Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Chye-Chye's Sword of Damocles impedes Anwar's ascendancy

Reading Malaysia-Today's Why Is DAP Not Helping Anwar? in the the alleged Azmin-Haziq Semburit gay porn video, when Lim Kit Siang is usually a loudmouth, and who even wanted to tease Ahmad Zahid on inconsequential stuff (which I pointed out in a previous post titled 
Kit Siang Pandai Cakap Ayam Saje), I thought to myself, 'Ya, aneh 'kan? YB Kit Siang ialah seorang yang biasanya sangat bising terhadap isu politik, maka kenapa ia bagitu diam pula tentang cerita semburit itu?'.

for more than 35 years Lim KS raved and ranted about the illustrated topics and more

now he doesn't say anything about any of those topics

Not that I swallow everything from/by RPK hook, line and sinker (much as I have been accused of, wakakaka), I have to say this time on why the DAP has been deafeningly silent on the scandalous Semburit saga, I need to probe a bit more (I love this contemporary vogue word, ie, 'PROBE', wakakaka).

It seems, according to Malaysia-Today's post, Mahathir might have used Latheefa Beebi Koya to hang the 'Sword of Damocles' above Chye-Chye-s head, wakakaka, possibly vis-a-vis a case of a bungalow.

For those of you who haven't heard of the 'Sword of Damocles', I substitute in its place a quotation from William Shakespeare's 'Henry IV', to wit, 'Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown'.

Thus Papa and Chye-Chye have been very silent, wakakaka.

Chye, don't look up - just focus on your Sudoku  

Now, you can't expect impatient Anwar to lie down quietly. Extracts of that Malaysia-Today's post tell us:

Anwar asked Wan Azizah to meet Mahathir and to tell the old man she is prepared to resign to make way for her husband to take over as the new Deputy Prime Minister.

Mahathir replied she can resign if she wants to but there is no guarantee Anwar will be taking over her post. Wan Azizah should resign first then Mahathir will think about who should take over.

This made Anwar even angrier. He wants Wan Azizah’s resignation to be conditional upon him taking over as DPM. If Wan Azizah resigns unconditionally, that would be too risky. And that would mean someone else will replace Wan Azizah as the new DPM.

If true, then Mahathir has shown his hands (which we knew ages ago) that he won't hand over to Anwar.

Indeed, why is Mahathir afraid of Anwar becoming the DPM which I thought would be natural, to resume an old political partnership for the betterment and muhibbah of Pakatan.

But I ask a rhetorical question because Mahathir's reason for not accepting Anwar even as DPM has been revealed in an above paragraph, to wit, the Old Man has no eff-ing intention to hand over the PM position to Anwar.

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