Monday, July 29, 2019

Azmin Ali is now likely to exit PKR

I have blogged on this several times but I am now confident that collectively of the bits and pieces I have read here and there, I am absolutely certain that Azmin Ali has decided to severe his connection with Anwar Ibrahim for good.

If his Dökkálfar Dwarfs aren't up to an intra party stoush, he will migrate them out of PKR to ... you guess ... Pribumi, UMNO or Gerakan.

I think Pribumi and UMNO may be out of the question because both are a racist parties (formed by the same man Mahathir) where non-pribumi Dwarfs like Tian Chua, Xavier Jayakumar, etc won't be allowed to be members but only non-voting associates. Gerakan still looks good. The exception will be if Azmin jettisons his non-pribumi Dwarfs - with Azmin you never know.

voting in party not permitted but making coffee will be OK 

After his very hurtful and damaging "look at yourself in the mirror" sharp riposte to Anwar, his most recent (also hurtful to Anwar) call for Mahathir to be PM for a full 5 years, his embrace of PAS Hadi Awang's suggestion for Mahathir to continue as PM (purportedly to deny non-Muslims non-Malays any stab at leading the government), and his non-attendance of PKR leadership council meetings (MPP) since his election as deputy president in November last year, one doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to gauge Azmin's next move.

Azmin Ali has ONLY two options, namely, either (a) stay in PKR to fight the Pandan Cats, or (b) leave PKR.

above - Dökkálfar Dwarfs

below - Pandan Cats (include Anwar Family)

If/when Azmin leaves and takes along around 15 to 20 MPs (plus some ADUNs) and does not join Pribumi, the Pakatan government will fall, which will be gnam gnam for the new coalition of BN-PAS, which Gerakan (under Azmin Ali) may rejoin.


  1. when azmin leaves and take along 15/20 mps out of pH? did I read that right? his uncle will have a fit, the fairy will be in the slammer faster than you can say gerakan

  2. a more likely scenario and which is acceptable to uncle would be gerakan joining ph

  3. He can also form another party (suggested name parti Gembira) or lead a loose group of independent MPs who support Harapan (as long as Toonsie is PM) but not being a formal member of the coalition. This would be in line with his “lalang” tendencies to sway with the wind but wanting attention for himself.

    But first he has to settle the issue of whether he is gay/bisexual. That is critical.