone in 'City Hall' has done the usual covering up.

But some Malays especially those in the bureaucracy deny any conspiracy or murder.

In the Muhammad Adib's case, Malays believe it had been rioting Indians that caused the tragedy, and that some in 'City Hall' is also covering up (for political gains).

But Indians in general deny any conspiracy or murder.

Race, deaths, dodgy-suspect-distrusted court proceedings, conflicting pathologists' reports, dissatisfaction, anger - a bad mix of cocktail.

What do we do now?


  1. The elephant in the room in the Seafield tragedy is the violence was started by armed Melayu thugs , allegedly hired, who came to intimidate and threaten the temple congregation to vacate the temple.

    When the devotees reacted by surrounding them, they fled leaving behind identity documents which were all Melayu, and the torched abandoned cars were also found registered to Melayu, via the car chassis numbers.

  2. Why suspicion on TBH and Fireman Adib’s legal cases but not Atlantuya, Hussein Najadi and Kevin Morias’ cases?

    1. wasn't altantuyaa's murderers convicted and sentenced? not satisfied until you have the person of your preference found guilty?

    2. Adib's case hasn't even started yet, only at inquiry stage, we don't even know if he was murdered, but there is suspicion already...? Why? Because someone you don't like appointed the new AG whose minion staff screwed up?

      TBH's case was swept under the carpet for 9 years. TT has re-started investigations, from ab initio wrongful confinement, but we are suspicious of MACC cover-up already...why? Because someone you don't like appointed the new MACC Chief? Please give the new Chief a chance, don't assume she is the same as previous chiefs.

      And TT already explained to Ramkarpal and TBH's family the new investigation process. Please give the process a chance. No short cuts, just to nail someone you don't like.