Monday, July 22, 2019

Azmin Ali already privy to Police info on Mastermind of gay sex videos

From FMT:

‘Cops may quiz political bigwig before closing gay sex video probe’

PKR officials are said to be ‘bracing themselves’ for more news on the gay sex video probe.

PETALING JAYA: Speculation is rife among PKR officials that the police may question a political bigwig before closing their investigation into the gay sex video allegedly linking a federal minister.
Speaking to FMT on condition of anonymity, a PKR leader said several of them had learnt that the police were likely to summon one leader before questioning the bigwig.
“We are bracing ourselves,” the source said, after a news site reported that the police summoned a party assemblyman earlier today.
“After the police summoned the assemblyman today, they may call another leader. After that, they may question the bigwig if they feel the need to question him to conclude their probe,” he said.
FMT is trying to get Bukit Aman for confirmation.
The source also said he found it odd for PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali to state that he knew the mastermind involved in distributing the gay sex video “despite the police not releasing the name”.
“Does Azmin have inside information?” he asked.

aku tahu lah

He said such announcements should have come from the inspector-general of police or the home affairs minister who may have information on the probe.
“It is unusual for a minister who was allegedly linked to the video to make such a statement,” he said.
Last night, Azmin was reported to have said he knew the identity of the mastermind behind the circulation of the sex video which allegedly implicated him.
He declined to name the person as he said the matter was still under police investigation.


  1. Time for video#4 to clear all doubts.

  2. Wakakakakaaka

    After all the Machiavellian politics being played out, obviously an exit plan is now being played out again.

    So, after all the questioning, interrogation and probing, guess what will happen next?

    Send to AG to file charges against all who has broken the Laws and bring to courts? Will the AG also be accused like the IGP to be TDM lapdogs if the charges are dropped?

    So, what about charges under Moslem religious Laws broken for being LGBTQs? Will they also be caned like the Trengganu case of Lesbianism sometime back to educate the public?

    Will there be double standards when it involve VIPs, VVIPs and Politicians?


  3. wait for police investigation again? that mean hv to wait for mahathir loh.