Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Farhash Wafa's remand - Who believe the IGP?

From MM Online:

IGP says Farhash Wafa’s arrest followed the law

IGP Datuk Seri Abdul Hamid Bador said the arrest of PKR Perak chairman Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak to assist investigations into the sex video scandal which allegedly implicates a minister recently should not be questioned as it was lawful

Picture by Firdaus Latif

MELAKA, July 24 — The arrest of PKR Perak chairman, Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak to assist investigations into the sex video scandal which allegedly implicates a minister recently should not be questioned as it was lawful, said Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Abdul Hamid Bador.

He said the decision to arrest him was made by the investigation team, and that they are entitled to call up or arrest any individual in the course of the investigations.

“I do not allow the police to do as they like or abuse people. I don’t see this arrest as not fair.

“These are political accusations and I don’t want to be involved in politic polemics with any parties, either from the government or the other side,” he told reporters after opening the 90th Senior Police Officers Association (PPKP) and the Junior Police Officers´ Association (PPRP) Conference 2019 here today.

Almost every adult in Malaysia knows lah maka jangan kerbau!

Now, why did I say 'almost' every adult and not 'every' adult?

Because there are still moronic gullible guppies, especially among young Chinese who aren't aware of their forefathers' experiences under the 1981 to 2003 Dictator, wakakaka.

Here, we have Farhash Wafa being arrested by the investigation team but the IGP has NOT or could NOT provide the reason, other than to say "it was lawful" - Podah.

Earlier, when the IGP was asked whether Azmin Ali would be arrested, he sang a different tune, saying it would be the AG's Chambers who will decide if there is a need to arrest Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali, after the AGC has received the police investigation papers on the sex video scandal.

See the difference?

Farhash Wafa (Anwar's aide) - arrested by police investigation team but without any reason, and yet the remand period was extended for 7 days.

Azmin Ali (Uncle's blue-eyed boy) - the AGC will determine if there is such a need - and knowing Tommy Thomas and his "enormous RESPECT" for Mahathir, I doubt Azmin will ever be.

An earlier Malaysiakini report tells us:

Farhash Wafa Salvador has challenged Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador to arrest Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali over the sex video scandal.
He also believes there is a political conspiracy against PKR president Anwar Ibrahim.

“So if the IGP has credibility, he should bring Azmin in,” he said when speaking to supporters and journalists after being released from the Dang Wangi district police headquarters this afternoon.

According to Farhash, who is Anwar's political secretary, police officers themselves were perplexed as to the reason for his arrest and Azmin not being picked up.

I don't look like Azmin. So why couldn't the police just call (me in for questioning) and record my statement?

“But they chose to detain me like I am a murderer, a low-level convict. They tried to impose the harshest penalty on me.

“They tried to remand me for seven days and extend it for another seven days, maximum. Thank God, I have good lawyers.

“The second time I was remanded, it went to a lower section. So even the police were confused. Most officers I met were puzzled. They were thinking, why is Azmin not detained and why was I detained,” he added.

Now who the hell would believe the IGP when he said Farhash Wafa was lawfully remanded.


  1. anyone go near mahathir become rot. i dun believe in god but i think only god can save ph/msia.

    1. There is a god after all...he gave Mamak tremendous power but he knows how to balance it if Mamak allows power goes to his head...and hey presto...with a strike of his wand, he ensures Mamak lacks good fact, a great heap woeful lack of good judgement to pick good successor....the sleepy one, the thievery one, the gay one...

  2. If everything follow The Rule of Law and according to the Law and if everyone is efficient, by now, even though with the Coroners Inquiry still going on into the death of fireman Adib:

    1. All the rioters hired by the developer or lawyers would have been arrested and charged in Court.

    2. The developers and parties involved who took the law into their own hands to evict the temple protestors would have also been arrested and charged.

    3. The rioters on the 2nd night who attacked and damaged the Developers office would have been arrested and charged.

    4. All the police officers in charge who were involved to stop, prevent and enforce rule of law and provide security/protection for first responders like ambulance, Bomba etc would have been disciplined or demoted for failing in their duties.

    5. The PDRM would have released all the videos taken at the scene by the SB and those given by the public to reduce the politiking and speculations over the incident.

    Now, what and why don't the IGP and PDRM just do their job according to the Rule of Law instead of following instructions from politicians?