Monday, July 29, 2019


Hi there, Treachery is my middle name
Though some call me fondly 'Can't-Face'
Sympathise with me, my reach for fame
I have just lost, thus setting me in a daze

I wonder whether it's my physical stature
The disadvantage that my parents gifted
Making me stand out as a stunted fixture
Whilst around me the bastards sniggered

I did try my best to become Number One
Stabbing my way insidiously to the Top
T'was sheer delightful assassinating fun
Eff-ing others, seeing their careers flop

I thought no one could stop my ascent
What with dear Uncle by my cozy side
Blunder, I eff-ed myself, a man's scent
In Sandakan sent me nowhere to hide


1 comment:

  1. wakakaka willy wonka

    he thought he was on the up and up but he forgot the banana peel on the turf, did I say banana! oh well please yourself
    he huff and he puff and so it ends the life in a poof