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Mahathir, the Man who's never ever wrong

Extracts from MM Online:

Dr M says not being contradictory over PKR sex video scandal

Mahathir denies taking contradictory stands over sex allegations affecting a past and a current member of his Cabinet

Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 — Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has shot down claims of having contradictory stands over sex allegations affecting a past and a current member of his Cabinet .

He touched on this matter in an article posted on his blogsite, Chedet. Titled Contradiction, it reads:

"1. have been accused of contradicting my own stand in my response towards alleged sexual improprieties affecting a member of my Cabinet in 1998 and the on-going sex video issue linking another member of my current Cabinet.

2. There is no contradiction.

3. The action taken in 1998 was not based on the video clip. That came later. The court had already made its decision. The subsequent videos did not influence the court or anyone else. It did not influence me.

Note Mahathir's statement that
 The court had already made its decision.

Let's now have a look at some extracts from Malaysia-Today, as follows:Mahathir’s statement is full of errors and yet he says there is no contradiction.

In 1998, action was taken against Anwar Ibrahim even before he was arrested, charged or convicted.

So, it is not true that “the court had already made its decision.” And there was no video, as Mahathir claims, “that came later”.

... back in 2004, Mahathir said in an interview in Japan that he sacked Anwar because his number two was plotting behind his back. Mahathir never mentioned the sodomy case. Instead, Mahathir related how Anwar was trying to oust him and hence had to be sacked.

Kaytee remembers that, so I agree it's true that before Sodomy I, Anwar Ibrahim was expelled from UMNO on some iffy 'corruption' charges.

Earlier at an UMNO assembly Anwar, who was already anointed to take over from Mahathir, had upset the Old Man by his impatient infantile attempt to coerce Mahathir into even-earlier retirement on allegations of corruption, nepotism and cronyism at an UMNO assembly - he used Ahmad Zahid as his stalking horse to lay those allegations.

But alas for Anwar, the Old Man or Old Fox turned the table on DSAI, and to cut the story short, poor Anwar was expelled from UMNO, charged with corruption(???) - wakakaka, for an UMNO leader to be charged with corruption must have meant he was a real 'black sheep' to the party - and jailed.

T'was only subsequently he was additionally accused of sodomy, whence then the operatic saga of Sodomy I eventuated.

Back to extracts of Malaysia-Today:

So, the reason Mahathir acted against Anwar was NOT because of sodomy if you go by what Mahathir said in his interview in Japan in 2004. And even if it was, that action took place three weeks BEFORE Anwar was arrested. And Anwar was arrested not for the crime of sodomy but because he was a “threat to national security.” The sodomy allegation came later when they needed an excuse to keep Anwar in jail.

RPK wrote that: Mahathir should have just kept quiet and said nothing. Mahathir’s statement today has utterly destroyed whatever little credibility there is left and convinces people even more that he is going out of this way to protect Azmin Ali. If anyone thought earlier that there is no cover up, today’s statement confirms that there is.

Yes, if there is one thing the Old Man cannot do, it's to keep quiet. He was, has been and is immensely a pompous and proud Old Man though he might have provided a different image to many - but yes sir, he must speak out to 'prove' he was not wrong, never ever wrong and always right.

he's never ever wrong 

He did exactly just that in 1969, telling the Chinese voters in Alor Setar (constituency of Kota Setar Selatan) he did NOT need their lousy Chinese votes.

So the Chinese kuai kuai gave all their votes in the May 1969 general elections to PMIP Yusof Rawa. PMIP (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) was the earlier name of PAS.

Pak Haji Yusof Rawa

President of PMIP

bet he was shocked by his victory in a Chinese-dominant area

Yes sir, in May 1969 the Chinese who had always stayed clear of PMIP, voted for the first time for an Islamic Party candidate, and in massive numbers too. Mahathir lost that election - lots of padan muka plus yamseng-ing rang out that night, wakakaka.

I also bet that (needless to say) Mahathir hated the Chinese even more from that day. He liked/likes to blame others so he blamed the Tunku for pampering the Chinese.

A few days after his loss, May 13 occurred with the worst bloody race riots and deaths of innocence and children. He reportedly wrote a letter to Tunku Abdul Rahman to blame the then-PM for the country’s darkest moment in history and asking him to step down as PM and UMNO president.

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