Friday, July 26, 2019

Mahathir & Parti Pribumi yet to penetrate Heartland

Extracts from Star Online's Will Anwar become the 8th Prime Minister?

On the day Anwar PM Ke-8 was launched at a restaurant in Shah Alam, a panel discussion of the book took place.

One of the panellists, Prof Datuk Dr Redzuan Othman of Institut Darul Ehsan, revealed the findings of his think tank’s survey of 1,600 people in Peninsular Malaysia on who they preferred to succeed Dr Mahathir.

Redzuan said 45% were for Anwar, 16% for Muhyiddin, 11% for Azmin and 1% for Amanah president Mohamad Sabu.

The rest of the results were: 6% for Najib, 3% for Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan, 2% for any Barisan candidate, 1% for DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, 1% for Bersatu deputy president Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir, 3% for “none qualified”, and 8% of the respondents did not want to answer the survey.

“It is clear that only Anwar can succeed Mahathir. Anyone else can dream of becoming PM but based on our survey, only Anwar is accepted by the people,” said Redzuan, who is a longtime friend of Anwar’s.

After Redzuan spoke, it was the turn of panellist Datuk A. Kadir Jasin, who is special adviser on media and communication to the Prime Minister, to speak: “I see that 6% wants Najib to be back as PM. Shahbudin needs to rethink, as 6% wants Najib to be PM,” he pointed out.

Later, Redzuan defended his survey saying that it allowed the public to say whoever they wanted to support as the next Prime Minister: “For sure Najib still has his supporters. But 6% is still far from being a favourite. The majority feel that Anwar is qualified to be the eighth PM,” he said.

Redzuan also revealed that his survey found that 75% of Malaysians did not want Dr Mahathir to stay on as Prime Minister beyond two years. Of that group, 44% said Dr M could go within the next six months while 20% want him to go immediately.

Interestingly, a survey by the Merdeka Centre that was published yesterday [22nd July] found that Dr Mahathir’s approval rating had jumped seven percentage points. Its monthly study revealed that the Prime Minister’s popularity rose to 62% in June compared with 55% in May.

Pollster Merdeka Centre found that support for Mahathir has risen by 7% points though mainly from sampling of Chinese feelings - Malay sampling also rose but was moderate compared to Chinese samplings. However Indian approval for Mahathir dropped significantly.

If sound business and economics policies are made, Chinese will support even the Devil, wakakaka. As for Indian approval plummeting, it could be due to a number of adverse incidences involving them. But this is not the post to delve into those.

If I compare the polls from the Institut Darul Ehsan and Merdeka Centre, it's quite hard to distinguish who, Mahathir or Anwar, has been the more popular choice, though the negative reaction in the former pollster to Mahathir continuing as PM [75% of Malaysians did not want Dr Mahathir to stay on as Prime Minister beyond two years. Of that group, 44% said Dr M could go within the next six months while 20% want him to go immediately] tells us CLEARLY most Malaysians are growing sick of him because of his iffy policies, old Mahathirism and Kerbau waffling.

But what may be worrying for Pakatan is the 6% support still for Najib, an already fallen man. No doubt the support would be mainly from the Heartland.

Thus it looks as if Mahathir and his Parti Pribumi have NOT captured the Heartland yet. It's something for the Old Man to think about, when he was once the very Hero of the Malay Nation. My hypothesis on this fall in support for him has been posted in Mahathir ignores UMNO Omertà in which I postulated:

I believe the greater Malay society hasn't quite forgiven or is willing to forgive Mahathir [for destroying UMNO or bringing about its defeat for his selfish interests], which may explain his political behaviour and proclivities in PH in an effort to re-burnish his by-now very much tarnished Malay-ness and Pribumi credentials. [...]

But yes, Omertà, something AAB and Najib observed but which Mahathir has not and did not.



I am not suggesting that the UMNO Omertà is correct nor legal and to be strictly observed, but only to point out Mahathir, who among all UMNO Presidents (and PMs) didn't and doesn't give a sh*t as he went about destroying Anwar, AAB and Najib, and worse of all, his own party UMNO, twice at that.

Was/is it because he is not really a Melayu but a Mamak? Wakakaka.

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