Sunday, July 28, 2019

Mahathir unrepentant about Car No 3

From FMT:

Father of Proton aims for ‘supercar’ status

Dr Mahathir Mohamad is known as the father of Malaysia’s national car.

ISTANBUL: Dr Mahathir Mohamad, known as the father of the Proton national car, said today he plans to promote collaboration with Turkish companies in the production of a “supercar” in order to further enhance the capability of Malaysia’s automotive industry.
Mahathir said he had long been aware of the capabilities of Turkish companies but was only able to see it first-hand now, while on an official visit here, Bernama reported.
“I was aware of their capability. But there was no follow-up at the time as I was not the prime minister then, so making progress would have been difficult.
“And now they are ready to collaborate … not only with that type of car (supercar) but also with other cars,’’ he told Malaysian reporters at the end of his official visit to Turkey.

Kaytee notes:

When Mahathir offered Turkey Malaysia's "experience" in car building I had a near heart attack. Turkey is by miles far ahead of Malaysia in heavy industry and has in 2010 even sold Malaysia some 250 armored personnel carriers, the Turkish 8×8 Pars wheeled armored vehicle, worth US$2.5 billion.

And when Turkey showed the Old Man their sports cars I felt so embarrassed for the Old Man. Mahathir must have thought Malaysia is an advanced nation in car creation and production. Now he wants to collaborate with Turkey in a 'supercar' project (just because Turkey has a 
supercar', the Onuk Sazan).

Turkey's 'supercar' the Onuk Sazan

and the Old Man has a nerve offering Turkey the car 'expertise' of Malaysia, wakakaka - trying to teach granny how to suck eggs 

Onuk S56/G 

The Old Man is unrepentant in his car obsession. Shouldn't he know that while Turkey is far superior to Malaysia in car manufacture, it's still not among the world's top car producer like Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden.

Even advanced nations like the UK, Canada and Holland and some of the Scandinavian countries (except Sweden) are NOT or NO LONGER car producing nations, eg. Britain (UK) cars are owned by German companies.


  1. Toonsie has a hangup.

    Proton is 51.01% owned by DRB-HICOM. So it is a Malaysian car. We can be proud of it even if it is partially built by foreigners as long as it has a Malaysian badge on it, Proton. Eventually the X70 will be built in Malaysia.

    Just as Malaysians have been proud of Malaysia Airlines because it has our name and wau kite on its tail, even though the planes and engines are built by Airbus, Boeing, Rolls Royce, CFM etc.

  2. Aahh but Malaysia can share our flying car technology with Turkey. Our Entrepreneur Development Minister will soon be test driving (flying?) it and give new meaning to the world (and Air Asia) that “everyone can fly”.

    Note: Anthony Loke is still figuring out how to licence these flying cars and pilots...